Packers don’t think Eddie Lacy is hitting the rookie wall

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Back in early November when quarterback Aaron Rodgers was healthy and the team’s record was a winning one, the Packers talked about making sure running back Eddie Lacy stayed around 20 touches a game after seeing him above that number in the four previous weeks.

Rodgers got hurt in the next week, though, and Lacy touched the ball 48 times in the next two weeks as Seneca Wallace and Scott Tolzien took over at quarterback. Lacy’s carries dropped considerably against the Giants last weekend, but so did his production as he ran 14 times for 27 carries in Green Bay’s loss.

Running backs coach Alex Van Pelt, who is often the one talking about cutting Lacy’s workload, said he doesn’t think that was a result of overwork or a result of Lacy hitting the rookie wall as the season nears the final stretch.

“It happens more mentally than physically, I think, just the beatings and you start to drag a little bit,” Van Pelt said, via Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “We always address it, we talk about it. We’re in Week 14 of games played, including the preseason, so his season’s over in college. I don’t see that he’s hitting the wall at all.”

The rookie wall has seemed to be less of an issue than the defensive wall that opponents have erected after Rodgers’ injury. They won’t let Lacy beat them when Tolzien is at quarterback and the Packers haven’t been able to succeed enough on offense to make them change their approach. If the same holds this weekend, the Packers will have a losing record and Lacy’s season will be on track to end before his alma mater’s next trip to the BCS championship game.

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  1. Obviously Lacy’s effectiveness is going to nose-dive without AR at QB. With that said, the Giants have shut down a lot of good backs this year, especially after Beason became a Giant.

  2. The biggest issue with Eddie is the O-line. Against the Bears, he was eating up big chunks of yards until T.J. Lang left with a concussion. Against the Eagles he was doing very well until Evan Dietrich-Smith and John Barclay left the game. When the line gets healthy, and Rodgers gets back, I fully expect to see the Eddie Lacy look like he did the first half of the season.

  3. Wait a minute….. Wasn’t he the ELITE missing piece the Cheeseheads have been bragging about? Or maybe he just woke up and realized what a bunch of self righteous whining fans and QB he plays for and wants out.

  4. They have adequate complements at RB if they want to lighten Lacy’s load. If Tolzien can avoid throwing picks this week, things will open up for the run game again no matter who’s carrying the ball.

  5. The way Lacy runs guys over, I don’t think the contact bothers him. What does bother him is when Defenses stack the box. He is no Adrian Peterson. He does not have that kind of quickness, so he can’t burst through the smaller holes like AP. Eddie has the power to grind out yardage though.

  6. Not many guys are capable to putting an entire team on their back and willing them to victory. Even very good running backs are going to see difficulties when the defense is keyed entirely on them. Setting aside Adrian Peterson, who I think we can all agree is super human, losing an elite quarterback, half of your offensive line, and two of the teams top receiving threats is going to cut into anyone’s production.

    With everyone healthy on the field, Lacy IS the elite missing piece on that offense. Having to defend against Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball all over the field with an offensive line that can hold their own, Lacy can be deadly. Without all that, it is a bit unreasonable to expect him to be Barry Sanders.

  7. He still ran the ball well after Rodgers went out. The running game seemed to take a turn for the worse once Newhouse came in for Barclay, as well as losing other O-lineman periodically to in-game injuries.

  8. If he really did hit the rookie wall, he’d immediately fumble and pull a hammy. He shouldn’t worry about it though, the wall is much faster, he’d never catch it to hit it.

    LeVeon Bell is easily the best back in this draft. Durable, fast, with a great work ethic. You could say he’s the Bizarro Lacy.

  9. crownofthehelmet says:
    Nov 22, 2013 12:03 PM

    LeVeon Bell is easily the best back in this draft. Durable, fast, with a great work ethic.


    Bell is durable? You mean the same guy who missed half of the preseason, and the first three games of the season?

  10. GenXJay says: Nov 22, 2013 9:41 AM

    According to gb trolls, Lacy was the best rb ever.

    Lets see who’s trolling a Green Bay article:

    purpwalk says: … a crap line with a crap QB
    nwfisch says: …he’s hitting the cheese curds and beer
    britishteeth says: …Fatty Lacy is
    jonny42671 says: …self righteous whining fans

    … GB trolls? Troll this.

  11. “Lacy’s championship pedigree is a good fit on the 13 time World Champion Green Bay Packers.”

    Then that whole rookie wall thing makes sense, assuming it coincides with the divisional round of the playoffs. Though this year that’s moot.

  12. purpwalk says:
    Nov 22, 2013 12:53 PM
    he’s trapped behind a crap line with a crap QB on a publicly-owned crap trapped team on the decline

    ————————————————————————————————————————————————– could be worse his name could be adrian peterson trapped for years behind an average o-line with a crap qb and another crap qb and another crap qb x100 crap qb’s. on a single owner who is a cheap arse, that can’t afford a roof. only difference is this is one year for the packers the vikings have been bad for decades.

  13. Lacy is doing just fine for a rookie RB, and I could care less if he ends up being ROY. In fact, I expect he will have a signature game soon and this Sunday would be the perfect time to do so.

    All this is beside the humorous fact that the Packer-hater Viking fans are using language that suggests the Packers are already out of it. Wishful thinking……that’s what losers do.

  14. stellar,

    You’re right, the Packers currently aren’t out of the playoff race. They will be after Sunday! Lacy will be out of the league in 2-3 years.

    This is going to be such a great weekend! Badgers…LOSE, Packers….LOSE


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