Jared Allen: Wherever I go, I want to retire as a Viking


As the trading deadline got closer earlier this season, Vikings defensive end Jared Allen’s name came up a lot.

He wound up remaining in Minnesota, but made it clear he was open to go to a contender even though he said he was “all in” with the Vikings for the rest of this season. That desire hasn’t gone away. Allen is set to be a free agent after the season and his comments to Tom Pelissero of USA Today about his outlook for the future don’t do much to provide hope that he’s staying in town.

Allen said that he’ll need to take a long look at the situation in Minnesota because he wants to play for a team that has the pieces in place to win a championship. Allen also said that he wants to see how defensive end Brian Robison does as “the guy” on the Vikings defensive line this year and spoke openly about returning to the Vikings for one day to retire at the end of a career that he presumably thinks he’ll be spending elsewhere.

“Wherever I go, when I retire, I’m going to call them and say, ‘Hey, let me sign a one-day contract,'” Allen said. “Minnesota will always be in my heart. But I don’t know what the future holds. We haven’t talked about it. I’m trying not to think about it.”

There’s a lot of time between now and March and we’ll have to see if the market for veteran pass rushers is more robust than this offseason, but it certainly seems like Allen is planning to hang his hat somewhere else in 2014.

35 responses to “Jared Allen: Wherever I go, I want to retire as a Viking

  1. I have enjoyed watching him his whole career and am honored he wants to hang his jersey with some horn over it at the end.

  2. Jared Allen is a true Viking – Class act player who dominates in the NFL.

    Stay with us Jared, after drafting a franchise QB this year & fixing our secondary we will be a dynasty in the making

    Watch out NFL, watch out


  3. How many times in NFL history can you say someone got that kind of crazy compensation (first rounder and 2 third rounders I believe) plus the biggest defensive player contract in NFL history, yet the guy was absolutely worth it??

    I hope they convince him to stick around for a couple more years if he’s on board with the new coaches, coordinators, and qb situation.

    Either way, awesome that he wants to retire a Viking

  4. I think he feels its apparent he won’t win a championship with Minny. Unless they make big changes at the QB spot… the only thing I can think of is perhaps making a move for Big Ben if they want a another quck fix @ QB. Even then they still play in one of the tougher divisions in football. I think the fan base is ready for a franchise QB that’s worth keeping onto more then 3 seasons.

  5. Allen really turned around his career when he came to Minnesota. I think we all realize the business nature of the NFL, but I’m glad Allen accepts it yet at the same time can still show his dedication to Minnesota.

  6. Sounds like he already retired a Viking. Dude hasn’t done anything all season. As goes the team, so go the players. Quitters.

  7. Man, you just don’t see loyalty like that much anymore. But I think a separation is the right way to go. He’s dropped off quite a bit and just from looking at last year’s free agent market, I don’t see anybody giving 69 a shot.

  8. Well worth the trade back in 2008. People rip Speilman for some of the things has done, but recognize the guy for some of the great moves he’s made.

  9. Now that he’s stated his intentions, I can just see GM’s and HC’s falling all over themselves to hire a guy, whose “heart” will ever be with the competition. Sort of like the Allies, appointing a top Wehrmacht general to lead them against the Germans in WWII.

    Better you should stay the course in Minnesota, Jared. Win or lose you will be where your heart is and they’ll continue to have the services of one of their own.

    Besides, the Hawks are full up to our necks with pass rushers currently (and ex-Vikings).

  10. chillyball says:
    Nov 22, 2013 4:03 PM
    And Brett goes into the HOF as a Viking.

    You heard it here first.


    Interesting. Tell me more about how when people go into the hall of fame they choose a team to go in with.

    Enlighten us with your knowledge.

  11. arrowhead816 says:
    Nov 22, 2013 4:00 PM
    Unfortunately, he’ll be always be remembered as a CHIEF….ijs
    Maybe all the Chief fans but the rest of the NFL and their fans will remember him as a Viking. Most forget he was even a Chief unless you are a Chief fan.

  12. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Nov 22, 2013 4:22 PM
    Nice stats.

    No rings.

    Stop embarrasing yourself loser. Quick reminder YOU have zero rings….The Packers do.

    So where are you going to be hiding out on Monday after the Packers lose Sunday? Mommas basement?

  13. He will have to formally announce his retirement because the average fan can’t tell the difference. I thought he already retired when I looked at the stat line from the last Packer game. Zero sacks, zero tackles and he lined up across from a 4th round draft choice rookie.

  14. orangepeanut28 says:
    Nov 22, 2013 4:16 PM
    “and an uneducated fan base!”

    Says the guy pulling for a Wisconsin team.


    Ahhh…. the old “Nuh uh… YOU ARE!” comeback.

    I remember that from 4th grade, when I was smarter than you are now.

  15. Allen should seriously consider sticking with the Vikings. He obviously likes it there and the fans like him. But he is at the end of his marketable skill years. Sure, he’s still good, but he’s not young and great anymore. He should take a deal like AJ Hawk did and finish his career with the Vikings. He won’t do that if he is a prideful man. We’ll see what kind of guy he is I guess…..one with a head on his shoulders or one that is full of himself. One thing for sure, the large money days are over.

  16. And Brett goes into the HOF as a Viking.

    You heard it here first.

    Um..if you know anything about the NFL and the Hall of Fame(I give u a break because you are about what….12?11? And Viking “fan” to boot). No one goes into the HOF as a member of any team. FACT.

    Also, rumor has It when GB finally does retire Favres jersey, he will sign a one day contract to forever retire a Packer…it’s the right thing to do and he knows that.

  17. Brett Favre approves this message.

    And, yes, Jared Allen as a regular on KFAN after retirment would be awesome.

  18. “I’m asking you, I’m begging the people of Minnesota: Buy up these tickets,” Allen says. “Spend a little cashish. We just had Christmas, [you] probably got a little Christmas bonus. Go buy some tickets.”

    – Jared Allen begging fans to buy tickets to their playoff game to avoid a blackout –

    That was pretty funny.

  19. Goes to show how dumb he is if he wants to retire a Vikings. Minnesota always has been & always will be an inferior football state while Wisconsin always has been & always will be the #1 football state in America. Can’t wait for the Wisconsin sweep tomorrow, I think the Badgers only brought the Axe to Minneapolis to show Minnesota what it looks like because the Gophers will never get it again.

  20. Packer fans are so spoiled at QB its pathetic. Rogers goes down for 3 games and of course the true state of the team without him is realized by 3 straight loses. Same went for the team when Favre was there, but no, the organization and fans ran him out and didn’t appreciate him or what he meant to that teams success.

    MN would be honored to have Favre retire in purple; we know how great a player he truly was.

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