Hakeem Nicks plans to play Sunday, isn’t frustrated


Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks returned to practice on Thursday after missing Wednesday’s session with what the team called a groin injury.

Nicks said it was actually an abdominal strain that has been bothering him for some time before getting worse on Wednesday. Nicks said that there’s no way he’s missing this Sunday’s game against Dallas, which will give him another chance to get going in a season that hasn’t been nearly as productive as Nicks or the Giants would like.

Nicks seemed to get frustrated by that last weekend when he took himself out of the game at one point and then had to be calmed down by running back Brandon Jacobs on the sideline. Nicks said Thursday that he wasn’t frustrated then and isn’t frustrated now about anything having to do with the season.

“I’m not frustrated,” Nicks said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “So all that stuff that they’re saying about me trying to be frustrated, that’s not my character, that’s not me. I’m a team player, I know my role, I play it well. And that’s that.”

Given the way the Cowboys defense has played this season, this could be as good a weekend as any for him to break out. Given the way the Giants offense has played this season, it’s fair to wonder if that’s even possible.