Mike Glennon is playing Greg Schiano’s brand of football


The Buccaneers have gone from laughingstocks of the NFL early this season to playing good football recently, and the progress of rookie quarterback Mike Glennon has been a big part of that.

Coach Greg Schiano said today that Glennon, whom Schiano installed as the starting quarterback after benching Josh Freeman after Week Three, has proved that he’s the man for the job.

“I have a ton of belief in Mike Glennon,” Schiano said.

Schiano’s biggest mistake this season may have been his decision to start Freeman early in the year only to go through a messy divorce, instead of simply turning the team over to Glennon from the beginning. It was obvious early on that Schiano didn’t think highly of Freeman and did think highly of Glennon, and it was odd that Schiano kept insisting through the offseason and early in the regular season that Freeman was his man. Schiano should have simply acknowledged what many people thought: Glennon was a Schiano man and Freeman was not.

Now Glennon is playing well, and he’s particularly playing the kind of turnover-free football that Schiano likes. Glennon has thrown just one interception in the Buccaneers’ last five games.

In fact, Glennon is throwing so few interceptions that Schiano was asked at his press conference today whether Glennon is too cautious with the ball. In Schiano’s view, Glennon is taking some shots downfield, but he’s taking them at smart times.

“You can get to be that way, but Mike hasn’t,” Schiano said when asked whether Glennon has become too safe. “I don’t think that’s an issue with Mike. Mike will rip it in there with tight coverage. But what he’s not done is rip it in there with tight coverage and a man behind, and that’s where you get the tipped passes and interceptions and that kind of thing.”

With Glennon playing well, the Buccaneers have proven themselves to be a tough team to beat. No one saw that coming a couple months ago.

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  1. Beat the Lions but let Calvin Johnson get his 200yds and 2 TDs so I can clinch my bye for the playoffs in 3 leagues. Oh Calvin you sure can make a guy some money.

  2. They were never the ‘laughingstocks’. Quite a bit of talent with a shaky QB and coach/staff.

    Seems to be clicking because….the QB might be the real deal…

    Funny how a QB makes all the difference in the world.

  3. The headline made me read the article just to make sure the QB wasn’t somehow trying to blow up defensive linemen in victory formation.

  4. Good. The Bucs are playing just good enough to keep Schiano around for at least another year.

    The NFC South likes this.
    :thumbs up:

  5. I’m really curious to see how their season plays out from here. A six win season will likely give Schiano another year. And Glennon is definitely playing some good football. A few months ago I was saying the Bucs would be in the Bridgewater/Manziel sweepstakes but they might be fine continuing with Glennon as the franchise QB.

  6. The buccaneers are more or less like the titanic. Sure Schiano sees the iceberg (ie the turds on the roster) but he can’t steer it like a speedboat to smooth sailing right away.

    These things take time.

    If it was that easy teams like the Raiders would’ve been competitive right away after Dennis Allen’s second season.

    Don’t get me wrong this is a bucs post but Raheem Morris left a mess of a roster culture wise for Schiano to take on. If they get to 5-6 wins he deserves one more bite at the apple.

  7. Well that answers my question. Glennon is what a ‘Schiano Man’ is or is that a ‘Buccaneer Man’? I always confuse those two . . .

  8. Crazy thing is they are winning because of their running game. Glennon’s game right now, is playing it safe and not turning over the ball. And that’s acceptable. Every game that has come down to the wire, he has choked up in clutch situations.
    Passing for 139 yards on 21 attempts against Miami says he played it safe and got help from 143 yards in the rushing game.

    Against the Falcons, 231 yards passing is better. But, they had 183 yards rushing. His two td passes (good) were for 3 and 4 yards. So, yeah, he’s playing it very safe and being hyped because they have to prove Schiano would be fine if only he hadn’t played Freeman. But they lost 5 in a row after he left. Smh

  9. Mike Glennon is also new and has no film on him. If Greg makes it to next year, then we will see if he’s really playing Greg Schiano brand football.

  10. Not sure why this would be unexpected. Glennon, after all, is the guy who took Russell Wilson’s job at NC State when Wilson decided to take spring practice off to pursue baseball.

    Of course, Wilson was able to find “employment” at Wisconsin and go on to find a certain measure of success (NCAA record for passing efficiency in a season, NFL rookie record for TD passes, etc.), but the fact remains Wilson would have come back for his fourth year with the Wolfpack, but Glennon was promising enough that Wilson became expendable.

