Jim Harbaugh: I’m puzzled by criticism of Colin Kaepernick


By just about any metric, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is not playing as well this year as he did last year. But don’t tell that to coach Jim Harbaugh.

When a reporter asked about Kaepernick’s struggles in his second season as San Francisco’s starter, Harbaugh said he didn’t accept the premise of the question.

I think he’s doing a heck of a job,” Harbaugh said of his first ever offensive draft selection. “I guess I’d be puzzled to why people would think that. What’s most important is what we see. I’m puzzled to why you or anybody else thinks that.”

Kaepernick has totaled just 218 passing yards during the 49ers’ current two-game losing streak. That’s less in two games than most quarterbacks average in one game. But Harbaugh says he’s pleased with the way Kaepernick plays, week in and week out, and has been since Kaepernick’s rookie year.

“He’s been consistently good,” Harbaugh said. “He’s been like that every week he’s been backup or a starter.”

Harbaugh may have Kaepernick’s back, but the reality is that the 49ers are going to need Kaepernick to play better down the stretch than he did in the last two weeks. Entering the season among the favorites to win the Super Bowl, the 49ers are now in danger of missing the playoffs. If they do miss the playoffs, a step backward for Kaepernick will be the primary reason.

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  1. Why? I know people who comment on PFT like to throw the “he’s over rated” around when its a player from a team the don’t like but this guy is the definition of over rated.

  2. I almost took this seriously, but then I remembered Harbaugh saying things like……

    I want Randy Moss back next year before the Superbowl

    AJ Jenkins is doing a heckuva job and will be a heckuva WR in the NFL.

    I mean seriously…Forget about Alex Smith…Scott Tolzien in Green Bay has looked better than Kaepernick this year.

  3. The fact is that he just isn’t a very good quarterback. There was no film on him last year which is why he blew everyone away when he first started. Then, for some reason, the Packers decided to allow him to run all over them in the playoffs but teams were able to slow him down toward the end of the year – the Ravens did a great job of it for most of the Superbowl

    Teams are smart to him now though; stop him running and cover Vernon Davis, without that he is very limited, even more limited than Joe Flacco.

  4. Coach Harbaugh is a big fan of Dale’s Carnegie’s teachings (Seattle fans will have to Google that). He knows that 2013 was an uphill battle with a banged up roster, brutal road schedule and no wideouts other than Anquan.

    He’s just priming his gunslinger for a 16-0 undefeated 2014 season! Book it!

  5. This is a great example of why there’s so much dislike for Jim Harbaugh.

    He talks to people like they’re idiots and will actually buy what he’s selling.

  6. Based on what I see of you on the sidelines with your facial expressions, a lot of things puzzle you.

  7. Gotta say, people being dishonest is just annoying. Its obvious to any clown out there that Kap is slacking this year….and yet Harbaugh feels the need to insult our intelligence by saying “…Im puzzled to why you or anyone else would think that.” Stop the spin Jim….we aren’t idiots.

  8. There you have it folks. Jim “Bagdad-Bob” Harbaugh says there’s nothing amiss with his QB. Good enough for me. I retract my previous comment regarding Kap’s accuracy being worse than a scud missile.

  9. Well then Jim, you’re the only one. 49ers fans aren’t puzzled by the criticism at all – I’d say what we’re puzzled by is why Kaepernick is playing so poorly.

    To be fair, Kaep isn’t the only problem with the offense right now – he’s just the biggest one. And the QB will usually take the lion’s share of the blame anyway. But the pass protection, WRs and coaching/play-calling have all been plenty poor too.

  10. Say what you want about Harbaugh. He knows not to throw his quarter back to the wolves. I’m sure his commentary inside the meeting rooms is much, much different.

  11. I would not expect Harbaugh to come out and say “Well, we traded the wrong guy in the off season. I did not realize that Kaepernick was done learning the game of football, and he’ll never be more than a ‘One and Run’ QB in a failing sytem we brought in from college”.

    I do not think Kaepernick can get better at the QB position at this point. Harbaugh thought he had the next Joe Montana. What he really has is the next Trent Dilfer or Vince Young. Those two guys were on teams that won, not because of them, but because they had a rock solid defense and a really good running back.

  12. Some say a young starting QB should make a quantum leap in improvement from year one to year two. That clearly was not going to happen with 49’er’s this year. Others, like Bill Parcells, have said it takes 3-5 seasons for a QB to reach his prime. Really all depends on the particulars of each player and situation. Jury is still out on Kaepernick.

