Bears suffer humbling and costly loss at St. Louis


Without context, and looking at just wins and losses, the Bears and Lions are still tied for the NFC North lead. With the Bears and Lions both losing Sunday and the Packers tying the Vikings, Chicago and Detroit are knotted at 6-5, with Green Bay a half-game back at 5-5-1.

However, the Lions swept the season series with Chicago, giving them the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Bears. In short, if the season ended today, the Lions would win the NFC North.

That tiebreaker could be a real problem for Chicago, which lost 42-21 at St. Louis on Sunday.

The Bears’ NFC record also could be a problem relative to their postseason hopes.

The loss to the Rams dropped the Bears’ conference record to 3-5. Conference record is one the first tiebreakers for wild-card spots. Only the Vikings, Redskins, Buccaneers and Falcons have more NFC losses than Chicago. The Rams (5-6) also have five NFC losses — but now have the head’s up win vs. Chicago. The Giants are 3-4 in the NFC pending the result of their game with Dallas.

Of course, tiebreakers aren’t going to matter much if the Bears don’t improve on defense. In defeat Sunday, Chicago surrendered 258 rushing yards to St. Louis. The Rams gained 8.9 yards per carry, and tailbacks Benny Cunningham and Zac Stacy combined for 196 yards and two TDs on 25 carries.

The Bears have five games left, four of which are against NFC foes. With a strong December, they can play into January, and they finally have the offensive might they have long lacked. However, Sunday’s loss wasn’t flattering, and it was an NFC defeat to boot.

37 responses to “Bears suffer humbling and costly loss at St. Louis

  1. The Bears defensive is terrible, injuries are part of the game. Even if they sneak into the playoffs, they are one and done.

  2. Hell, the defense wasn’t very good before the injuries. Mel Tucker is looking at a pretty short tenure here in Chicago.

  3. That wasn’t humbling, that was pathetic, and hard to watch. Every time something good happened, the Bears insisted on shooting themselves in the foot…Hester’s return TD being a prime example, thanks to a penalty on Steltz.

    With our atrocious defense, and knack for stupid penalties, this team will be lucky to win 9 games regardless of who the quarterback is moving forward.
    McCown did what he could, but even his record setting day wasn’t enough.

  4. icebowler says: Nov 24, 2013 7:14 PM

    “To add insult to injury, Bears fans will have to root for the Packers on Turkey Day.”

    Can you say “tie?”

  5. The Bears are pretty much screwed on the WC chase. With DET having that tiebreaker and GB having a tie, this division basically renders all tiebreakers as irrelevant now. For all NFC North teams, you just have to win the division and it all goes by how many wins you have with a dead-set order of GB/DET/CHI. So with the division win being just about the only way, CHI now has no more need to be concerned about tiebreakers. They have to have 1 more win than BOTH other teams or they are done.

  6. Mel tucker should not be back next year. I’m normally not for firing a coordinator after one injury filled year, but this is the worst defense I’ve ever seen from the Bears. They aren’t even competitive. There is zero pass rush, the safeties both look terrible, the linebackers might as well not even be on the field, and whenever we play zone it means every receiver in their route is getting 5 yards cushion at a minimum. It’s amazing to see so many defenders just watch the only guy near them catch a ball before they even start to react.

    I love what Trestman has done with the offense (other than the short yardage slamming it into the middle—how many times does he need to see it before he finally decides to can that terrible play?), but that defense is unbelievably bad. This is clearly a transition year, and if we make the playoffs, great. If we get in, the only chance we have is against a team with a bad offense to keep it a shootout. Against a team that scores a lot, we’re in trouble. Either way, we need a complete and total overhaul on that trainwreck of a defense.

  7. Today Urlacher, sitting in a Hoveround, could have played better than the Bears LB group. Every Rams run was 10 yards or more. We traded no score Lovie for no-D Trestman. Time for another rebuilding year and who cares what happens to Cutler. We get the same results with Josh for 1/5 the cost.

    Another no play-offs year for the Bears and it’s not like the Lions or Green Bay were super hot this year.

  8. Rams win the colts game, now again another blowout against a team they shouldn’t beat per the talking heads, yet the article focuses on how the team the Rams played stunk up the joint. How about they got beat?

  9. @SWchrammbo:

    How’s this…We did get beat, by a Rams team playing well.


