Richard Sherman gives Vikings an earful during Week 11 game

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Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman likes to talk.  And so he becomes a natural candidate for an NFL Films microphone.

Sherman was wired during Sunday’s game against Minnesota, and the results are available for public consumption at the team’s official website.

Here’s a sampling of some of Sherman’s sound.

1.  To no one in particular:  “It’s 1-0.  We ain’t worried about no 10-1.  We’re worried about beating their ass.”

2.  To receiver Cordarrelle Patterson:  “You’re not strong enough.  You need to lift a little more.”

3.  To receiver Joe Webb:  “You’re sorry.  It’s a waste of my time.   It’s a waste of my time.  It’s a waste of time out here.”

4.  To Webb later:  “You suck.”

5.  To Webb even later:  “That’s it?  That’s it?  You suck.  You so weak.  You a waste of my time.”

Sherman didn’t have anything to say after he was burned by receiver Jarius Wright, biting on a move and then watching Wright run by him for a touchdown.

But Sherman got the last laugh, with a 41-20 win.

“Man, it’s too damn cold out here,” he said as he walked off the field.

At least the cold air will help prepare him for a February game the Seahawks seemed to be destined to play in New Jersey.

104 responses to “Richard Sherman gives Vikings an earful during Week 11 game

  1. Watched this on SoundX on the NFL Network. It was fun and entertaining to watch. He is a character and seems to be really good at getting under the skin of the opposing player.

  2. Richard Sherman had nothing to say when he got burned by Jarius Wright on the TD. Just like when Ty Hilton burned him for that TD in the colts game. I’m not saying he’s not the best CB in the league right now, because he is. I’m just saying Richard seems to have a problem with shifty, speed receivers.

  3. The best part is when Lynch asked him if he remembers getting burnt on a fade. To which Sherman say how about 24 (Lynch) who fumbled twice. Then Lynch says, “And then he went on to score three touchdowns.”

  4. rap49er says:
    Nov 23, 2013 12:02 AM
    Never happen! Seahawks will be one and out!
    Thats funny,
    if the whiners keep losing they wont even make it to the playoffs

  5. Jarius Wright torched him as bad as any cornerback has ever been torched in this league. He should be embarrassed.

  6. A guy who plays in Seattle complaining about the cold? Have you ever been to that miserable city? Just like everyone else in Washington..Wish they were in Cali..Jealousy. ..

  7. The game was over when he got burned by Wright, he was playing light. For the colts game, he shut down Reggie Wayne all game. He always shuts down the receiver he is supposed to stick, Calvin Johnson, Boldin, Fitz, white, Andre Johnson, just to name a few.

  8. Like it is a big surprise, Sherman plays mind games with his opponent(s)… Which can lead to mistakes. It’s all planned to get a little intangibles on his side.

    I believe the TD to Hilton and Wright are the only TDs he has given up this year.

  9. Sherman is good, but as other people and this article point out, he is burnable at times and yet he seems unable to man up and admit to these occurrences. He isn’t nearly as good as a guy like Joe Haden, yet because Haden isn’t in love with his own publicity, you don’t hear nearly as much about his spectacular play as you do Sherman’s/

  10. ummm, might be a bit early to be taking about February. it’s November. a lot of games to be played. the teams from San Francisco, New Orleans, Detroit, Dallas, New York, Philly, Arizona all may have something to say about Seattle and their “destiny”

  11. Yea Florio and a play where Deangelo Williams doesn’t fumble the Panthers win two more they should have won and their 9-1. Seahawks are good but don’t write’em in just yet sweetheart.

  12. After further review, the 9th baseman only had 4 feet down when he caught the golden snitch outside the 5-point line. That’s a 2-inch penalty. Real Madrid will receive puck will be placed at the 34th tee; 11th down and 4,603 laps to go.

    9/24/12 worst call ever.

  13. About my replacement ref comment (I don’t know which of my comments might or might not go through), the golden snitch is a Harry Potter reference for anyone who might not know.

  14. Re: Sherman to Webb: Hey Rich, that’s it? You suck.

    Much is made of this guy being the best corner in the league apparently because he makes a lot of noises that the easily amused find entertaining or otherwise clever. I wasn’t aware that was a determining factor in judging one’s ability to play corner. I did think that getting burned was. Live and learn. Live and learn.

  15. How can these niners fans say we’ll be one and done?
    Beat it chump. Niners gonna be lucky to make playoffs. Meanwhile just watch Seattle play home field all post season hater. I never said we’re the best, just better than the niners

  16. So many of you don’t understand football. Sherman did get beat on double move in this game because he was playing the tendency of Ponder to go short on 3rd and 18.

