Dolphins, Incognito agree to postpone grievance hearing

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So what happened during Thursday’s much-anticipated Richie Incognito’s grievance hearing?

Absolutely nothing.

The player and the team have issued statements acknowledging that the hearing had been postponed pending the completion of Ted Wells’ independent investigation.  Previously, the Dolphins had wanted to delay the hearing, but those efforts had failed.

“”I have agreed to postpone my expedited arbitration hearing until after the investigation by Ted Wells is complete,” Incognito said.  “I will cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation with a goal of resuming my career with the Miami Dolphins at the conclusion of this investigation.  I love my teammates and hope we can put this distraction behind us soon.””

Said the Dolphins, “The Miami Dolphins and Richie Incognito have agreed to postpone his grievance hearing during his ongoing suspension. Richie is cooperating fully with the NFL investigation and will meet with Ted Wells.””

It’s unclear why Incognito agreed to abandon his effort to force a return to the team.  The move all but guarantees that Incognito’s challenge to his suspension won’t be resolved before he misses the maximum four games under the labor deal.

It’s possible that the Dolphins have promised to reinstate or release Incognito after Sunday’s game against the Panthers.  The Dolphins have the ability to suspend Incognito through the December 1 game against the Jets.

14 responses to “Dolphins, Incognito agree to postpone grievance hearing

  1. I hope Richie can play for the Fins again soon. Martin , as far as I’m concerned , can get lost. I’m not saying Richie’s actions were appropriate , only that Martin hurt the team by not keeping it in-house, which means that at this point , I trust Incognito far more than I trust Jon Martin.

  2. Some kind of wink-nod arrangement might already be in place indeed. Miami likely has determined that if either of these players have much viability to return, then it’s Richard. With the way the OL has been playing lately I wouldn’t be surprised if Miami is doing everything they can to keep him and use him, as opposed to playing out the situation that Richard already foreshadowed if they take that route instead.

    Smaller headaches is the self-prescribed solution.

  3. Dolphins: “We were gonna cut you after the suspension but as it turns out this thing is not all it seemed at first so if you’ll just gut it out we’ll put you back on the team when it’s all over”.

    Richie: “Deal”.

  4. When they don’t talk about money, it’s about money. I expect Incognito’s withheld game checks will be given to him, with or without publicity.

    I don’t see how they can keep him. The O line held up last week against the Chargers and they’ll base their decision on that and how well they do Sunday against the Panthers.

    I don’t think he should be bounced because of what happened with Martin. It was dumb but that’s the way every locker room is.

    But they should have cut him last year when he drunkenly assaulted that volunteer {they should have also dumped Philbin for not taking action back then – “high character guys” my ass}.

    If that really was his father posting locker room stuff on message boards then so much for “what happens in the locker room stays in the locker room.” Maybe he thinks dads don’t count.

    And don’t even bother talking about Martin. His Dolphins career is done for sure and even if he makes it back to the league with another team I’d be surprised if he stuck. His psyche is just too fragile.

  5. The Dolphins probably just agreed to release him a week earlier than planned.

    There is no conspiracy or dirty secrets required for this deal to make sense for both sides.

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