Jimmy Graham joined all-timers (and not just with dunk)

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Saints tight end Jimmy Graham brought down the house last night.

Figuratively, and nearly literally.

Graham even took to Twitter to apologize for bending the goalpost with his mighty two-handed dunk.

[tweet https://twitter.com/TheJimmyGraham/status/403758471403036672%5D

Of course, Graham did more than just tear up the furniture.

He finished the game with five catches for 100 yards. That’s his sixth 100-yard game this year. According to Mike Triplett of ESPN.com, that’s tied for the most in Saints franchise history and tied for the most by any player in the league this year (with Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green).

It also tied Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez’s record for most 100-yard games in a season, which Gonzalez did in 2000 and 2004.

Considering he’s doing it all while dealing with a foot problem that has limited him this year, his feat of strength might not be the most impressive thing he’s doing.

14 responses to “Jimmy Graham joined all-timers (and not just with dunk)

  1. Look, he’s good but it’s like Gronk..when you’re getting 10 targets per game from a top 3 QB..your numbers will look good.

    Think he’s having 100 yard games with a guy like Ponder?

  2. arwiv says: Nov 22, 2013 6:48 AM

    Yeah, Jimmy is great…..wish he was on my team; still should have been a delay of game penalty.


    Although, I’m probably in the minority that believes that penalties that occur in that fashion (where they just move the ensuing kickoff) should be enforced on the extra point…

    ..but in a situation like this, i feel that they should have made them kick the extra point this way, with the goalposts crooked.

    The most annoying thing about this was the TD, commerical break, extra point, commercial break, ensuing kickoff, commercial break.

  3. celly84

    PLEASE don’t get me started on the commercial breaks during an NFL game….its a total disgrace, agree 100%.

  4. Enough about the stupid “should’ve been a penalty” bs.
    This guy is one of the greatest TE’s of all time.

    It’s great that Brees is throwing him the ball sure, but Brees has had other TE’s who didn’t come close (Shockey).

    The guy is an absolute beast to be able to perform at this high of a level when he only played one year of college football AND he’s dealing with a painful foot.

  5. ^^^^
    Obvious Saints Sack-rider, Boo-Dat fan…

    no one here has argued the fact that he is a great TE. and no one stated that the TD shouldn’t have counted…

    …but the fact that he DELAYED THE GAME with his TD celebration should have constituted a DELAY OF GAME penalty.

  6. Who delays games more then the money grubbing NFL? Have to get all those commercials and promos on air.
    All you whiners crying it “shoulda been a penalty”, get a life.

  7. He didn’t delay the game. The officials that didn’t catch that the goal post wasn’t installed properly were.

    It’s great to see a nice kid doing well.

    Keep it up, Jimmy.

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