    I watched him play in Seattle a few weeks ago, and came away impressed. Seattle defense leads the NFL in turnovers caused, but did not get any on that day, in spite of a rookie QB playing in one of the most hostile environments in the league.

  11. Also Greg has is just over .500 at Rutgers so technically his coaching career is being a winner. If Jeff Fisher can sustain off of that, Greg can too.

  12. .

    ” no one saw this one coming”

    Surely you just! I wrote comment after comment praising the switch from Freeman to Glennon. You even printed some of them.

    Perhaps the lure of the wolf pack chasing after Schiano obscured your objective vision?


  13. jasonculhane says:
    Nov 22, 2013 1:32 PM
    Glennon has done a great job! I think Greg deserves one more shot, but not a lot agree including players on the team

    Which active players do not agree with a second chance ???

    That is an idiotic statement to make when you have no proof that the locker room has been lost and want him out. Key players always say they working with the coach and continuing to give all their effort.

    Last week and the week before wins show that the team still playing with hear and have not given up on this season nor on the coaches.

  14. jasonculhane says:
    Nov 22, 2013 1:32 PM
    Glennon has done a great job! I think Greg deserves one more shot, but not a lot agree including players on the team

    Which players are you referring to? I’m here in Tampa and every player I hear from is behind Schiano 100%. The only ones that have badmouthed him are ones who have been released or traded.

  15. NOT a Bucs fan, and I actually take delight in their mrsafortune when I can.

    However, can you imagine a scenario where they somehow get to draft high enough to have or manufacture a shot at Clowney and put him next to McCoy? With Glennon and Martin on offense, that could be the straw that turns the NFC south upside down again, and puts yet another cellar-dweller on top (which has been the story of that division since it started).

    Glennon is the real deal. Already in the top half of QBs, and just a rookie.

  16. Sure, the kid may look like Napolean Dynamite without the afro, but you gotta admit he’s a sharp rookie. And now the “Fire Schiano” crowd is largely silent. It may be too early to say this will save our season, but Glennon is impressive, and may just save Schiano’s job.

  17. Just the fact the team is capable of doing so well, but wasn’t, might be indication as to how bad a team manager Schiano is. I don’t care though- and if Buc’s fans want him they can keep him.

  18. I’m a little biased because I am a Schiano fan from his Rutgers days. People who disparage his overall record there have no idea what he had to overcome. When he first arrived on campus, the most popular sport was Women’s Basketball. Roll that around in your heads for a second. What he did there is nothing short of remarkable.

    I think he made a big mistake not altering his rah rah college style when he got to Tampa and he paid for it. He was stuck with a QB he didn’t pick and never believed in.

    Now he’s got his guy, and I’d like to believe he’s learning from his mistakes. His record could and should be a little better (give me a friggin break on that call in the Jets game), but the team is playing well and if they continue to do so for the rest of the season, I think the Glazers would be foolish to tear it down and start all over again, all over again.

  19. You hear that? That’s the sound of the boat leavng, and the Jets werent on it, because they missed it. THey missed the boat and instead drafted Geno I Cant Read Defenses (or books for that matter) Smith.

    #Genoisawful #Bust #Nevergoingbacktothesuperbowl

  20. eatitfanboy,

    I don’t think the Glazers fire him. Since they’ve been here, they’ve never fired a coach without giving him at least 3 seasons. Even Raheem got 3. I think continuity is big in the NFL. Not many successful teams have 3 coaches in 4 years.

  21. lionshawk,

    Not necessarily because of the wins(but they help), but because the team hasn’t quit. They play start to finish every week. Not sure if you watch the Bucs, but the last 10 games under Raheem Morris was the definition of quit. Got beat 48-14 by the Jags during that stretch if memory serves correct, and I believe 45-0 by San Fran. They’ve been extremely competetive in every game but 2 this year(Patriots and Panthers).

  22. I would like to see one more season at least for Schiano (and of course) Glennon’s second year. I believe next year will tell the tale as to whether Schiano can coach. These Bucs have been through a lot in recent years, but I believe they will come together under Greg. Yeah, the rah-rah stuff didn’t work because they had just gotten rid of a cheerleader in Morris. Just my opinion, don’t anyone freak out over it and call me bad words or I’ll get Jonathan Martin’s attorneys on your butt.

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