    The Bears self-destructed when it mattered, in ways that had nothing to do with St. Louis’ play on the field.

    In the end, though, a loss is a loss is a loss, and being the better team on paper means squat.

  10. I understand the anger toward Tucker but man, it’s gotta be hard to win without all of your starpower on defense. Tillman, Melton, Williams, Briggs, etc. They’re missing their defensive playcaller, their shutdown QB, their best DL (and most important in the Bear’s scheme), and starting MLB. As a Bears fan I know we’re accustomed to seeing a solid defense on the field but I think it’s hard to get a good grasp on how well Tucker has done until he gets some talent back.

  11. bears47, I see your point on Tucker, but even when our defense was healthy, they were getting torched through the air…Then they fixed that, guys started getting hurt, and not we’re getting torched on the ground. And injuries or not, there is no excuse for giving up 8-point-something yards per carry, especially to anyone not called AP.

  12. The Bears should have pulled a USC and fired every member of the defensive coaching staff as soon as they got off the plane today. This defense was no better before the injuries, the guy is just clueless. He was fired by the Jaguars for F’s sake.
    I like Coach T on the O-side and how he handles the players. But most of his coaching staff picks were flat out horrible. Between Tucker and picking up the Dallas idiot who cant coach ST worth a damn, has me worried.

  13. larryboodry says:
    Nov 24, 2013 9:06 PM

    How’s this…We did get beat, by a Rams team playing well.


    The Bears self-destructed when it mattered, in ways that had nothing to do with St. Louis’ play on the field.

    In the end, though, a loss is a loss is a loss, and being the better team on paper means squat.


    sounds like a colts fan from last week…

    every one wants to blame the opponent without giving credit to the Rams..

    “Oh it wasn’t the Rams defense that showed up – it was because Andre Luck didn’t”

    “The Bears defense just sucked” – riiigghhhtt….rams run all over the seahawks but yet it’s all about the defenses that “didn’t come to play” 4 games straight

  14. I’m totally convinced that my 2 yr old could take her hello kitty football and average 25 yards a game against my Bears defense.

    Trestman, please cut Conte, please! If the gm won’t let you, just fine him a game check every time he shows up on Sundays, that should take care of the issue. Remember that 10 people out on the field for defense is just as good (maybe better) then keeping Conte. OH yea, don’t bring Peppers back next year, he’s got nothing left. Thankfully the whole NFC north stinks right now.

  15. larryboodry says:
    Nov 24, 2013 7:09 PM
    That wasn’t humbling, that was pathetic, and hard to watch. Every time something good happened, the Bears insisted on shooting themselves in the foot…Hester’s return TD being a prime example, thanks to a penalty on Steltz.

    With our atrocious defense, and knack for stupid penalties, this team will be lucky to win 9 games regardless of who the quarterback is moving forward.
    McCown did what he could, but even his record setting day wasn’t enough.

    Great well maybe from now on then you can concentrate on posting about how horrible your team is as opposed to constantly trashing Detroit, a team that has beat you twice this season.

  16. @iced107:

    I gave the Rams credit for their recent play, and yes, your defense showed up big despite McCown and Marshall putting up nice stats.

    But nothing you guys did changes the fact that our defense IS atrocious (31st. in the league), or that Craig Steltz committed a penalty to wipe out Hester’s return TD, or that our offense took forever to score after getting 1st.-and-goal at the one. (That last one was partly your defense, and partly penalties.)

    So, in case my earlier post wasn’t clear on this…Kudos to the Rams for a good game, and derision to the Bears for playing like scrubs.

  17. @johnelwayishorsefaced:

    Not gonna argue with – or take seriously – someone who thinks a juvenile user name like yours makes you cool. If you actually read all my posts, you’d know that I have praised the Lions this year, despite not liking them.

  18. The Bears will be drafting a whole lot of Defense this May… Their defense is the worst its been in 15 years. Briggs,Melton, Tillman, Paea, out forever. Conte, Wright, Steltz and McClellan just plain suck. These dudes have no business in pro football.

  19. Then why, until the last 2 weeks, has it been all this Bear QB talk and why did Culter come back too early. I know that it’s a QB league these days but you can’t play any old group of 11 on D and win week in – week out.