  13. Well let me help clear up the confusion for you Jimmy…the kid was supposed to be the next coming Of Johnjoedan Elwaymontanamarino, and while he has a ton of athleticism and is clearly talented…he has crapped the bed thus far.

  14. Harbaugh is known for thinking he’s better than everyone else and being a real d bag. He’s really opening up and showing his sense of humor. This has to be a joke right??

  15. It’s obvious kap is struggling, harbaugh knows that. It’s funny how when you read an article about Rex Ryan or shanny, or another head coach criticizing one of their guys, or throwing em under the bus, everybody loves it, it’s like throwing bones to the hounds….but when harbaugh has his guys back, and supports him publicly, and doesn’t criticize him, it drives the haters crazy….I’m sure harbaugh addresses Kaps struggles at practice or in the locker room ,where it belongs. I’m a die hard niner fan, I haven’t jumped ship on kap, a lot of fans are starting to. I’m not a homer, I never liked Alex smith, I ain’t gonna lie, I wanted a change at QB from day one with smith, I don’t know why people are satisfied with his ho hum approach. Kaps problems boil down to the right side of our line gets ate up every play, and the play calling they went to this year isn’t working, and Romans being stubborn or something. And Kaps main problem, is he doesn’t handle adversity, well…he needs to figure that one out, quick.

  16. Sam Bradford still has thrown three more TD passes than Kaep this year and he hasn’t played in over a month.

    His comp % is down and INT’s are up, I’d say some level of criticism is warranted.

  17. “I guess I’d be FLABBERGASTED to why people would think that. What’s most important is what we see. I’m FLABBERGASTED to why you or anybody else thinks that.”

    Fixed that for you Jimbo.

  18. Well, Jim your the only one that matters. but you can’t blame the fans for anointing him the 2nd coming, then when things go awry blaming him for the problems. I myself think all the running QB’s will screw up much more than the drop back guys.

  19. Meanwhile, in Kansas City…

    Not a fan of Kaepaneck and as a panthers fan, I was thrilled when my panthers limited him to less than 1oo yards passing. But Alex Smith is hardly turning any heads in KC. The D is Jamal Charles are doing most of the work. When he finally played a good team last Sunday, he was the definition of a below average QB. He won in SF mainly because of the defense and same in KC. Put Alex Smith on the jaguars and let’s see if he wins more than 3 games.

    Give Kaep another year. Yes, defenses have figured how to stop a lot of what he and RG3 did last season. They can adjust. Remember Cam newton? Defenses last season adjusted to what he was doing in his rookie year. But now, he is getting better and on course to be a top QB in the league. Kaep at least has the physical tools to be a good QB. Alex Smith can’t complete a pass longer than 15 yards.

    Most coaches would rather have a QB with potential who they can develop than a QB like smith who can never win you a Super Bowl.

  20. Kaepernick is 31st, yes 31st, in completion percentage this year. I’m puzzled that Harbaugh doesn’t understand that.

  21. Im no 9ers fan, and I dont care about Kaep, but the amount of criticism this guy gets is too heavy. Is he having a lackluster year compared to last? Yes. If you look at his stats though he also he barely ever passes the ball. He gets like 15 attempts per game. I mean, anyones stats are going to look down when your passing 15 times and handing it off 40 times. Theres no balance.

    The biggest knock on him this year has been his performance in big games. People forget he’s in his 3rd year, and his 1st full year as a starter. Everyone loves jumping the gun with QB’s- look at Alex Smith as the perfect example of why not to do that.

  22. It’s crazy to think that he would perform like he did at the end of last year. He had a hot streak. Now Defenses have more tape and can prepare better for him. Hopefully he can develop into a franchise quarterback. Until then keep doubting him and putting him down, with any luck that will motivate him to develop faster. Greg Roman needs to do a better job setting him up for success and the other offensive weapons need to do their jobs.

  23. I’m puzzled that you are puzzled. We are last in the entire nfl in passing. We still after 3 years can’t get plays off in time, have no drafted wrs, have crucial penalties and can’t convert 3rd downs. You have more probowlers than young and Montana and can’t beat one team with a winning record. What do you do when due to salary cap you have less talent. I know Jed isn’t Eddie, but sooner or later even dufus brain Yorks fired sing and Nolan. I’d you can’t get a Super Bowl and you think this is good enough ( aj Jenkins Moore and Williams were good enough to play wr in the nfl……… Give me a break!) maybe you need to go back to Stanford. 3 years and your st, defense and pass offense is not a good sign!

