Report: No Monday Night Football at new 49ers stadium in 2014


The 49ers will open their Field of Jeans next season, but reports out of Santa Clara indicate that Levi’s Stadium won’t be hosting it’s first Monday Night Football game during the inaugural season.

Mike Rosenberg of the San Jose Mercury News reports that sources close to the stadium project say that the team will only play Sunday home games in 2014. Concerns about the effects on traffic and the community that 70,000 fans converging on the stadium in the middle of rush hour on a weekday — Thursday night games would also be included — would have are the reason why the team will only be playing host on Sundays.

The expectation is that local officials would use the 2014 season to figure out issues with traffic flow and public safety so that the team can ask the league to schedule them for home games on Monday nights in 2015. With a Thursday night road date apparently guaranteed, the 49ers will have up to four other prime time games on the docket when the 2014 schedule is officially announced.

While their new stadium may not be ready for Monday nights, the 49ers’ current one will close out its final season on one. The 49ers’ final regular season game will be on December 23 against Atlanta and it would take a pretty big change in the current standings for the 49ers to host another one in the postseason.

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  1. MNF has been horrible since it switched to ESPN. Except for the Chargers epic collapse last year! #GoBroncos

  2. Shouldn’t all these minor details have been sorted out a long time ago? Asking the league to not schedule a prime night game because they don’t know if the infrastructure can logistically support it is a pretty big deal, dontcha think? I bet it would have been much harder to win the SB bid if this little tidbit had been released back then.

  3. As a Packer fan I would like for The Green Bay Packers NEVER to EVER be on MNF ever again!!!

    Nothing good happens on Monday Night Football!!!

    (See Aaron Rodgers clavicle)

  4. Looks like nobody wants to pay the overtime for the Gang Task Force, SWAT, and EMTs. Citing “traffic and community concerns” is just a smoke screen. Besides, with Kap, they’re not a watchable team anyway.

  5. Seriously, of course it’s the last year for directv Sunday ticket to. I’m sure there be another option for me to watch games but how do you plan to host a Super Bowl and can’t even figure out rush hour traffic.

  6. Logistically it is so beyond Candletick it’s almost unbelievable. Which makes it truly more unbelievable that there is that much concern over traffic. This is what we vote for as Californians.. Sad just sad. Play the games idiots. There’s always traffic in any sports city on game day. Its something you learn to live with

  7. @ jrebar88: SNF on NBC now gets all the marquee games that MNF on ABC used to get, so, in that regard, MNF on ESPN isn’t as good. But, IMO, Tirico and Gruden are very good; it’s just that the games they get sometimes aren’t.

    @ FinFan68: Traffic flow is only a “minor detail” if you’re not caught up in it. Having said that, this is an issue that every city with an NFL stadium has had to deal with; it’s not like San Fran. has to reinvent the wheel to cope with it. With all of the lead time they have to prepare, I don’t understand why there has to be any delay in scheduling night games.

  8. wasn’t this supposed to have been resolved BEFORE building the stadium?and isn’t there an amusement park next door as well?Maybe the Raiders can build their new stadium at the top of a mountain.

  9. Just one more chance for another team to get a prime time game, my Dolphins would like that game in early Sept. to show off there new coaching staff and general manager. Bill

  10. WOW !!!

    It sounds like a REAL TRAGEDY !!!

    Let’s worry about getting the offense fixed
    Expecially the play calling

  11. Sorry, if they keep playing like they are now… Kap terrible, pass offense last, defense allowing long drives, st giving up big runs, lousy wrs, pitiful red zone and third down conversions, they may not even get a Monday night game after 2014! They are worse then they were 2 years ago. Cowboy has mentioned, you can’t keep a team of probowlers together under the salary cap. If you can’t win with this group what happens when you. Have less talent? If I were Jed York I’d start thinking about it now, unlike his dufus father who scrapped the bottom with Nolan and sing. Good thing Eddie ss not the owner, heads would already be rolling. Those types of owners don’t stand for bull sheet.

  12. How about none at Cowboys Stadium?

    The 49ers are at least a decent football team led by a capable head coach.

    Watching them fight for a wild card berth is better than seeing a red headed Ivy League Grad underachieve to his prematurely anointed nickname “Red Jesus” or “Red Headed Genius”.

  13. @rufustfireflyjr,
    “minor detail” was sarcasm and as the rest of the post implies, it should have been one of the earliest considerations in the planning phase of the stadium/location

  14. Very wise idea. Infrastructure is completely necessary in order to add to the game experience. Figure out the bottlenecks without the normal wear and tear of traffic, and THEN go with the weeknight games.

    Besides, Monday and Thursday Night games are fun. but Monday Night Football is not what it used to be, and Thursday Night Football does have a long ways to go. Heck they aren’t even on local affiliates for non market teams. This does eliminate some of the audience.

  15. @coachkilla7

    1st of all Santa Clara is not hunters point. So your so called “smoke screen” annalysis is illogical. Secondly, although Kap has struggled to find open receivers not named Boldin or Davis, I believe he made things quite interesting against your 5-5 green bay packers, if I recall correctly.

  16. The traffic around this area is brutal. Most of the fans will be sitting in traffic instead of in their seats. The stadium will look empty when the game starts.

  17. FinFan68 says: Nov 22, 2013 10:08 AM

    Shouldn’t all these minor details have been sorted out a long time ago? Asking the league to not schedule a prime night game because they don’t know if the infrastructure can logistically support it is a pretty big deal, dontcha think? I bet it would have been much harder to win the SB bid if this little tidbit had been released back then.
    If I recall, the same process was used with AT&T and it worked out quite well. But, I’m an actual San Francisco resident not someone who lives in the suburbs or beyond.

  18. I hope that they checked a calendar before putting this info out. There isn’t a holiday on a Monday during the season where there is less traffic? Wouldn’t there be at least an opportunity to have one if the schedule fell just right? Or is someone just talking out there …… before really thinking about it? SMH

  19. Or Thursday on Thanksgiving. Coming soon. Someone could monitor the traffic next week to get an idea if this would work next year????? Still SMH

  20. Lol thanks guys. Too bad they aren’t going to figure out the traffic issue. The area that they are putting the stadium in has HORRIBLE traffic even without commuters going to the stadium. They will have to give free bart passes to encourage public transport or give 237 like 2 more lanes

  21. Part of the problem is, it’s the West Coast. MNF kicks off at 5:30 PM, and stadium traffic would coincide with the worst of the rush hour.

    The Super Bowl, or any Sunday game, won’t have the same consideration.

    Second, it’s not a downtown stadium at all. There’s an amusement park, a couple of office buildings, and an International Airport (San Jose) nearby, but it’s not like people can leave work and walk to the stadium.

    Still, the taxpayers will probably wind up with a bill for freeway improvements that will greatly assist ingress and egress from the stadium, with not much in the way (if anything) of contribution from the stadium coffers itself.

  22. They’d be able to do a MNF game if it was the second half of a double header, but the NFL doesn’t do those anymore.

    I don’t have a problem with Santa Clara insisting that the Niners don’t host Monday Night Games. The NFL can work around it. I think the NFL’s major concern is that it doesn’t like the idea of a city being able to say no to all of the NFL’s demands.

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