Gore says defenses have been game-planning well for 49ers

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It didn’t have quite the same potency of RGIII’s backhanded slap at Washington’s coaching staff, but 49ers running back Frank Gore recently uttered a sentence that should raise some eyebrows.

“Defenses are doing a great job on us, game-planning for us,” Gore said, via Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle.

The comment appears as part of an excellent look by Branch at the fact that the team’s creative offense possibly has become creative to a fault, doing too much while also doing nothing a defense finds unexpected.

Though not mentioned, the failure of the offense to stay a step ahead of opposing defenses arguably falls at the feet of former Jets and Browns head coach Eric Mangini.  A defensive specialist, Mangini arrived after two years at ESPN to serve as an offensive consultant.

It was regarded at the time as a brilliant move by coach Jim Harbaugh.  In the effort craft the best offensive game plans, having a defensive mind probe the film for tendencies and tells and trends could allow the attack to get to the next level.

Instead, the offense has regressed.  The man poised to get the most credit if it were all going well is now getting most of the blame, but the finger-pointing should stretch farther than a bicep-kissing quarterback.  In recent games, the team’s offensive performance has been an across-the-board failure, and if the 49ers don’t fix it soon they won’t have to worry about losing a second straight Super Bowl.

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  1. Lets not get carried away here. Its not too hard to prepare for the niners offense. Our game plan has been Run, Run, Pass, Punt. Receivers cant get open in a league where if you sneeze by a receiver is pass interference. So you aim to stop the run, Play your safety’s at 20 yards, and play man up. Bingo, just solved the mysterious 49ers offense. Oh I forgot to mention, Blitz since we cant stop it, kaepernick wont scramble, and receivers have no shot at gaining much anyways.

  2. It was regarded at the time as a brilliant move by coach Jim Harbaugh.

    By Who??? I never heard this, I must live under a rock.

  3. Meet the new Coach Killa, Colin K! Obviously, it can’t be the fault of a QB who slipped to the third round because he was a “one read and run QB” in college.

  4. Niners offensive woes have been all my fault. I’ve been hounding kaep last month on Twitter. He gets all bent out of shape when I call him overrated

  5. Here’s every defensive game plan against the 49ers and right now, the only plan they need:

    Stop Frank Gore

  6. Mangini is a good defensive coach. One assumes his input into the offense would be to provide some counter-strategy to defensive adjustments.

    Perhaps that skill doesn’t translate to the opposite side of the ball.

    In any event, the 49ers offensive has become completely predictable and the surprise element they had last year with a QB no one had any tape on may have had its run.

    The coaches deserve blame for predictable playcalling but the players still need to execute.

  7. shehawks fans need to crawl back under their rock I heard today the shehawks want to buy a brick at the new stadium (pathetic). The 9er said they are putting under the urinal.To bad you will loose everybody in a couple of years as always.

  8. Quit complaining. They got almost 200 yards against the Saints. The worst defense, last year, in NFL history.
    And besides, Joe Camel Don’t Care.

  9. I’m a Saints fan obviously. I don’t care for the 9ers at all, least of all their coach. But I will say this. ALL teams game plan on both sides of the ball. That’s not what their problem is. Their problem is they don’t have enough weapons for Kap. When they get Crabtree back it will be a big boost. They are a good team that is missing a piece or two. They are still a team that nobody wants to play. They could easily win out & be 12-4. Its been a rougher season than expected for them, but isn’t that true of the Packers, Steelers, Falcons, etc? The 49ers are still in a good position with a good team. 49ers fans are just suffering from what Saints fans suffer from. Its that they dominate for such long stretches, that when there’s a hiccup or two, we think the sky is falling. Imho, they will be fine going forward.

  10. LOL it’s not Mangina’s fault… although that was probably a wasted hire. It is 80% Roman and the other 20% is spread out through the players. Roman was never a good passing schemer to begin with, and now he has gotten comfy. When he lost Crabtree he lost all hope and here’s the kicker. Just like McCarthy in 06 he can probably go throw Harbaugh under the bus and still get a HC job. All he has to do is claim he was against trading Alex providing of course that Kap keeps playing at this level.

  11. The 49ers don’t have a wide open offense and havent for a long time. Probably since the Steve Young days.

    The Niners run a limited amount of plays and those plays are designed to play to the strengths of the offense. Problem is, the Niners are limited by the play at the QB position. It will only get worse because Kaepernick is no longer fooling anyone and the offesnsive line looks pretty tired trying to run the read option/pistol/whatever it is called.

  12. bigguy54 says: Nov 23, 2013 1:49 PM

    Brilliant move and Jim Harbaugh should NEVER be used in the same sentence.

    And unless your coach is one of at most 3 others in the league you should absolutely just hush up

  13. @ str8up

    Colin fell to the top of the 2nd round but don’t let facts get in the way of your ignorance.

    And if Mangini is responsible for shaping the offensive game plan FIRE HIM immediately. The offense since the Packers game has been beyond pathetic, we have relied on our D to carry us through games and play not to lose. Turn it up to 11!

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  14. just have to stop moss,crabbs,walker,manningham.. gee I wonder why kap cant get the ball to these guys

  15. dirtysouthniner says:
    Nov 23, 2013 3:35 PM
    just have to stop moss,crabbs,walker,manningham.. gee I wonder why kap cant get the ball to these guys


    A little input from a Seahawk fan. Kap doesn’t have enough faith in the offensive line. Since he was able to run with the ball last year he didn’t have to depend so much on the O-line.
    He feels if his first read isn’t open he needs to start running instead of throwing the ball away or hanging in the pocket for second and third progression reads.
    Crabtree will be a big weapon to get back.
    G’luck to you all and hope the Seahawks kick tail in candlestick.

  16. ok guys, we called this defensive meeting to figure out a way to stop the niner’s offense, idea’s?

    yeah, stack the box and stop the run, they are screwed if they have to pass the ball to win.

    agreed, good meeting. who’s up for TGI friday’s

  17. Maybe you clowns are just easy to figure out. I’m sure they’re just game planning so well for you guys and not everyone else. Excuses excuses.

    Hope you’re enjoying second place

  18. rap49er says:
    Nov 23, 2013 2:47 PM
    Vance McDonald and Gore make catches, they’re 8-2.

    9 4
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    Seahawks don’t get their field goal blocked and returned for a TD against Indy and they’re 11-0.

  19. swaggyy says:
    Nov 23, 2013 4:25 PM
    rap49er says:
    Nov 23, 2013 2:47 PM
    Vance McDonald and Gore make catches, they’re 8-2.

    9 4
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    Seahawks don’t get their field goal blocked and returned for a TD against Indy and they’re 11-0.


    seattle has three wins from games that were blown by the other team: Carolina (open-field fumble in the red zone), Rams (frightful play calling), Tampa (blew 21 pt lead).

  20. @ngbradley

    Games are won and loss because one team outplayed the other, regardless of one mistake or two. Sure, Schaub threw a ball we picked. But why did he make that throw? What made him feel that he could? What was the situation that urged him to do it? We know that Sherman decoyed him, fooled him into thinking the pass could be made without hindrance. So, be honest about it (if you can). The pick had every bit as much to do with Thomas and Sherman, as it did with Schaub.

    Fumbles don’t happen because QB’s, receivers, or running backs feel safe and unthreatened. If there’s no urgency or threat, catching or handling a ball is a walk in the park.

    I know you’re a hater, and that’s okay. Haters never give credit where its due, but can only snipe and criticize, and never have praise for any players not on their team.

    But such is life.

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