  24. bla bla bla says:
    Nov 22, 2013 7:58 AM
    “Meanwhile, in Kansas City…”

    I am so sick of hearing about Alex Smith. First of all the AFC is soft. KC will not even be in the AFC championship game after going 9-0. Alex Smith had more interceptions than TD’s until Harbaugh came along. He was awful, AWFUL. As a 49er fan living on the east coast I spent too many seasons paying to watch the 9ers SUCK and to watch Alex check down to Frank and throw int’s down the field. Better yet watching JT O’Sullivan quarterback the 49ers because he beat Alex for the starting job. Alex Smith will NEVER win a SuperBowl even with the best defense in the NFL (he already proved it once on 2011). Kaepernick already has more playoff wins and superbowl appearances than Alex Smith. Enough already.

  25. He’s no Joe Flacco and none of the gimmick guys like cap and Rg3 will go the way of milli vanilli.

  26. Any clown that is declaring next season as undefeated is an idiot. Its great you plan on being 16-0, only to anticipate a loss in the playoffs? Are niner fans throwing in the towel for this year already? Lol

  27. spicymudbugs says:
    Nov 22, 2013 7:54 AM
    “Who’s got a better QB than us???
    Just about everybody”

    …….maybe 10 teams, MAYBE

  28. One read QB’s who get happy feet quickly, aren’t hard to defend once you have a little tape on them.

    What works in college doesn’t necessarily work in the NF of L.

  29. Because he’s a christian ponder clone? it goes first read, if it isn’t there, he’ll take off and run.

  30. “I think he’s doing a heck of a job,” Harbaugh said of his first ever offensive draft selection. “I guess I’d be puzzled to why people would think that.”

    ….Well Jim, we’ve got eyes.

  31. Hmmm. Did Harbaugh overrate him in anyway? That was the media’s doing. The media today seems very interested in building people up just to tear them down. They bait and switch both when it suits them.

  32. Perhaps Kaep and his loving relationship with himself, I mean his bicep has been rocky lately.

    Is he bringing his problems at home onto the field?

  33. We were all told by the “experts” the 49ers were a lock to win the Super Bowl this year. These predictions are just like the stock market, when everyone is buying, its time to SELL.

  34. Harbaugh is crazy. The issue with Kap is that I picked him on my fantasy team. I’m a QB killer and I should have known better than to pick the QB of my team. My apologies 9ers fans – it won’t happen again. Next year I’m drafting Wilson 🙂

  35. What do you want Harbaugh to say? That Kaep is not that accurate, is a one-read QB, holds onto the ball too long, and has no sense of clock management? While all that may be true, it’s not going to help the kid get better. Remember, he’s in is first full season as a starter, and only has 16 total games under his belt. While a lot of the blame for the team’s struggles falls on Kaep’s shoulders, he’ also had to deal with no reliable receivers, (Crabtree’s been out all year and Davis has been in and out of the lineup), poor OL play, (for supposedly being one of the best lines in the league, they sure give up a lot of QB pressures and sacks), and a defence that’s giving up more yards/game, (30), and worst field position than last year, (-11). Also, compare Kaep to the other Sophmore QB’s; Luck, RGIII, & Wilson haven’t exactly looked stellar this year either.

  36. I just remember how the NFL Nation was remarking how RGII, Kapernick, Wilson etc was rated higher than Stafford. I was just laughing. Luck? Ok, I can understand that argument. I knew these guys were flash in the pans. The jury is still out on Wilson but for now I’m taking Stafford all day everyday.

  37. Simple translation: Colin, I’m making an even bigger fool of myself that usual to show you some support publicly. Please don’t blow it against the East Coast Raiders in a national game Monday night.

  38. Also, compare Kaep to the other Sophmore QB’s; Luck, RGIII, & Wilson haven’t exactly looked stellar this year either.

    Wilson and Luck are killing it. What are you talking about?

  39. This 49ers fan hasn’t bought into Kaepernick from day one, and is growing tired of Harbaugh’s blowhard schtick.

    Traded the wrong QB.

    Shouldn’t have let BJ Daniels go this year either, he was the best QB left on the team.