    The Colts game, Seattle was playing zone defense. Sherman made a hand signal to Earl but neither took the deep route leaving a busted coverage for TY Hilton TD.

    Florio seems to omit that when Sherman was talking, Vikings WRs were trying to hit him after the whistle on half the plays because they were getting frustrated with the talk and the most part they were locked down. Unless 200 yards passing and 3 Ints is a good day vs Seattle including 70 yards vs the back ups.

  17. That picture of him is hilarious…I thought he got busted for ped’s? By the looks of that picture if they tested him now he would fell for methamphetimines(sp?)

    His mouth looks like bobby brown’s! !!! Lol

  18. To me, it looks like Joe Webb roughed him up a bit and Sherman’s just being a winy dude, knowing he’s smaller and weaker than Webb.

    Joe’s a good guy and pretty physical, surprising most because he was technically a QB before. But he’s in special teams making tackles and does a lot of blocking at WR.

    Sherman will get bit sooner or later, and at that point he’ll be irrelevant. His mouth will precede his game and no one will remember that he was actually good for a span of 3 or 4 years. Too bad, but that’s the way he wants it to be.

  19. I doubt they will be one and out, but at least they will be there unlike the team with the bicep kissing QB.

  20. Like I said before, What have the Seahawks won?
    I mean really! So they beat a struggling Vikings team!!
    So what, who hasn’t this year!! And every team rebuilds at
    some point, And the Seahawks will have to deal with cap
    In the near future!! So they BETTER WIN IT ALL THIS YEAR!! Because who knows what will happen next year?

  21. And CP’s S&C Coach should tell him the next day that he is upping the weight amount from the normal routine. What’s goin’ on coach? Well we’re taking Richard’s advice. Next year you are going to outmuscle him for a ball so that he can be aware that you were listening and have caught up and then some. Then you can tell old man Sherman there is a new counselor on this court.

  22. Richard Sherman has been the best cb in the league for two years now which is his entire career basically. Yes he gave up a td everyone does. It’s the fact that he shuts down other teams number ones like Crabtree, boldin, Smith, megaton, dez, Fitz, Roddy.. He’s going to give up his fair share bit considering him and the defense shuts down basically every number one is a testament to his skill.
    . Yeah he talk and gave a golf clap when he bit for the double move, but basically keeps players from doing anything. Oh and he has a minor hip tweak, not sure that mattered but seahawks fans have seen him get!”burnt ” like two times EVER.. And one was with a slight ailment.

    He’s a baller.. Go Hawks

  23. Nfl4dayz… Congratulations for being the first moron to post about another receiver who wasn’t being covered by Sherman on a td pass… It’s you who assume every touchdown scored via pass must be against him when you want to hold it against him to prove some point.

    Browner was the can TY did his damage and even after that game TY came out and said Browner calling him a weak pissed him off.

    Please know your stiff especially your own team so we don’t have to tell you how stupid your comments are.

  24. The Seahawks will not be in the Super Bowl. Unless your name is Nostradamus it probably isn’t real wise to be making predictions like that during week 12.

  25. Dick Sherman is really good at playing CB. No doubt. But, the transcript of his trash talk is weak. I doubt his success of disrupting receivers mindsets are predicated on feeble Pg-13 comedic language. hears to you, Dick. When you get old & slow, don’t talk.

  26. Jarius wright…end of story, Richard. You’re not as good as you think you are.

    And joe Webb plays once or twice a game. He’s a freak athlete and he would out jump you for a ball if ponder knew how to throw a jump ball or if the Vikings know what to do with him.

  27. rap49er says:
    Nov 23, 2013 12:02 AM
    Never happen! Seahawks will be one and out!


    The Niners are more likely to miss the playoffs entirely than for the Seahawks to be 1 and done. But then, the Niners and their fans have been living in dream land all year.

  28. And how often does the team “destined” to be in the superbowl in November ever actually get there? The hawks are 50-50 at best to reach that point.

    And another thing…the Giants have proven twice since 2007 that having a bye and being at home ensures nothing. Im sure a lot of people had Dallas and Green Bay (in 07 and 11 respectively) destined to go to the SB too.

  29. Sherman was also out of position, meaning that the entire Seahawks defense screwed up, letting yet another subpar team hang points on them. They are going to get crushed when they face off against a team with a real offense (sorry, 49ers). Like the Colts, the Hawks are pretenders to the throne.

