Von Miller: I’m a work in progress

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Earlier this week, Broncos interim head coach and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio said that linebacker Von Miller “hasn’t quite been as impactful as he’s capable of being” in the four games he’s played since serving a six-game suspension to start the year.

Miller has 11 tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble in those games. He also has no argument with his coach’s assessment.

“I’m a work in progress,” Miller said, via the Associated Press. “I definitely feel like I could be more productive. It starts at practice. I got to have better practices and I think that will carry over into the game. That’s the easiest thing to fix is myself. I go out there every day motivated to get better.”

Miller returned to the team heavier than he was last season and there’s been some questions about whether that’s cost him some quickness. Miller disagreed with that assessment last week and the silver lining to all of this for the Broncos is that the defense has turned in three very good performances in a row. If Miller starts making more plays, that streak could extend well into the winter.

15 responses to “Von Miller: I’m a work in progress

  1. Did VM get suspended for PEDs or NPEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) or (Non-Performance Enhancing Drugs)???

    I just remember the air immediately went out of the career of Shawn Merriman after he got busted for PEDs — kind of lived up to his moniker, “Lights Out.”

  2. TRANSLATION: A nondescript brown package without any return address containing hgh, igf, steroids, and syringes arrived at an acquaintance’s house, was quietly delivered to his house by the acquaintance, and Von has resumed training.

  3. If there were only something out there that could help him relax. Just something so the dude could chill out, you know man? Something radical bro…

  4. He did not get in trouble for PED’s people… stop acting like you know about him if you really don’t have the facts.
    He was busted for Marijuana and Molly.

    Also he did not get his weight from having “munchies” he added 18 pounds of muscle… When you add weight it typically slows you down… Von says he is still just as fast.
    If his production doesn’t pick up, I’m sure he will start doing what he needs to lose some of that muscle mass.
    He is still great, and he will be fine I have no doubt.

  5. Does anyone with the short suspensions ever contribute anything? Darryl Washington has been invisible with the Cardinals as well. Aldon Smith was invisible for the 49ers last week, but we’ll see with him going forward. I don’t particularly get the sentiment behind the program since it’s not the organization’s fault that their players are substance abusers, which is supposedly a serious problem that everyone would like to get the players help with.

    Just dock them for the 4 game checks but allow them to play, allowing the team to manage them on the roster as they are working essentially for free and use that suspension money to put them in outpatient treatment simultaneously. How suspending them helps anyone is beyond me though.

  6. The human body cannot just add 18 pounds of muscle in a matter of weeks without steroids. Probably not even WITH steroids. It can add fat, but not build lean muscle mass to that degree is such a short time.

  7. If people would read about the players they would know that this guy has been working out like crazy since before training camp. The guy has been talking about coming in to the season bigger and stronger. He continued working out while on suspension. He did not gain 18 lbs within just a few weeks. Get you facts right before spitting out nonsense.

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