  40. youngs79 says: Nov 22, 2013 9:19 AM

    Kaepernick is 31st, yes 31st, in completion percentage this year. I’m puzzled that Harbaugh doesn’t understand that.

    To be perfectly honest, I’m extremely puzzled by this statistic. How is it possible that there is a QB with a worse completion percentage!?

  41. Just like Colin will be puzzled when he can’t get a job in the real world someday. Walking around, looking like you just lived in San Quentin for a while, isn’t the brightest career move.

  42. After I was reminded that the UNM Lobos beat Nevada, with Kaepernick, at the helm in the New Mexico Bowl, I wasn’t nearly as optimistic about this guy

  43. The Niners are a running team. Quarterbacks are never going to post video game numbers in an offense like that. It’s not like he’s throwing to Thomas, Decker and Welker.

  44. Little Jimmy Harbaugh take a look at the numbers, the 49ers rank last in the NFL in passing yardage behind the likes of the Jets, Raiders, Vikings & Jags who all have had their QB play questioned.

    With even a little pressure Kaep looks like a deer in headlights not even sure which way to scramble. The guy has weapons, he just doesn’t see the field the way he should. Less time working on the biceps, more time studying film.

  45. Don’t worry. He plays my Redskins on MNF. He will look like Joe Montana come Tuesday morning and everyone else can go back to worrying about how the RGIII/Shanahan mess will end.

  46. Thats just Harbaugh’s personality, “we have two starting quarterbacks” He doesn’t care about the media, fans or anyone outside of that locker room.
    Really reminds me of how military commanders operate. At least ones I’ve ever met. Some of his stuff is ridiculous, but it makes for a close team or unit when your leader blindly sticks up for you no matter what is really going on.

  47. I agree with most of the bloggers. One exception that Wilson is not doing well, are you crazy? 2 years ago Seattle wasn’t even average, he wills his team to win. Unlike kap he scrambles enough to get the ball to his wrs who he knows where they are. The game is just too fast for kap, don’t care if he runs like deer and throws through walls. That’s been the problem with shotgun qbs from the start, pro defenses are good, they mean to confuse the likes of Bree’s manning Rogers and Brady, kap is on his second year of taking a ball from center. So I haven’t given up on him yet. If I was York I would be more concerned Harbaugh and his staff is over rated! If they can’t win with this many probowlers what do you do with less talent due to salary cap issues?
    He has a new stadium coming, but a team that is worse in wr, pass offense, defense and special teams than 2 years ago. Eddie d would be screaming.

  48. Hilarious all these armchair idiot football “experts” posting here. Kap has been a starting QB ONE year in the NFL.! He has the worst receiving corpse in the league…After one year, Elway sucked, and countless other great QB’s

  49. Most non-49er fans and media have one thing in common. They do not like the attitudes of Harbaugh and Kaep. Never have. When Kaep broke out on the scene last season, despite a remarkable season once he became starter- people still found reason to dislike him. Same thing with Harbaugh. You’d have to be foolish to deny what a great job he’s done with this franchise ever since he stepped in. Regardless, people have something negative to say. If I wasn’t a niners fan, i could see why others have this problem. For us niner fan’s – we love Jim and while we’re frustrated with the way our offense has played – we stick by them and support them win or lose. It’s the new fans to the team who jumped on the bandwagon to the NFC Finals and Super Bowl. Now that there’s some adversity – it’s easier for the fairweather’s to jump off, and for the haters to hate.

  50. there is a bright side to Kaep’s lackluster year for the 49ers – his new contract won’t be eating up all the cap space as previously expected. just a thought

  51. kaeptovernon says:
    Nov 22, 2013 9:39 AM
    spicymudbugs says:
    Nov 22, 2013 7:54 AM
    “Who’s got a better QB than us???
    Just about everybody”

    …….maybe 10 teams, MAYBE


    I beg to differ….


  52. Frazier says the same thing about Ponder….weekly…he said it again this week after Ponder threw for 15 yards and 2 int’s in the 2nd half alone last week…

    You can only live in denial so long….

  53. I am puzzled too. He has a ESPN QBR of 62.5, and ESPN QBR essentially factors out garbage time and considers sacks and scrambles. that puts him 11th.

    He has two of the best three games in the NFL this year (@JAX, @TEN). Those are the 4th and 16th-best QB performances of all time (since 2006).