  30. Would you want your kid talking like this on the field at a middle school football game? That is how these players are presenting themselves for the youth of America, who are aspiring to be the same type of athletes. Whether NFL players like it or not, they are role models and they should act like it. I think Sherman is a darn good CB, and I believe a little banter can be fun, but this is disgraceful.

  31. “See, that’s the stuff I’m talking about. That guy is a meanie just like my old teammates” – – Jonathan Martin

  32. Few realize that Dick Sherman actually attended Stanford on an academic scholarship… no he didn’t.

  33. rap49er says:
    Nov 23, 2013 12:02 AM
    Never happen! Seahawks will be one and out!


    Better than the 9ers none and out

  34. Brent grimes is having a better season than this chump but since he doesn’t run his mouth the media doesn’t cover him as much. It’s a shame, players like grimes, revis, Hayden, they let their games do the talking actually have done it against real competition, they don’t have cupcake schedules.

  35. Richard Sherman is not even a Top 3 cornerback in the league. He has too much help from the scheme and other defensive players. He is the best at telling people who do not know football that well that he is the best.

  36. he’s a very good football player… but he talks too much. he’s very lucky to be playing on a very good team and on one of the best secondaries. I just think he should show more respect for his peers who have work hard to get to where they are.

  37. What a cartoon. Coach checked Sherman’s mental stability during the game, then quickly backed off when he realized that the question might make the situation worse. It was cool to see Webb knocking him back several yards then hearing Sherman’s reply.

  38. Please don’t “mic him up” again. No one should have to listen to this guy. Would someone please tell him he needs to learn to keep his mouth shut and let his play speak for itself?

  39. Calling people weak, they suck, and cussing! Be careful you might hurt another NFL players feelings and be suspended and harassed by the league. Just further proof that this type of talking happens all the time. Free RI now.

  40. Funny, he didn’t look to eager to talk to Trent Williams after Trent smacked him in the face last year….

  41. The Vikings have a tremendous opportunity to restore a bit of their self esteem this Sunday against the Packers led by undrafted street free agent Scott Tolzien and the rest of the Green bay backup players.

  42. He’s no Deion Sanders who use to get so bored he would coach guys like Isaac Bruce on how to run better routes and the things they were doing that gave away which way they were going.

  43. I’m sure he gave Joe the number to his supplier, so Webb can build up that strength.

    And BTW, Sherman , how does it feel to get torched by someone who’s not drug enhanced?

  44. I’m a huge Saint’s fan but I actually love this guy. I wish he was on my team. He talks a lot but he more than backs it up. I hope we have an answer for him next Monday night. This game will show if we are for real or just another stepping stone for the Hawks on the way to N.Y.

  45. sherman is insecure.

    What type of guy talks smack about a 2-8 team?!?

    That is like flexing your muscles and talking smack to a developmentally challenged guy on crutches who wears a helmet.

  46. I am a Ram fan not Seahawk fan but,a lot of people need to realize the a CB is has to have a short memory so instead of criticizing this guy try understand that’s just his way of dealing with it.

  47. Sherman is good, but Joe haden is better. Doesn’t get nearly as much help as Sherman does from the scheme. Also, Haden has only given up one TD all season to Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rodgers. Haden shut down AJ Green for 2 for 7, Calvin for 3 for 25. Antonio Brown and BMarsh will soon be next. Too many times I watch Sherman get torched by worse talent than himself. No way should you ever get burned by Christian ponder and jarius wright and then get called the best corner in the game.

  48. Here are some stats for the clueless. Sherman for the past two years has led the NFL in interceptions and passes defensed.

    Seattle for the past 3 years is ranked in the top 2 versus the pass in the NFL. Teams they rank ahead of them give up about 10 more points per game, Steelers last year and Texans this year.

    Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas are the best at their positions. Show me some numbers that say otherwise or the talk is just ignorant. 10-1, Seahawk fans are loving this year. Go Hawks!

  49. The Seahawks remind me of the 15-1 Vikings that lost in the playoffs. I don’t think we’ll see them playing in February next year.

  50. I guess it’s easier to be an ignorant hater than to learn the truth about someone. This thread proves that most know it all football fans really don’t know much at all.

  51. Don’t like all the trash talk but he is great, A lot of them talk a lot only the good ones get the attention. Seems he is drastically underpaid right now and it will be interesting to see what he will command when its time. If he wants to be another 16mil cap killing corner like Revis its gonna be hard to keep what is a great young team together.

