Giants’ Terrell Thomas vows, “We’re gonna win this game”

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Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas is not afraid of giving the Cowboys bulletin-board material.

In fact, when Thomas was asked on SiriusXM NFL Radio if he expected to beat the Cowboys on Sunday, Thomas said that bulletin-board material is exactly what he wants to provide.

“No doubt. We’re gonna win this game. You can tell ‘em, put it on the bulletin board, it doesn’t matter because we have to win this game. Our season is on the line right now,” Thomas said.

The Giants lost 36-31 at Dallas in Week One, but Thomas says there’s no way the Giants will play that badly this time around.

“We had six turnovers in the first game, we felt we gave that one away,” Thomas said. “As bad as we played on offense . . . as bad as we could have played on defense, we felt like we really could have won that game. And it really just kind of led to the 0-6 start, that we didn’t win that game kind of left a bad taste in our mouth. So it’s definitely a redemption game for us. . . . So come Sunday you’re going to get the best out of the Giants and it’s gonna be one of the classic Giants-Cowboys games.”

If Thomas is right, the Giants will beat the Cowboys to improve to 5-6 and get right back into the NFC East race.

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  1. I may be one of the biggest Giants homers on this site, but I wish the players would just keep their mouths shut. I am impressed by the turnaround/resiliency the team has shown, but fact of the matter is that the last four wins have not been quality wins whatsoever. Josh Freeman’s first start after being with the Vikes for a week and a half, Matt Barkley, Terrelle Pryor, and Scott freaking Tolzein. Not exactly murderer’s row.

  2. Should of never said that…

    “Before you attempt to beat the odds, be sure you could survive the odds beating you.”
    ― Larry Kersten

  3. mccoy peterson lacey forte all shut down by the giants defense but no one cares to mention that.

    must win for the gmen or the seasons over so t2 is right and that’s exactly what his mindset should be. ware coming back is going to make this a tough matchup for beatty and the struggling OL. can’t wait

  4. As a cowboys fan I expected to see some obnoxious bite at the cowboys based on the article title.

    HOWEVER, the man was asked straight up “are you ganna beat your opponent”, can’t fault the man for saying yes. Best answer? no, but dude is a competitor so no hate.

  5. Yeah just like their fans. You can vow whatever you want. In this case, that vow will be broken, and he’ll just say ” yeah they were the better team today”. Bums!

  6. It’s essentially a playoff game. So is the 1pm tilt between Baltimore and NYJ. It’s not so much about your record as it is the amount of teams you have to leapfrog to get into the playoffs.

    I’m taking the Giants. I’m a Patriots fan. I know firsthand what this franchise can do when they get motivated.

  7. Weather is going to be 30 degrees with wind gusts to 35 mph. In other words, late season weather. So Dallas will pull their usual late season putrid performance. Blue!

  8. @ otrd13

    “mccoy peterson lacey forte all shut down by the giants defense but no one cares to mention that.”

    It wasn’t mentioned simply because it doesn’t matter what RB you shut down if you aren’t winning games.

    This is their season this Sunday for all intents and purposes. Let’s see if they respond and don’t get punked yet again.

  9. Love to see a Giant win but Dallas has more offense, better special teams and a better defensive line against a bad New York OL. Then again both of these QBs constantly come up with the big mistake from a lack of football brains. A real toss up.

  10. You would think that a guy who has had 3 torn ACL’s would (and should) be more humble about predicting anything.

    It only makes Thomas look more inept if they lose, and that is very possible. The Cowboys won’t be laying down because of Terrell Thomas’ out of place intimidation tactics. Whatever…..

  11. otrd13
    “mccoy peterson lacey forte all shut down by the giants defense but no one cares to mention that.”

    Shutting down a running game when playing below average QB’s does not merit praise, as it is what’s expected.

  12. @otrd13–its easy to shut down the running game when you dont have to respect the passing game. And in their last 4 wins, they definitely didnt have to respect the passing game of any of those QBs. Nick Foles and Jay Cutler tore them apart through the air in the last 2 losses.

  13. I love it!!! The quiet pacifist strategy hasn’t worked for a few years now. The d is as confident as ever and deservedly so. 2 tds in 18 quarters and they’ve held the top backs in the league to < 50 ypg over that span. Gives more life to these mundane games. I can't understand why anyone would want players to keep quiet.

  14. really the weather doesn’t matter if giants fans thinks that bothers us they are sadly mistaken. we get weather that’s cold to and Dallas can play good in the cold. and another thing teams that usually talk trash before a game usually eat their words just take it from JJ last year when he said we’re gonna kick some giants ass. so go ahead and put your bibs on bcuz its gonna be all over your faces when it’s all over with!! GO COWBOYS!!

  15. the two poorest units on the field sunday will be the giants special teams and the cowboys D. if the giants special teams can register a 2nd straight mistake free game, then the injury-riddled cowboys D ought to provide andre brown & co. enough opportunities to pull out a narrow victory.