    Harbaugh is being ultra-conservative and not letting him run.

  54. Of course Harbaugh is puzzled…

    why wouldn’t he be ???

    He is puzzled ANYTIME somebody doesn’t reap him, or one of his players with rose petals, ticker tape parades, and adulation at all times.

    Nobody can question the great Jim Harbaugh !!! He’s brilliant….. just ask him. The rest of us on the planet are all complete idiots.

  55. will add that he had the worst game of his career vsCAR, 7.7 QBR. That dropped him from 3rd in QBR to 11th.

    That was the 272nd worse game in regular season NFL play since 2006.

  56. Harbaugh can and probably will, teach Kaepernick a lot of things about playing QB in this league.

    But what he can’t possibly teach him, is how to quickly find your 2nd and 3rd option when the 1st is covered.

  57. mizzousooner says:
    Nov 22, 2013 11:54 AM
    Harbaugh can and probably will, teach Kaepernick a lot of things about playing QB in this league.

    But what he can’t possibly teach him, is how to quickly find your 2nd and 3rd option when the 1st is covered.

    That’s not necessarily true. The way Harbaugh teaches QBs is with the Lindy Infante system. one of your reads (not necessarily the first) is on one side of the field, and the rest are on the other side. it splits the decision space in half.

  58. In response to those who say they’d never win a Super Bowl with Alex Smith, I guess they missed the fact that guys like Dilfer, Brad Johnson and Flacco won Super Bowls within the past 10-15 years.

  59. thinredline69 says: Nov 22, 2013 11:10 AM

    I’m curious to know if Harbaugh would have kept Alex Smith if Kaepernick was playing like this last season…

    He was playing the same. He was winning and benched after being hurt. He is a “game manager” and SF wanted a QB with an “up side”. They took a chance and only time will tell if it was a good decision. Last year; good decision. This year; not looking good.

  60. Let’s hope we can turn around the passing game real quick here….

    Because the “run, run, incomplete pass, punt” routine is getting real old.

  61. lionsdraftguy says:
    Nov 22, 2013 12:10 PM
    It’s official, Kaepernick is a loser like the rest of that dirty team. Overrated too. Grow some real muscles before u start kissing them Colin.

    0 2
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    he’s got pretty big arms bro.

    also, Stafford’s numbers aren’t much better than Kap’s, 65 vs 62.5. and if you factor out sacks (which aren’t always the QB’s fault), Kap moves ahead.

  62. cornerstone2001 says: Nov 22, 2013 11:17 AM

    Hilarious all these armchair idiot football “experts” posting here. Kap has been a starting QB ONE year in the NFL.! He has the worst receiving corpse in the league…After one year, Elway sucked, and countless other great QB’s
    You’re kidding right?

    First of all, your receiving “corps” typo is pretty funny, so points for unintentional humor.

    And second, You’re calling Anquan Boldin, Vernon Davis (I’m not even going to credit his check down options) the worst in the league? Are you serious? Boldin and Davis are easily a top 10 WR/TE tandem.

    You clowns were saying “Wait til Manningham is back, Kap’s going to light it up ZOMG!” 2 games back, QB still stinks. Now it’s “Yo, just wait til Crabtree is back, Kap will shatter all passing records. He is QB GODZ!”

    Tell me, who does Brady have to throw to? Who’s Alex Smith have to throw to? How about Bradford (or whoever is QB for the Rams now)? The Browns? How about the Bills? The Dolphins? Titans? Jets? How about the Jaguars?

    Quit blaming the WRs. Good QBs make their receivers better. Crab coming back won’t help much. All a defense has to do is take away Kap’s 1st read and contain him so he can’t run.

  63. @ mrwalterisafraud

    There was a time when it was consensus that Jim Harbaugh was better than Pete Carroll.

    This has been determined to be a lie.


    Based on what?

    Division Titles, Playoff appearances/Wins, NFCC appearances/wins, Super Bowl appearances?

    Do tell. Because as usual Seahack bandwagon hopping hacks are living in delusions of grandeur thinking the season is over and their Lombardi guaranteed.

    As for Harbaugh, I love his approach to anyone not loyal to this organization: to HELL with you. Kaep will continue to improve and hopefully we open the playbook which has been limiting him for fear of injury. Onto Washington.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  64. chawk12thman says:
    Nov 22, 2013 12:23 PM

    He was playing the same. He was winning and benched after being hurt. He is a “game manager” and SF wanted a QB with an “up side”. They took a chance and only time will tell if it was a good decision. Last year; good decision. This year; not looking good.


