Texans fans’ reaction leaves Matt Schaub hurting


For a guy who was once the franchise quarterback, to be benched would be hard enough to deal with.

To be booed for warming up has to take an emotional toll.

Deposed Texans quarterback Matt Schaub talked to reporters for three minutes Wednesday, cutting off the interview when questions mounted about the fan base — which showered negative feedback upon him when he replaced Case Keenum last week.

I can’t control how people feel or how they react,” Schaub said, via Brian Smith of the Houston Chronicle. “They’re fans — that’s what they’re there for, good or bad. We just have to handle it and find a way to win.”

Teammates said the reception he got, even when playing well, was hard for him to accept.

“That’s not fun to come into, especially for him,” third-stringer T.J. Yates said. “He’s done so much around here. That hurt him. He’s not going to say it, but it’s going to affect anybody that’s in that situation.”

The bigger question will be answered this offseason, when the Texans decide how to proceed after giving him a $62 million contract extension in 2012. The fact they benched him for Keenum has made it reasonable to believe his stint in Houston will be measured by weeks, not years.

“I don’t know [where)] the future lies,” Schaub said. “I don’t know what’s going to happen. . . .

“It’s been very hard. There is no question. We’re sitting here 2-8. It’s not anything that any of us anticipated. Our expectations and our standards are much higher.”

Part of that shortfall has to do with Schaub’s own play, which triggered the negative reaction to begin with.

21 responses to “Texans fans’ reaction leaves Matt Schaub hurting

  1. No doubt he has to dry his tears with tissues that look like $100 bills.

    Oh, wait, those ARE $100 bills. My mistake.

  2. I was at last game and there were definetly a mixture of boos and cheers but not one out weighing the other..with that said, Matt you helped us to get to this point and we thank you for being that solid QB for the most part but time has come to an end here and its just time to let the younger mobile QB try and do his thing. Numbers don’t lie.

  3. how do you direct a Boo? Its not like they come with a disclaimer that says this boo is for Kubiak and Phillips. Maybe they were booing the coaches who knows.

  4. Dualprime, I do think the majority of the boos on Sunday were aimed at Kubiak for the decision to put him in not at Matt personally.

    The other explanation is that Matt personifies the failures of the organization. Yes, Matt was a big part of its successes, for which the fans are thankful. But the system is broken, and seeing Matt go in was kind of like getting your car back from the body shop and seeing some parts held on with duct tape. The fans want to see evidence of change. Case, whether he is The Answer at QB or not at least provides that much.

  5. Schaub HAD been a very good QB for this franchise.

    He led the league in passing, won a Pro Bowl MVP, and made the pro bowl several times, eclipsed 4K yds 3 or 4 times. At the end of 2011 most national analysts said that if Schaub hadn’t gotten hurt the Texans would have likely won the Superbowl.

    Then Schaub seemed to start a downward spiral and has been unable to recover. A change of scenery is definitely needed for him. I personally think there is an injury that he is not letting on to as his deep ball is non existent now. I wish him well wherever he goes unless it’s Tennessee.

  6. Really not a bad QB. it’s a shame he gets booed off the field with injuries and booed on the field when he plays. Bills could use him to help groom Manuel.

  7. Matt Schaub started out last season okay until Week 14 of last year when we lost to New England, it seemed that game changed him and he lost his confidence. If you watch his body language on and off the field it shows everything. I knew when we started out the season this year the way we did we were in for a long season. The rest of this season the Texans need to look at rebuilding and working on the secondary to see where we can improve through the Draft and Free Agency. Our Offensive Line needs major work! When your QB is being rushed almost every down and the DL is able to run straight through and sack your QB something has to change. Keenum looks descent but I am not set he is the answer to our future. We now stand a chance to pick up a good QB, especially since this draft will be QB heavy. Arian Foster needs to be traded, he is too injury prone now and needs to go. Defense needs a lot of work as well, we are not the once feared defense we were. Cushing and JJ should not make up our whole defense and the loss of one should not have a huge impact like it has on our defense. GM, Head Coach and a few other coaches need to go as well. Wade Phillips is good defense coach but most teams by now already know are defensive playbook. All the coaches play too safe and rarely take risk. We need some coaches that will light some fires where they need to be lit.

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