Jets’ receivers stick up for Geno Smith


David Nelson says he and his fellow Jets receivers are as much to blame as quarterback Geno Smith for the offensive failures in Sunday’s loss to the Bills. And Nelson says the receivers vowed to let Smith know that.

Nelson told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that the receivers all agreed that they owed it to Smith to approach him this week and let him know that they realize they didn’t do a good enough job on Sunday.

“We didn’t all walk up to him at once,” Nelson said. “It was one of those things where we made a decision as a group that if you get a chance and see Geno today, let him know that we appreciate him and we know he’s capable of leading this team to the playoffs.”

The quarterback always gets too much credit when things go well and too much blame when things go poorly, so it’s no surprise that Smith is taking a lot of heat this week after a terrible game from the Jets’ offense. Nelson wanted to take some of that heat off Smith.

“Whether it be receivers weren’t in the right spot or the protection wasn’t the way it was supposed to be, there were a lot of miscues in that game,” Nelson said. “A lot of mental errors. It wasn’t just on Geno.”

That’s nice of Nelson to say, and if the other receivers are in agreement, it’s a good sign that Smith has the respect of his teammates. Still, even while it’s obviously true that Sunday’s loss wasn’t “just on Geno,” it’s also obviously true that Smith has to play better. And playing better is the only way Smith will keep the confidence of his receivers.

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  1. “I cant believe we just lost to F___g Buffalo” beat Carolina earlier this season….you Jets can do it too….Right?

  2. Let’s be honest…. Nelson, Holmes, Kerley, Hill, and Cumberland isn’t the greatest receiving corps in the NFL.

  3. I recall woody proclaiming he was sick of the circus label. It seems like he really put his foot down and thoroughly searched for a GM this time around and it seems to have paid off. Everyone was saying how none of the candidates wanted to be the GM of the jets but where are all the Ted Sundquists, Tom Gambles, Marc Ross’s,Brian Gaines and Russ Ball right now? Back to there respective positions where it looks like they should be from the start. John Idzik was the right guy from this job, he dug the jets out of a deep deep hole.

  4. Once again the team reflects the character of their HC and publicize what should be an internal matter.

    Its certainly a nice gesture, but one that doesn’t need to be front an center on a rumor mill. They are having a better than expect year, including a win in “their” superbowl. Why do they constantly need to call attention to themselves.

    Its just so needy.

  5. “How can a rookie QB who makes under $50,000 a game have more wins than my QB making more than $1,000,000 per game?”
    John Harbaugh

  6. And then they dunked him in the ice tub and made him carry their pads back from the practice field.

  7. The circus rolls on. Amazing to me that Jets fans havent figured out why the rest of the leaue and the league’s fans consider them to be a joke.

    The Jets, all things considered, is the saddest franchise in the history of thr 4 major sports, let alone the NFL. If they didnt play in the largest, most highly profitable market in North America, they would have been gone years ago What a joke.

  8. Funny, I don’t remember players and analysts sticking up for tebow or Sanchez like they do for gee-no, I remember analysts literally making fun of tebow as a matter of fact, yet tebow has better numbers and even a playoff win over gee-no. I’m going out on a limb and saying the pigment of Smith’s skin has more to do with his support than anything else.

  9. Seriously at the beginning of the season is there anyone who actually thought this wasn’t a 2 to 3 year overhaul??

    We’re winning some good games, having some fun, stirring up the haters fears of what may yet transpire as we’re still competing in the playoff conversation.

    Nothing that is said from here on out can dampen the success of this overachieving group! Nothing!! Idzzy & Ryan have made lemonade here… We’ve had a successful season, everything else is icing on the cake at this point!!! Looking forward to more of the unexpected…

  10. Its funny to me how everyone calls them a circus and talks how they bring things out to the media… The media comes to them. They’re the biggest market on the East coast yeah, and the media gets every bit out of them they can…. They wouldn’t have to publicly stand up for their quarterback if the media didn’t make it their weekly job to bash on their quarterback.

    shows good team cohesion and moral if you ask me, you cant say they’re looking for attention when media wont let a beat go by without blowing up like its the next coming of Christ.

    And i too would like to say kudos to John Idzik, hes got the team well on its way to positive things.

  11. Am I the only one who notices that it’s interesting that he says ” If you get a chance and see Geno today…”?
    Why wouldn’t a receiver get a chance to speak to his QB on a regular practice day?

  12. That’s what a cohesive locker room is supposed to do; everybody has each other’s back instead of pointing fingers. RGIII? Santonio? You guys paying attention to this?

  13. jetsjetsjetsnow says:

    Nothing that is said from here on out can dampen the success of this overachieving group! Nothing!! Idzzy & Ryan have made lemonade here… We’ve had a successful season, everything else is icing on the cake at this point!!! Looking forward to more of the unexpected…

    Lol that’s so sad. The Jets are 5-5 mediocrity have their fans considering that a “successful season”. The Jets, they’ve been down so long it looks like up to their fans.

  14. From a Patriots fan perspective this Jets season is everything one could have hoped for.

    … Enough wins to make sure Wrecks Ryan keeps his job (hopefully a nice long extension!) and enough wins to tease Jets fans into thinking that perhaps, in the coming decade, they may get back to the Super Bowl for the first time since before Man walked on the Moon (an easier feat than the Jets getting to the championship game!)

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