Ellison has appeal rights, apparently won’t exercise them

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With the NFL imposing a one-game suspension on umpire Roy Ellison for verbally abusing Redskins tackle Trent Williams, the question becomes whether Ellison has the ability to appeal the punishment.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Ellison has appeal rights under the labor deal that applies to NFL officials.

That said, there has been no indication that Ellison will be inclined to pursue those rights.  Given that the officials’ labor deal gives Commissioner Roger Goodell the ability to resolve the appeal, Ellison could conclude that he’s wasting his time.

Peter King of TheMMQB.com reported during NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk that umpire Rich Hall will replace Ellison.  Hall is the umpire on Ed Hochuli’s crew, which is off this week.

13 responses to “Ellison has appeal rights, apparently won’t exercise them

  1. because he knows he should’ve been canned.

    can only imagine how partial, or ‘ impartial ‘ his calls have been against teams with players he doesn’t like and curses out. How does this guy still have a job?

  2. Jimnaizeeum, I think if someone came into your place of business and started ripping you a new one with colorful language I doubt you would take it as point to toughen up. Plus when a referee acts like that it puts his impartiality into question. They are paid to be above the fray not part of it. It’s not a matter of being tough. It’s not the right way to act. It would be the same thing if an umpire in baseball went after someone who disagreed with their call which happens and overwhelmingly the fans usually conclude that the umpire is out of line. It’s the same thing. What we don’t know is how this whole thing started. It could have been Williams complaining about a call which is his perrogative. If that was the case, getting an earful back from the umpire isn’t really the way you would handle that situation from the ref’s perspective.

  3. raidersftw says:
    It not about a ref cussing you idiot, it’s about them being biased cease they don’t like certain players

    What do you mean by “cease”?

  4. Wait, so Trent Williams can tell the ref “F you, N-bomb” when he tries to break up some trouble, but when he says something back, HE gets suspended?

    Clearly he should have just been like Oliver Twist and said “Please sir, may I want some more”

    It has nothing to do with being impartial, and everything to do with not letting the players push the refs around. I’m looking at you Tom ” All I have to do is glare at a ref to get a flag thrown” Brady.

  5. I’m sure the classy and dignified NFLRA won’t punish Williams and the Redskins by calling everything tight and throwing every ticky-tac flag. The next Redskins game will be 3.5hrs minimum thanx to flags.

  6. Why appeal? It makes much more sense to take the suspension and throw it back in their face later in a courtroom.

    Get ready for a lot more 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct flags to be thrown in 2014.

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