Incognito spends more than eight hours with Ted Wells


As independent investigator Ted Wells continues to explore the allegations of Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin, Wells has now spent more time meeting with the accused than the accuser.

According to Jeff Darlington of NFL Network, Incognito’s sessions with Wells spanned two days and covered roughly 8.5 hours.  Martin met with Wells eight days ago for approximately eight hours.

It’s unclear where the investigation will go from here.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Martin’s camp recognizes the possibility of a follow-up session, but nothing has been scheduled yet.

Via Chris Perkins of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, one unnamed veteran player said Friday that he believes “almost every player” will be interviewed.  Another unnamed veteran player added that he is under the impression that “almost everyone in the building” would be interviewed.

Meanwhile, one of the most recent men to enter the building has provided a pretty good assessment of the situation.

“The comments he made on the guy’s answering machine, Richie’s apologized for that,” left tackle Bryant McKinnie said this week, via Perkins.  “What, do you want me to bully him because of that now?

“I don’t understand what people really want from that situation.  It’s only so much you can do.  It wasn’t meant for everybody to hear.  That was a way they communicated, I think, between those two.  He apologized; you can’t hold a grudge.”

When Bryant McKinnie a/k/a Big Mac is the voice of reason, that’s perhaps the clearest sign that something isn’t right in the organization.

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  1. The meeting lasted so long because Wells had to keep reminding Richie to stop calling him “Ted Smells”.

  2. I hope Icognito brought the first three seasons of “The League” and he and Wells watched them all together. Maybe that’ll show Wells how guys really talk to each other behind the scenes as friends. This nancy-fication of the NFL (and society in general) is sad and terrible. All because of people like Martin who 1. Can’t stand up for himself and 2. Instead of reporting an issue in-house (or just talking to Incognito about what he’s feeling), he runs to the lawyers and media. Good luck trying to find another NFL team to work for Martin, hope you really paid attention in class at Stanford; your future employment depends on it.

  3. the answer to mckinnie’s question is that martin (and now his attorneys) want a pile of money out of “that situation”. and my gut tells me they have a decent chance of getting it, as the league and the dolphins will eventually do a cost/benefit analysis.

    the lawyers will point out the advantages of settling now; among which are the limitation of damages to an acceptable number, the certainty of the outcome, the elimination of the continued negative publicity, and resulting positive press spin coming from the appearance of banishing “bullying” from NFL locker rooms.

    so my guess is martin gets paid, and incognito and ireland are scapegoated (rightly or wrongly).

    given that the league is pretty much being run by lawyers, its hard to see this ending any other way…..

  4. It’s not about ‘that’ word.

    It’s about Martin being called ‘big weirdo’ by everyone. Martin just doesn’t fit in the ‘not too bright, bully boy’ atmosphere of sports.

    Most of us have been there (college, for me) and it is what it is. Not personal just a strangeness that isn’t quite explainable.

    Incognito is over the top and Martin needs to change if he wants to survive.

    But it is NOT about ‘that’ word.

  5. thefirstsmilergrogan says:
    Nov 23, 2013 10:59 AM


    Yep, I agree and well said.

    The reality of it all is that it does come down to lawyers getting paid via Cost B/A with the usual scapegoats.

    Issues be damned…

  6. The best case scenario for this situation is that only one career is ruined. If Wells come back and says that Incognito is a bully and an extortionist and should be imprisoned then clearly Incognito’s career is over. If he comes out and says that Jonathan Martin was friends with Incognito and is blowing this out of proportion than no locker room will ever except Martin.

    What should have happened is that Martin needed to learn to take a joke and take the “abuse” you get from coaches and players in the locker room, or stand up and tell them yourself that you don’t like it. You don’t leave your team and create a media circus because you can’t handle the way someone talks to you. It has been completely selfish on his part. He’s hurting his entire team, not just Richie Incognito. The emotional stress that he’s putting on the entire organization and it’s fanbase is wrong. I’m not saying that he doesn’t have a right to stand up for himself, but the way he’s doing it is completely selfish.

  7. they onlu actually met for 45 minutes. they spent the first 7 hours with Incognito and his legal team getting up and leaving the table every time Wells sat down.

  8. I gotta believe that Martin’s NFL career is now over. It’ll be interesting to see if Meathead Incognito ever plays again too.

    Personally, I think the PC Media jumped on this like a hyena on a wildebeest carcase, and bullied the Fish and the NFL into the circus we see now.

  9. So let me see if I’ve got this straight: McKinnie, who wasn’t even there while all of this was going on, is the person to be quoted and to be considered as the voice of reason?

  10. How is it possible that the media hasn’t extracted a single sound bite out of Goodell on this controversy? I haven’t even seen a single ‘ no comment’ from him. Has Goodell not had one occasion to leave Park Ave. for a press conference on anything in the past few weeks?

  11. The whole thing is ridiculous. Martin is a big baby, and surely can’t play again. Anyone who walks out once, cannot be trusted again. He’s a pathetic person with a mental problem. No one else on the Dolphins has walked out yet. Get over it and move on, it’s boring now with all the guessing games going on.

  12. What’s “not right” in the Dolphin’s organization is that clown Martin. What’s also not right is the media’s insistence on trying to find someone else at fault here. The only guy at fault, Martin, is gone and wont be back. The team, and the NFL, are better off without him.

  13. Time to reinstate Incognito, you can’t keep him suspended for doing the same thing his accuser did a week before he did it(Martin said he would kill Incogs entire family in a text before Incogs VM).

    Martin was butt-hurt because he was told he couldn’t play LT in the league and they had to trade for one because he’s a lousy pass-protector. He and his ambulance chasing parents are looking for a way to make his money without the effort.

    Let’s move on for God’s sake, they are grown men, if he had a problem maybe he should’ve pushed back, or shouldn’t have kept texting his supposed tormentor after he left the team.

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