Ray Horton challenging Barkevious Mingo to do more

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Browns linebacker Barkevious Mingo got his NFL career off to a good start by picking up three sacks in his first three games this year.

The league adjusted, however, and Mingo’s production has dropped. He has just one sack in his last six games and hasn’t made much of an impact in other phases of the defense. Mingo was also beaten for a blocked punt while playing as a blocker on the punt team last week against the Bengals to add to the struggles.

Despite those struggles, Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton said that he’s not disappointed with Mingo’s performance. He does, however, want to put more on the rookie’s plate in order to help him avoid the drop that rookies sometimes experience in their first NFL seasons.

“I expect a lot from him, and I’m challenging him off the field — meaning extra stuff to study and do more for us,” Horton said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I’m throwing a lot more at him this week also to be accountable. We put a lot on the young man, and he’s playing different positions for us. After Week 10 or 11, it’s an extended season for rookies. So it’s a big factor for us to gauge him how he’s doing in the workload and the home life and all that stuff [during] this last push of the season. But he’s doing everything we want.”

Mingo isn’t the only rookie pass rusher having a hard time with the transition to the NFL this season and we’ve seen plenty of others have the same learning period before finding their game in future seasons. The Browns are hoping to see a glimpse of that in the closing weeks and it sounds like they’ll be giving Mingo every opportunity to display it.

15 responses to “Ray Horton challenging Barkevious Mingo to do more

  1. He is what he is right now, a situational pass rusher. Mingo is somewhat under weight but should get better as he fills out and gets stronger over time. A lot of these guys are one trick pony speed rushers who rely solely on their speed. He flat out was taken to high in the draft.

  2. Here’s hoping that he doesn’t decide to get back on track this weekend against that shaky Steeler’s offensive line.

  3. With a name like Barkevious…. you are stacking the deck against your child.

    That said…. Bark can be a disruptive force for years to come with commitment/dedication to hard work and self-restraint in the evenings.

  4. You know someone is either…

    a.) a Browns hater


    b.) knows nothing about football

    when they call someone a bust after 10 games. If he is a bust then what are all the other pass rushers taken in the top 20 who have like 1 sack?

    This was expected. I didnt expect huge production out of Mingo in his first year. He had 4.5 sacks in his last year of college. The Browns drafted him because of pure athleticism and potential. Once he gets bigger and stronger he will be a fine.

    Right now he looks better than all the other pass rushers taken so you cant really blame him. Not to mention he contributes to a top 5 defense. So whoever wants to bash the front office about their off season maybe you should look at tape of our old defenses haha.

  5. I’m not really sure how much more weight Mingo is going to put on. He was a beanpole in high school and most of college, he’s probably close to the limit of what his frame allows.

  6. Can’t judge him yet. He’s displayed a nonstop motor at times and then will just seem to disappear. He’s still learning as I’ve seen him easily faked in the wrong direction on some run plays. Also, on special teams, he assisted in allowing one of those horrendous blocked punts in the last Cinci game. It’s still hurting . . .

    I’m guessing that if anyone can call him out & get more production, Ray Horton is that guy. He’s worked wonders w/ our D & I’m afraid he’ll get scooped up & finally be someone else’s head coach soon.

  7. This was a bad year to turn to the draft for a rookie pass rusher.

    Nobody out of the Barkevious Mingo, Dion Jordan, Ezekiel Ansah, Bjorn Werner, etc. group is having an amazing season.

    I’m not saying those guys won’t become good. I’m just saying, nobody has had an Aldon Smith-like rookie year.

  8. @crownofhelmet

    You mean Mingo should stop sacking the QB altogether and show absolutely no burst off the line?

    And if you think that the Steelers are going to win by 40 you obviously havent been watching any football this year.

    Top 5 defense my friend…

  9. Mingo may be struggling lately but he as more tackles and sacks than Jarvis Jones to this point. That with Mingo being a situational rusher and Jones starting or a bit…

  10. Of course Mingo’s numbers are going to be higher – his D is on the field way more than the Steelers D. That’s just math.

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