Mike Pouncey doubtful for Sunday’s game


When Dolphins center Mike Pouncey got sick last week, he originally thought it was just a case of food poisoning.

It has turned out to be a more significant illness than that, however. Pouncey is taking medication that he hopes will allow him to avoid having gallbladder surgery and has not been able to return to practice for the Dolphins. Nate Garner played center last weekend with rookie Sam Brenner at left guard.

That’s left him doubtful to play against the Panthers this weekend in a game that the Dolphins could really use to improve their chances of winning the second Wild Card spot in the AFC. There are plenty of other teams vying for that spot so any loss will make things considerably more difficult on Miami.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson is also doubtful for Sunday after re-injuring his groin last Sunday. Nolan Carroll will take his place in the starting lineup.

5 responses to “Mike Pouncey doubtful for Sunday’s game

  1. Digestive problems often result from being stressed out.

    Knowing your probably facing jail time for being an accomplice to murder would stress me out too, Mike.

    Things could be worse though Mike. You could be on the Jets!

    #hopeless #joenamathisapredator

  2. You guys are funny… Not! What the heck would Pouncey have to do with a Homicide in MA? The only connection he has to Hernandez is that they were teammates/friends 3 years earlier in Gainesville. He is wanted for questioning. If it were for involvement, he would be in an orange jumpsuit by now.

    In the meantime, the constant media circus because of Jonathan “Woosy” Martin and the absolute most injured team in all of the NFL is still playing .500 ball. Only had 1 half game with all Defensive Starters. Offense lost TE, Slot WR and has 2 OL starters left (technically J.Jerry should not even count!). If not for McKinnie we would have no one. Take that NFL!

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