Bud Adams doesn’t make the HOF cut, possibly never will

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The late Bud Adams, who died last month at 90, served as one of the founding members of the AFL.  The only owner of the Titans-Oilers, Adams didn’t make the cut this week to the list of 25 semifinalists of induction into the Hall of Fame.

In September, Adams took up his own case for a bronze bust.

“Besides the playoffs, one thing I would like to accomplish is to be considered in the Pro Football Hall of Fame,” Adams told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “I realize there may be some hard feelings about me moving the team to Nashville, but I truly feel my body of work. . . .

“I don’t like tooting my own horn.  But at my age, and now being the senior NFL owner, there is no one from back in those days than can really speak up for me now.  I really feel this year could be a year I get serious consideration after 53 years. I’m sure hoping that’s the case.”

It wasn’t.  Even though he died before the ballots cutting the field to 25 were due, his passing provided no extra lift to his campaign.

Founding Chiefs (originally Dallas Texans) owner Lamar Hunt, founding Bills owner Ralph Wilson, and eventual Raiders owner Al Davis previously have secured spots in the Hall of Fame.  If Adams can’t muster the votes to make it to the final 25 in the same year he died, it’s hard to envision him ever getting enough votes to earn a place in Canton.

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  1. I remember when the Oilers played in old Jeppersen stadium and we could run out on the field with the players after the game was over. I remember George Blanda, Billy Canon, Charlie Tolar and a host of others. I was a diehard Oilers fan when all of my buddies were Cowboy fans and I had to endure the ribbing. The only games I didn’t attend or listen to on the radio was during the late 60’s when I did my tour in Vietnam. When I came home, I bought season tickets when I was I wasn’t sure if I had enough money to eat. I endured the back to back 1 and 13 seasons. I endured some of the worst coaching choices that the NFL/ALF has ever seen. Then came the “Love You Blue” era with Bum Phillips, Earl Campbell, Dan Pastorini, Carl Mauck and all of the others. You didn’t manage to win it all, but we packed the Dome and showed you more love than any team in the NFL. I still remember the day you fired Bum and where I was as well as I remember where I was the day JFK was shot. We let you take down our beloved scoreboard in the Dome, against the threat to take the team to Jacksonville, to give you more seats to sell and we bought them. Then you wanted more and we had nothing left to give. After all of the dedication and love, you picked up and moved to Nashville. You made sure that no other Houston team could ever use the Oiler name. After the Texans became I reality, I always had two teams to pull for. The Texans and whoever was playing the Titans. Now, I only have to pull for the Texans. Win or lose. I personally hope the Titans win the superbowl soon now.
    Unfortunately Bud, there are still some of us old enough to remember. I know that I don’t get to vote for HOF members, but if I could, you would never make the ballot.

  2. It’s really a shame that Bud Adams wasn’t voted in years ago. He is just as much responsible for the popularity of the current NFL as Lamar Hunt & Ralph Wilson. However you may feel about the man personally (looking at you Houston), you can’t deny the role he played in the AFL & the merger with the NFL, which led to what it is now.

  3. Al Davis was responsible for the merger and the NFL as we know it today. If the other AFL owners did not lose their spine then we would be watching the AFL on Sundays, not the NFL.

    Al Davis is also the reason why the AFL did not play after the JFK assassination, unlike the NFL who saw it fit to play games in the face of national tragedy.

    Al Davis was a self-made man who created a GLOBAL brand, not the son of a rich man like the Rooney’s, Mara’s, Hunt and others.

    Learn your history Raider haters and give the man his due.

    Adams, Hunt and the rest never came close…

  4. titansbro says:
    Nov 22, 2013 9:28 AM
    It’s really a shame that Bud Adams wasn’t voted in years ago. He is just as much responsible for the popularity of the current NFL as Lamar Hunt & Ralph Wilson. However you may feel about the man personally (looking at you Houston), you can’t deny the role he played in the AFL & the merger with the NFL, which led to what it is now.

    titansbro, you may be looking at us, but you have no concept of what this man did to Houston and it’s Oiler fans.

  5. “It’s really a shame that Bud Adams wasn’t voted in years ago. He is just as much responsible for the popularity of the current NFL as Lamar Hunt & Ralph Wilson.”

