Geno Smith: I’m not Mark Sanchez


Statistically speaking, Jets quarterback Geno Smith’s rookie season has looked a lot like the rookie season of his predecessor, Mark Sanchez.

Sanchez completed 53.8 percent of his passes as a rookie; Smith has completed 56.3 percent. Sanchez averaged 6.7 yards a pass; Smith is averaging 7.1. Sanchez threw 12 touchdowns and 20 interceptions; Smith has thrown eight touchdowns and 16 interceptions. Sanchez fumbled 10 times and lost three of them; Smith has fumbled eight times and lost four of them. But don’t tell Smith that he plays like Sanchez.

“No, I’m not Mark,” said Smith, who according to was almost bristling when a reporter pointed out the similarities. “I don’t think it’s fair to compare his season to mine. It’s two different seasons, two different guys, two different players, two different styles, two different systems. I know you guys want to compare every single thing, but it doesn’t make a difference.”

What Smith and Sanchez have clearly had in common is inconsistency. That’s a common trait for rookie quarterbacks, but Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus said after the Jets lost in Buffalo on Sunday that Smith’s inconsistency is the result of shying away from contact.

“First play of the game, I knew that we had him,” Dareus said. “We got a big lick on him and he kind of rolled around. We knew right there we were in his head. From then on, he looked crazy, looked scattered.”

Smith disagreed with that, but he needs to prove Dareus wrong with his play, not his words. He can say whatever he wants, but he’s not playing any better than Sanchez.

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  1. Geno is what he is, the more athletic version of Mark Sanchez. The turnovers are just as bad, the poor accuracy just as bad, but no butt fumbles I guess. Matt Simms is the best QB on that roster.

  2. I would be happy about that and glad that Rex is somewhat on my side if I were Geno….going into this year even Jets fans were dreading this season and they have had some nice wins….

  3. The way it looks now Rex will be gone next year. The new GM will bring in “his guy”. I’m assuming that ” his guy” will not want to attach himself to Geno. New coach new system, another offense to learn.
    I’m sorry but this kid is who everyone said he was. Athletic but not accurate, not a leader. I didn’t want to call the kid a bust… But it’s starting to look that way.

  4. Your not Mark Sanchez, but you guys have numbers similar to him. Same output just a different name on the back of the jersey. Protect the football if you want to stop being compared to him

  5. Geno Smith Statistics (10 games):

    2.7 touchdown percentage
    5.4 interception percentage
    8 fumbles (10 career games)

    Mark Sanchez Statistics (62 games):

    3.6 touchdown percentage
    3.7 interception percentage
    43 fumbles (62 career games)

  6. Its the Jets’ manic depressive approach to the season that makes them so obnoxious. They treat every win like its the Super Bowl which makes every loss seem like this devastating surprise.

    There are 16 games. Do your cheering or crying at the end of it.

  7. Patskrieg dot com says: Nov 21, 2013 12:48 PM

    Its the Jets’ manic depressive approach to the season that makes them so obnoxious. They treat every win like its the Super Bowl which makes every loss seem like this devastating surprise.

    There are 16 games. Do your cheering or crying at the end of it.

    Someone needs to send this to Rex Ryan. You nailed it.

  8. in 2009: Jets Defense overall ranked #1 in the league…#1 in pass defense…Jets offense was #1 in the NFL in rushing – – – – In 15 games, Mark Sanchez threw 12 TD’s 20 INT’s for 2500yrds 54% completion

    in 2010: AGAIN, Jets defense ranks in TOP 5 overall in the league…Top 5 defense against the pass, Top 5 defense against the run…Top 5 in rushing in the NFL – – – In 16 games, Mark Sanchez threw 17TD’s 13 INT’s for 3300yrds 55% completion

    DONT WORRY Geno, I know I wouldn;’t lol…It’s your spot to lose..JUST DONT LOSE IT SON!!!



  10. theuglitruth says: Nov 21, 2013 12:58 PM

    You’re right….you were not drafted in the 1st round, nor have you won your division.


    Sanchez never won a division either. The Jets were Wild Cards in both AFC Championship trips.

  11. His fumbling is about to get a lot worse. The dude has tiny hands so he doesn’t handle a wet or frozen ball near as well.
    Its why he had so many fumbles in college. And will continue in the NFL.

