Jay Cutler gets hard cast off ankle

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said earlier this week that he was wearing a hard cast on his sprained left ankle because there was fear of ligament damage that would keep him out for an even longer period of time.

Things seem to be progressing, though, because coach Marc Trestman said that Cutler, who has been ruled out of this week’s game, was out of the cast and wearing only a brace during Wednesday’s practice. Trestman said that doctors were happy with the stability in the ankle, allowing them to lessen the protection around the ankle but not allowing Trestman to make any predictions about Cutler returning in Week 13.

“I’m going to stay on a just week-to-week because I’ve stayed pretty consistent with [that],” Trestman said, via the Chicago Tribune. “I’m really not the doctor. They tell me it’s week-to-week. I try not to put myself in a position where I get overly optimistic about these things. I just take them as they come, so I look at it as being week-to-week right now, and we’ll see where he is on Monday.”

Josh McCown will start again for the Bears this week and he’s played well enough for the Bears to be comfortable being patient about Cutler’s recovery from an injury that looks to be headed in the right direction.

6 responses to “Jay Cutler gets hard cast off ankle

  1. I know Culter wants to get back on the field in advance of the coming new contract year but give it a break. Josh has been playing well enough to win 2 of his 3 games and this week is a big deal if the Bears want to avoid that “missing the play-offs” feeling. Jay will get plenty of money, either on the tag route, or from the Bears or anther team on a new contract.

    Jay, remember that you can only eat steak 3 times a day.

  2. We rushed Jay back when we didn’t need to let him sit next 2 games, the only thing that changes is the deep ball Jay is way better long then Josh. Joshes short ball will be stopped soon, and the defense is not good enough to carry us anymore.

  3. Nobody questions the arm strength of Cutler. I think his decision making is what gets him into trouble. Get healthy, don’t rush it back and stick with McCown in the meantime. He’s playing well and winning games. I’d argue that he played well in 2 of the COMPLETE games he played, he did bring us back on that “third” game with only a few minutes to play. I don’t count that one against him, but rather the other teammates/coaching, dropping balls, missing blocks and passing without the #1/2 receivers on the field. #Beardown

  4. Jay has only proven how replaceable he is. A high school coach has taken the reigns and is outperforming Cutler every week. Bears will be making a HUGE mistake if they tender an offer to him in the offseason. It’s time to part ways with a guy who never won, at the very least, a conference championship with all that talent around him.

  5. @coachkilla6
    1. Cutler is replaceable, but not by just anyone, their record is much worse without him.
    2. He never won with what talent around him, Super Bowl talent? He has a good record with the Bears. They have had, until this year, a good defense, great special teams, Forte most of the time, and squat else offensively. Their offensive coaches have been awful.

    I don’t think he is some incredible QB, but because he makes goofy faces and his exit from Denver seemed questionable too many folks have decided he is a bad QB. He’s a good,not great, quarterback who has earned a starting position in the NFL.

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