    Franchise move overwrites any other legacy. Art Modell shouldn’t ever make it, either.

  6. I see Lamar Hunt, Ralph Wilson, and Al Davis are in the Hall of Fame, but what is with owners in the HOF? Are they just mixed in with the players? I get that great coaches can make it, but owners? Al Davis seems like a cross-breed between coach/GM and owner. Not sure a straight up owner belongs in the hall. Let’s keep it to athletes and great coaches.

  7. It shows how much politics plays in the voting. This is true in EVERY sports HOF.

    I’m a Titans fan (sad, I know) and didn’t really think much of Adams, but the man did SO MUCH for the current popularity of the NFL.

    It is what it is. Maybe 10 years or so down the road….

  8. Firing Bum Phillips and having Earl Campbell learn of being cut on the radio should be reason enough to keep him out.

  9. Can somebody please tell me why he won’t be in the hall? He was one of the founding father of the AFC for crying out loud!

  10. Bud Adams was the Lebron James of NFL owners…not the whole greatest at something, or even the titles. The whole ripping the soul out of a city and booking part. Except Bud took it one step further, and prevented the next Houston team to be named the Oilers…so basically he ripped out the soul of half of Texas’ pro football fans, and then pooped where the soul use to be. Ok…so hes not much like Lebron, but he sure is/was as big a d-bag.

  11. It doesn’t matter if he gets in right now or not – eventually the veteran’s committee will vote him in.

  12. “ijon76 says:
    Nov 22, 2013 9:33 AM
    Al Davis was responsible for the merger and the NFL as we know it today. ”

    Um, AL Davis was completely AGAINST any merger with the NFL, as he believed the AFL was superior (and it was, in some ways).

    As for Bud, I don’t see what he did which would make him HOF worthy. I guess if the only reasons Hunt and Wilson got in were for forming the AFL, then he should be in, but he owned a team and did nothing above and beyond what a typical owner did. Those Yankee Waves probably didn’t do anything good for his reputation, either.

  13. ijon6
    Actully it was Ralph Wilson who was responsible for no games after the JFK shooting . And just to give old Ralph a bit more props .When Al Davis was in danger of folding the Raiders Ralph lent him the money to keep them solvent . Granted I am sure it was in Ralph’s best interest to have the Raiders stay afloat in the AFL . Loved the Raiders when I was a young kid with a bit of hooligan blood flowing thru my vains though . As far as Adams in the hall no way . When he moved to Tenn. he ripped off all fans of the NFL .Loved the games with the love ya Blue . Just not the same with the Texans .

  14. Hall of fame committee is a total joke. Ive come to this conclusion when it was pointed out to me that the guy with the most rings and a TON of sacks (charles haley) as well as the man with the most points in the history of the sport (morton anderson) are NOT in the HOF. Haley has the numbers so its not like he was a slouch that just landed on the right teams. HOF committee is no different than the judges in professional boxing.

  15. I just hope when I am nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame (as an all-time great internet poster)…. they use a picture of me as a young man.

  16. The interesting thing about just about all the teams that have moved from the original cities is that, by and large, those moves have been failures. Many have had on-field success (Colts, Ravens, Rams, and even the Titans went to the SB when the Oilers did not), but none of these have any real national following. In just about every case, the national attention and fan-base for these teams diminished. As bad as the new Browns have been (has anyone been worse since their return in 99?), they have a larger national following than the Ravens. The Rams are an after-thought in St. Louis after nearly 50 years in LA.

    Why is national following important? They bring in more advertising dollars, merchandising revenue, etc. As mediocre as Dallas has been for 15+ years, it’s why they are on national TV more than the Colts who have been far superior, but who don’t have the national following.

    A shout out to Luv Ya Blue and what Frank Gifford once said was the greatest MNF game he ever broadcast, Houston’s 35-30 win over Miami in 1978 with Campbell racing down the sideline to clinch the game. I started following the Oilers in 1975, Bum’s first year as HC, when Billy “White Shoes” Johnson returned a punt for TD to beat Miami 20-19.

  17. howiefeltersnatch says: “Guys who move their storied franchises don’t get into the HoF. See also: Modell, Art”


    [Ghost of Al Davis scratches his head]

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