    No. Kap is clearly outplaying Alex Smith this year. Last year, they nearly had the same productivity per play. QBR in 2012: Kap, 72.2, Alex, 69.4.

    Kaepernick balled out of control in he playoffs last year though.

    This year, Kap is doing much, much better than Alex.

  65. Monday night is the battle between the over rated Quarterbacks. How many times people have witnessed fast & strong QBs such as Cunningham, McNabb, Vick, etc. failed or never win a Superbowl. These type of QBs are special species but seem lack football IQ. Poor & slow assessment and decision making. QB position needs both brain and muscle. Coaches and GMs should be more practical and not be too much idealistic due to fan & media pressure.

    Kaepernick called the 4th timeout last week showed that he can’t manage game and does not have ability to control his offense.

  66. Kaepernick is playing better than Alex Smith this year for all you incredibly uneducated people assuming that the Chiefs are 9-1 because of an unbelievably talented QB.

    Smith leads Kaepernick in only two individual stats: Yards and Interceptions. He leads Kaepernick by only 300 yards but he has thrown more than 100 more attempts. Kaepernick has the fewest attempts in the league for someone starting all games. Alex Smith will always be better at not throwing picks because most of his throws are dump offs, hence Smith’s league worst (with the exception of Brandon Weeden and Josh Freeman) Yds/attempt.

    The Kaepernick hype was overdone, but Alex Smith certainly is not doing anything better over in KC.

  67. I hate when coaches say stuff like this.

    He’s not puzzled because he’s not stupid. Kaepernick’s regression is obvious. He’s off in every statistical category and the offense overall is struggling.

    Yes, he’s missing Crabtree, but that’s one of the REASONS for the regression, not an excuse to ignore it or to flat out deny it is even happening.

    Harbaugh, like his brother and half the coaches in the league, is a media bully. He gets away with spewing nonsense like this because reporters know if they challenge him too strongly they’ll be ridiculed, castigated, or worse- denied access.

    Kaepernick may turn out to be a great QB, but he’s not playing like one now, and Harbaugh knows it, despite what he’s saying publicly.

  68. Jim you should be more puzzled at your behavior on the sidelines, your misuse of timeouts, your inability to get the plays called into the qb in a timely manner, and your inabilty to stay with the run game when its clearly the best weapon your team has.

  69. Haha I totally expected Kaepernick to have a bad year and the Niners to be fighting for a wild card spot. Most overrrated team and QB in a long time. Let’s not forget most of this team was a perennial below .500 squad before Harblow. The “experts” said all the time “most talented team” and “scariest” team in the NFL. Really? All they have is a good O line and 3 really good linebackers. They must have been watching film of the Seahawks when they said that! That’s a scary very talented team!

    Enjoy 2nd place!

  70. For us niner fan’s – we love Jim and while we’re – we stick by them

    This statement is 100% false. MOST 49ers are sick of Harbaugh and Kaepernick.

  71. llfreedman says:
    Nov 22, 2013 2:12 PM
    Your franchise Qb is struggling with his confidence…what do you expect the coach to say? Coaching 101

    What I would expect him to say is “yes, I realize the production is not there right now. But I can do a better job coaching him, and we need to get some guys healthy to support him. I still believe in him 100%.”

    Not to act like you haven’t even noticed a difference. That just makes you sound stupid, not supportive.

  72. Kaepernick has not yet signed a mega contract with the 49ers, so he is not a franchise QB. In fact, low 49ers offense ranking in 2013 will take away his bargaining power for his 2014 contract. Nevertheless, a modeling career is waiting for him if football does not work out well (or may be as a tattoo parlor owner)

  73. We’ve beat the teams we are supposed to, and we lose to playoff teams, kap hasn’t been just blowing games left and right, like everybody’s trying to act like….but we aren’t playing championship football, we win out, wich we should we are 12-4, why is everybody acting like kap sucks niners blew it, blah blah, we still have a legitimate chance of having one of the best records in the league this year, but we are going to have to step up our game if we wanna take the Seahawks out, let alone whoever wins the afc

  74. RELAX!! We’re going to be fine..couple of tight games against two good teams, we’ll see them again in January.

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