  20. People need to understand that under the reign of Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith, defense was always the priority, year after year. The offense, for the mostpart, was second fiddle. They got away with it, because those defenses actually filled the gaps for those sub-par offenses by actually scoring points, almost on a regular basis. Here’s the truth…in this league, you have to be able to put up points, PERIOD! It’s an offensive league. Phil Emery knows that and is building this team around that concept. It’s going to be interesting to see what a competent GM and head coach can do now here in Chicago. They’re doing this thing right. It’s not going to be smooth, there’s growing pains involved, but what doesn’t have those things that is worthwhile?? NOTHING!

  21. I’m normally not the type to gripe about the refs, but that ref-frenzy excuse for a game was just disgusting to watch…as sickening as it was to watch a Bears “defense” that is about as stout as a cloud, what made it worse was the CONSTANT nit-picky flag dropping.

    I swear, those refs went out of their way to LOOK for penalties to call against the Bears- many of which were the very mild/just part of the game/happens on every play variety.

    I suspect they did in large part because of Jeff Fisher’s status on the Competition Comittee.

    What made it worse was all the obvious holding penalties being committed by the Rams offense on nearly every single play (runs, especially) – which were NEVER called.

    Yet the Bears got flagged if they even sniffled.

    I’m not taking anything away from the Rams here – they were clearly the better, more well-prepared team yesterday. They made more plays then the Bears did.

    But the Bears got the unfair bulk of penalty calls against them – minor, stupid (but game-changing) nonsense, while the Rams largely got a free pass.

    Good job refs – now you don’t have to worry about Jeff Fisher calling you out in Committee during the offseason.

    P.S. If Conte isn’t benched by season’s end, the respect I’ve gained for Trestman will be gone. ANYONE with half a brain can see what a godawful blundering liability he is.

  22. Here are the 4 main things that happened on Sunday in St. Louis:

    1) The Rams started of very well, the T. Austin Play on the first drive was impressive, hats off to Jeff Fisher.

    2)Trestman’s play call on 4 and 2 instead of letting Robbie kick it was the second time this season that play cost us the game. (main turning point in the game)

    3) The Refs were terrible. Some of the worst officiating I have ever seen.

    4)The Bears have no defense what so ever. Chris Conte is the worst safety to play the game, completely useless, he should be benched immediately.

    The Rams played a good football game, the Bears looked like they were playing shuffle board or something…..Ridiculously terrible football Bears!

  23. All this Conte nosie is so off base. I don’t think he is pro-bowl by a long shot but when your free safety is your leading tackler you got bigger problems than the safety position.

    This is the same road that we will be on as long as non-billionaires own the team. I’m not sure that Urlacher was worth more than 2 million per year but it certtainly looks different than it did before the season’s start when we said good-bye to him. We got Cutler and spent little on the rest of the team besides Peppers and Forte over the last 4 years. We might have gotten Reid but we spent alot less to get Trestman. All the tix are still sold for the Field and we aren’t at the same level as the Jags but that is not saying much.

  24. I like how all the excuses by you bear fans are that your defense is terrible….your right, it is terrible. You want a medal or something, come on man! The rams exploited your run defense which we all knew wouldn’t show up, but 258 yards come on man! Not to mention Robert Quinn hit McCown every other play….could’ve had 8 sacks alone that game if he was .2 seconds quicker. Glad to see he got the trifecta (sack/strip, FR, TD). Finally starting to gel as a team and get Tavon involved. Long story short….the better TEAM won in this game.


  25. LOL,

    funny to see all the Bear fans cry about the ref calls. I guess they missed that drive where they had 4 chances and 1st and goal only all because of penalties on the Rams. Must have missed that text book sack by Brokers only to get called for Roughing the Passer.

    Take that TD away and the Cubs, I mean Bears would probably have not even bothered posting here.

    Rams are for real and proved it again this week on Offense, Defense and Special Teams!!!!

  26. @ overrating goofy bandwagon fans: sb34champs, ramslam

    No one is taking anything away from your scrub team that won’t even make the playoffs. The Bears offense is 100 times more powerful than your Tavon Austin team. I would love to see you say anything if your entire defense was 2nd and 3rd stringers, wake up you won but get your ego in check. The Rams are in 3rd place under the Seahawks and Niners……hello. Bears are tied for first and still and have a better record than you, show some respect, don’t flip out and spaz cuz you know got lucky….

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