  16. Seriously who have the Giants beaten? Two awful teams, the Packers without Rodgers and the Eagles without Foles or Vick. If the Cowboys lose this game they stink.

  17. Giants will win! Cowboys always choke when the division is on the line,Romo will throw 3 picks,just like he did last year when the division title was on the line…..Cowboys are severly over rated!!!!!

  18. TT is on a team that beat all odds in 2007, and then again in 2011. As a Giants fan I don’t love to see the arrogant talk….but look at the team its coming from; if any team in this league has the right to talk smack, its probably the Giants.

  19. This is kinda funny. When he was asked if they would beat the Cowboys, he said yes. What was he supposed to say? NO?

  20. Greenbay was beaten in the cold by the cowboys before in Greenbay and it was the first time they beat Greenbay on their own turf so the weather is not a factor in this game … just saying

  21. @everyone saying stopping the run w “garbage” qbs. peterson hasnt had a qb in his nfl career minus a year with farve, so we should expect to see him shut down right? to the other guy saying doesn’t matter when you’re not winning, they beat mccoy, peterson and lacey led squads so not sure what that was about. cant wait to see how many games it takes to shut you clowns up. ill be here ready for more excuses

  22. I love T2; I think he is an amazing player & I have the utmost respect for him with the way he has come back from 3 ACL surgeries on the same knee & play at a high level – pretty much a Pro Bowl level in 2013. However, he may need surgery on his mouth before long. I don’t like this whole guarantee game that teams play. When a player or coach guarantees a win, it puts extra pressure on the players to perform at a ridiculously high level, which more times than not leads to a game filled with mental mistakes. Going into this game, the Giants are playing at a higher level than the Cowboys – no question about it – but it’s not like the Giants are world beaters right now. Even with 4 straight wins, the offense has been a shell of its normal self. The defense has stepped up & has carried this team, but, as has been documented ad nauseum, the competition hasn’t been very good (Josh Freeman, Terrell Pryor, Mike Vick / Matt Barkley, and Scott Tolzien). Tony Romo is having a career season & coming off the bye week, I fully expect the Cowboys to give the Giants new looks & give their defense all they can take. Also, on the other side of the ball, the Cowboys are beat up & underperforming on defense, but Monte Kiffin is one hell of a Defensive Coordinator – 100x better than Rob Ryan ever was for them – and I expect the Cowboys’ defense, as with their offense, to come out of the bye week with a solid gameplan, new looks & new coverages to give Eli a tough time. The bottom line with this game is that in order for the Giants to win they are going to need Eli to play at an exceptionally high level & the offense is going to have to put up 35-38 points. Anything short of that will most likely lead to a loss & an end to the Giants’ season. Unfortunately, Eli Manning hasn’t shown that he can perform at a high level this season. He hasn’t shown the ability to put the team on his back & put up 35 points. Furthermore, the offense isn’t something that T2 can control & knowing they are only going to win if the offense produces at a level we haven’t seen thus far in 2013, he should have stayed away from predicting a W on Sunday. It wasn’t too long ago that the head coach of the Giants’ little sister, Rex Ryan, was “predicting” wins & Super Bowls. It was obvious that every time he inexplicably opened his mouth in that manner, the Jets fell apart from the extra pressure, failed to come through on Ryan’s predictions, and R2 became the butt-end of just about every joke from every fan base in the NFL. I know he’s been out & away from the Giants for the better part of the past 2 full seasons, but I’m sure T2 saw the NY media headlines that made R2 look like an illiterate, uneducated bafoon. T2 should have learned from the mistakes of other & play the Giants Way: allow their play, not their words, do the talking on the field, not in the newspaper(s) & on the Internet.

    Now, with that being said, I fully expect the Giants to come out on Sunday & put it on the Cowboys from the opening whistle all the way until the clocks read “00:00” in the 4th quarter. The Giants are NOT the Jets; Tom Coughlin is NOT Rex Ryan; the Giants are quite a few classes above the Jets in every aspect of professional football. When the G-Men make a prediction, they back it up on the field so there is nothing negative that can be said about their trash-talking. I see the Giants taking the game 38-24, going to 5-6, setting up next Sunday’s showdown with RG-Me to get back to .500, then going on to win the NFC East with a record of 9-7. I then see them taking this mid-to-late-season run into the playoffs, all the way to the NFC Championship Game in Seattle. Whether they win that game or not, I don’t know, but it’s happening. That’s my prediction, watch it come true!

  23. As an Eagles fan I’m rooting for Dallas. Even though it would drop us to 2nd(Dallas has the tiebreaker against Phi)…
    1. It drops the division to a 2 team race
    2. If the giants win then they’ll REALLY have some confidence after finally getting a W against a starting QB
    3. Dallas has had 2 weeks to prepare for this game

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