  12. The longer a QB plays under Rex Ryan’s guidance the worse he gets. See Sanchez, Tebow, etc. However, it would be interesting to see if Sanchez could thrive for some other coaching staff.

  13. There is no comparison here.

    1. Smith plays in a passing offense where he has to carry the team. Sanchez played in run 1st offense and only passed when it was a surprise to the defense mainly on play action.
    2. Smith is asked to carry the offense and complete balls on 3rd and long. Sanchez was not allowed to pass on 3rd down because he might make a mistake,
    3. Sanchez had the best OL in football Smith has one of the worst.
    4. Sanchez’s mistakes happened when the game was close. Almost all of Smith’s TO’s happen when the Jets are far behind (with no fault of his own) and he is trying to get them back in the game. Smith has 10 TO’s in the last 6 games. 9 of those are when the Jets are behind by 10+ points.
    5. Smith is accurate. So far this year he has thrown about 20% of his passes away intentionally that works out to around a 75% completion rate when he is actually throwing to a receiver. Sanchez never threw the ball away.
    6. Smith has pocket presence. Sanchez has no pocket presence.
    7. Smith is poised and cool under pressure Sanchez panics and freezes under pressure.
    8. Smith can take big hits. Sanchez is afraid to take a hit. The Jet OL has given up close to the most QB hits in football this year. In Sanchez’s 4 years the Jet OL always were in the top 5 in least QB hits.

    No comparison Sanchez sucks. Smith has potential.

  14. I think they are in trouble this week.
    they are still acting like a cardinal sin was committed by losing to the Bills. The Bills flat out kicked your azz for this one week. It happens, lord knows ive seen enough of it on this end.
    Marcel Darius doesnt talk much so when he says this, hes pissed at the disrespect you are given them even after they killed you.
    You didnt lose because of Dave n Busters, you lost because the Bills outcoached you, outplayed you and outhustled you. you are a team in no position to be disrespecting other teams like that.
    As much as I dislike NE, if the Bills beat them that bad (yeah i know hahah), they wouldnt be complaining about it for days after, they would be concerned with whomever they are playing next.

  15. Geno Smith is a rookie QB on a team with very limited offensive weapons. He has led them to quite a few 4th Qtr come from behind victories and he had played poorly in quite a few defeats. It’s difficult to compare to Sanchez in his rookie year because as Smith said its a different player, team, season and system. We will just have to watch Geno’s career play out over time. As for Geno being scared to be hit by Buffalo, any QB that is hit in the pocket on a regular basis will have his game effected. As Smith matures and hopefully the Jets develop some semblance of an offense he will learn to deal with the pass rush effectively. He has in previous games by running out of the pocket for yardage and first downs but the Bills did a good job by having a disciplined pass rush and staying in their pass lanes and not allowing him to escape. Smith has played what, 10 games and he’s a pretty rookie typical inconsistent 5-5. But he has shown some flashes of good play. He has all the tools and he has the right attitude. The guy is not a “Hollywood Pretty Boy” like Sanchez. He actually would rather play football than look at himself in a mirror.

  16. Jesus, guys. Give the kid a break. He’s a rookie. Peyton Manning was a 56.7%, 6.5 YPA and 28-INT rookie, if you recall.

    Even I -a Pats fan- am saying that you should give him some time before declaring him a failure.

  17. I am a huge Ravens fan, but also a pretty big fan of the Mountaineers. I never thought Geno would get drafted. He was inconsistent in college and I am not surprised that he is the same in the pros.
    I wish him all the best, outside of anytime he plays the Ravens, but I don’t think he is NFL material.

  18. Good post zinn. I’m a Pats fan but I too think Geno has potential to be pretty good. Some things rookies will get better a tbut Geno’s ability not to panic when he messes up is an innate trait and you either have it or you don’t.

  19. If you have to publicly say that you are not Mark, you are indeed Sanchez-like enough to warrant the comparison.

    I have not, however, seen Geno fumble the ball while sniffing his olinemans rear end. So he has that going for him…..which is nice.

  20. usmutts says:
    Nov 21, 2013 1:29 PM
    The longer a QB plays under Rex Ryan’s guidance the worse he gets. See Sanchez, Tebow, etc.

    Did anyone ever see Tebow actually play under Rex, guided or otherwise?

  21. We can pretty much agree, Gino,is not NFl material….

    the question George Costanza wants to know….

    s Gino Smith. Pensky material…….?????

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