Bad call in Chargers-Chiefs wiped out big gain for San Diego


Though the Chargers may still indeed upset the Chiefs in Kansas City, a victory would entail overcoming a bad call that wiped out a big gain in the second half.

With the Chargers trailing 21-17 and driving, quarterback Philip Rivers connected with tight end Ladarius Green for a 35-yard gain, down to the Kansas City 22.

But it all came back because Chargers offensive lineman Jeromy Clary, an ineligible receiver, was illegally downfield.

But there was a problem with the call.  Clary moved downfield while at all times legally blocking an opponent.  Under Rule 8, Section 3, Article 1, Item 1(a), that’s not a penalty.

Specifically, an ineligible player “is not illegally downfield if, after initiating contact with an opponent within one yard of the line of scrimmage during his initial charge . . . he moves more than one yard beyond the line while legally blocking or being blocked by an opponent.”

As a result, it shouldn’t have been called.

If the Chargers still win, it won’t be quite as glaring.  Still, the officials who threw a flag that shouldn’t have been thrown will hear about it.