League accepts Vikings explanation of Jennings deactivation

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Every Friday, NFL teams apply an availability label to injured players.  Technically, the term “probable” means that a player is virtually certain to be available for normal duty.

Last week, Vikings receiver Greg Jennings appeared on the official injury report as “probable” with an Achilles strain.  But Jennings ultimately didn’t play.

The league office advises PFT that the Vikings have provided an explanation regarding the situation.  According to the league, no further action will be taken.

I thought he’d be fine when he got up [Sunday] to work out and see how he’d be,” coach Leslie Frazier said after Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks, via ESPN.com.  “Just wasn’t able to do it, so we had to scratch him.  That was a tough one because we did expect him to be able to play.”

Frazier said he first had an inkling that Jennings may miss the game on Saturday, but Frazier still believed that Jennings would play.

Jennings first appeared on the injury report on Thursday of last week, when he woke up with pain in his heel.

14 responses to “League accepts Vikings explanation of Jennings deactivation

  1. Whew!
    Looks like everyone dodged a bullet there.
    Can I get that forty-five seconds back it took to read that article?

    Since it’s a slow news day, maybe you could champion the cause for the NFL to take further action against the Vikings. It’s obvious they’re playing fast and loose with the truth. I’d say three or four more articles should do it. I eagerly await the next communique on this riveting subject.

  2. I don’t understand why there is anything to explain.

    Probable means probable. Probable doesn’t mean definite. It’s probably not going to rain on Sunday, but it might.

    They thought on Friday he was probably going to play, and then on Sunday he couldn’t.

    Does somebody need to buy the league a dictionary?

  3. My guess is his heal was pretty sore from running all those routes, in a related story, his hands are in excellent shape, as he hasn’t had to use them much this year, as not many passes have came his way, like most Vikings receivers.

  4. mrrodgershood says:
    Nov 22, 2013 3:01 PM
    He should have stayed with the Packers. Love kharma!

    Yeah, because the Packers are having such a stellar season and all.

  5. Jennings signed for the most money he could get, the potential of winning another Superbowl be damned.

    And he got exactly what he signed on for. I’m surprised his sister hasn’t weighed in on the state of QB play on the Vikings, if she thought Rodgers was bad, what’s she really think of Ponder? or Cassel ? or Freeman? Is there a Joe Webb sighting on the horizon?

  6. In my day, “doubtful” mean 25% chance of playing, “questionable” meant 50% chance of playing, and “probable” meant 75% chance of playing. When did “probable” change to “virtual certainty”? Why do they even need a probable category if they’re going to launch an investigation every time someone listed as probable doesn’t play?

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