  52. This guy is the unappreciated scholar…such a complex…wants to sound intelligent…just a typical loser…..

    Saints > Seabirds aka a team that has NEVER won a SB…wannabes…..

    Can’t wait to see the Seabirds humbled on MNF…

    Who Dat….

  53. Going be great when he gets a reality check. Someone with shut him up and he will go from a top DB to irrelevant in one game. TO 2.0 is a disgrace to the game and what good Seattle is doing.

  54. bigbobbyloco says:Nov 23, 2013 1:00 AM

    The game was over when he got burned by Wright, he was playing light. For the colts game, he shut down Reggie Wayne all game. He always shuts down the receiver he is supposed to stick, Calvin Johnson, Boldin, Fitz, white, Andre Johnson, just to name a few.

    Uh…that touchdown tied the score at 10-10. Wright caught another touchdown pass late in the game when it was over.

  55. Have to admit-
    I love hating Sherman, he’s just intelligent enough to say s—t that really does bug the hell out of people, and he’s good enough to be dangerous, he’s the perfect villain and livens up the NFL

  56. pappavike says:Nov 23, 2013 1:56 AM

    Like I said before, What have the Seahawks won?
    I mean really! So they beat a struggling Vikings team!!
    So what, who hasn’t this year!! And every team rebuilds at
    some point, And the Seahawks will have to deal with cap
    In the near future!! So they BETTER WIN IT ALL THIS YEAR!! Because who knows what will happen next year?

    This coming from a Vikings’ fan………….

    Must be nice not to have to worry about these things huh?

  57. Norcalmafia

    Not every state is full of soft individuals that need the same weather everyday of the year. You all down in Cali are soft but especially when it comes to weather.

  58. If being a loudmouth makes you garbage, what are Irvin, Carter and Primetime doing in the HOF. Keep hating chimps. Your bloodlust just proves that the Seahawks have you scared. For good reason too.

    As for the Saints fan talking about winning something above….. That’s funny sheet. This coming from a team known as the Aints for the vast majority of their existence?

    Ice up son.

  59. This guy is a kick.

    MyHawks: The Saints ain’t the Ain’ts no more. We can say “Who Dat?” and smile now.

    I’m looking forward to a good game between two really good teams.

    The Saints do have a Super Bowl ring.

  60. “He always shuts down the receiver he is supposed to stick, Calvin Johnson, Boldin, Fitz, white, Andre Johnson, just to name a few.”

    so let me get this strait, he shut down a 45 year old tight end playing reciever who has not done anything since game 1 of this year, and has a terrible qb, shut down fitz when most teams do that anyway…and has a terrible qb, shut down white who is playing on 1 leg (yet white burned him in the playoffs last year, conviently forgot that), andre johnson had 9 catches for 140 yrds and thats shut down? with a terrible qb throwing the ball to him, and i dont remeber him shutting down calvin so that’s new to me.

    i know what was funny though, when richwad tried to tackle vance mcdonald in the open field and got ran over, now that was funny.

  61. There is a lot of anger on this board towards Sherman…and a lot of the same guys that say his smack talk sucks are all pissed off lol. It’s pretty obvious his talking was working since Webb was going after him AFTER the plays.

    It doesn’t really matter – all that matters is 10-1 and we’re just getting healthy. Good luck to everyone else because it will take a TERRIBLE game by the Hawks to lose to the chump teams that I see in the NFL.

  62. Mr. Sherman is so erudite, so refined in his on-the-field enunciations. I do so wish that more would give serious efforts to having such an extensive vocabulary as this fine, young lad.

    But in the meantime Richard, any of those toolbags you run up against gives ya any lip, smack ’em silly.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  63. I love how hawk fans are defending Sherman, that this guy was out of position, or that guy was out of position, or the defense was out of position, or it was the safety’s fault. He got burned. Deal with it. It’s funny, if Revis gets burned, even if he’s playing 8 yards behind the receiver, in zone, it’s Revis’ fault. But when it’s Sherman, it’s everyone else that is at fault. Got it. Double-standard. Hypocrites.

  64. He’s the best cb in football. Reminds me of Deon Sanders: you love his antics if he’s on your team, but hate him if you gotta play against him. Either way he is entertaining as hell.

  65. All the Viking fans hating on their own qb. I think Sherman was being straight with the Viking Receivers. Jay Wright no comment and what?…Christian Ponder hits him for 2 tds. Maybe the qb isn’t the problem in Minnesota.

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