NFL makes it through 12 weeks with no blackouts


Once again this week, there are no blackouts in the NFL, and every game will be broadcast on local television.

That makes it 12 weeks in a row, every game this season, that games will be shown on local TV. According to NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, it’s the first time since the blackout policy was implemented in 1973 that there haven’t been any blackouts in the first 12 weeks of the season.

That doesn’t mean every game has been sold out. Some teams are taking advantage of the rule that allows them to set an 85 percent threshold, rather than having to sell all of their tickets to lift the local TV blackout. Other teams have taken advantage of the rule that allows owners to buy back their own unsold tickets at 34 percent of face value. And in some cases sponsors have purchased the last remaining tickets needed to lift the blackout.

But whatever the reasons, for fans the news is good: Whatever city you live in, your local team is on local TV.

18 responses to “NFL makes it through 12 weeks with no blackouts

  1. Have Miami even sold 50% of their tickets to any game yet? The number of empty seats at that place is embarrassing

  2. This is such crap. The Bills were selling $12 tickets to the jets gem at local gas stations last week. How does that count? Not to mention all the $25 tickets they sold at a deep discount to ticket brokers.

    So many ways around having a “blackout” that it’s silly. Just eliminate the stupid rule if teams are going to give tickets away or help out ticket brokers who will in return rip off the fans.

  3. .
    As soon as you had voices from the Congress and Senate calling for the end of the NFL blackout policy, all games instantly sold out.

    NFL to Congress, “What’s a blackout?”


  4. You know, it occurs to me that of there wasn’t an idiotic blackout rule, there would never be another blackout.

  5. snagtooth- why does it bother u that teams sell out? u sum douche w a mullet living in his mom’s basement watching old xfl re runs? #HATTR

  6. britishraven says: Nov 23, 2013 8:14 AM

    Have Miami even sold 50% of their tickets to any game yet? The number of empty seats at that place is embarrassing

    Tampa, Miami and Oakland are about equal.

  7. So if I hire myself to do my weekend home repairs, and pay myself for the work I do, by NFL logic I’m fully employed.

  8. Hey snaggle tooth you do realize the 3k remaining tickets bills usually have to sell puts them at 70k already sold which is more than 16 nfl stadiums. So why don’t you get some facts before you run your mouth.

  9. Tolan04

    They had 5k left the Thursday before the Jets game, and have like 15k left for the dolphins. Stop tryin to make it seem like we’re this great fanbase. Fans here are highly overrated. The team always struggles to sell from November on. Even when they were competitive.

    Nice try with the random stats though…

    And now here comes he thumbs down, as every bills fans troll these pages and hates on anything critical about their precious franchise.

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