Ted Wells interviews every Dolphin, still has weeks of work ahead


Ted Wells, the NFL-appointed investigator who’s looking into allegations that the Miami Dolphins’ locker room was a hostile work environment for Jonathan Martin, has interviewed every player and coach on the team.

But that doesn’t mean his investigation is over. Or even close to over.

Wells released a statement on Saturday night confirming that he has now spoken to every player and coach, but he also said he has weeks of work left to do.

“We have concluded our initial round of interviews with the Miami Dolphins and spent time with every player and coach, as well as key staff members and management,” Wells said. “Our work will continue over the next few weeks. I want to thank Stephen Ross, the Dolphins organization and its players, coaches and staff for their complete cooperation throughout this process.”

This process will be a long one. With only five more weeks in the regular season and Wells saying he still needs a “few weeks” to finish his work, it’s entirely possible that this investigation won’t be wrapped up until the season is over.