Broncos taking Patriots to the woodshed, 24-0

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Until it doesn’t happen, everyone is going to expect Tom Brady to mount a comeback.

But if he comes back from this one, he’ll be a legend.

The Patriots can’t do anything right, and trail the Broncos 24-0 at halftime.

In addition to six fumbles (three lost), the Patriots can’t keep guys on the field, with defensive backs in and out of the game and right tackle Marcus Cannon leaving with an ankle injury.

Meanwhile, the Broncos are winning because of their quick 17 points off turnovers, and their ability to run the ball. Knowshon Moreno has 107 yards on 18 carries at the break, which allowed them to thrive even with Peyton Manning throwing for 61 yards.

Manning is still making a few throws, including a dropping one into a tight spot to Jacob Tamme for a touchdown, but tonight’s going to be about how well they can run and grind the clock.

44 responses to “Broncos taking Patriots to the woodshed, 24-0

  1. They should have at least ran a 4 second pass play with 5 seconds left to take a shot at a FG. They had exactly the perfect amount of time to pull it off. The Bucs made this same mistake today against the Lions with 6 seconds left in the first half.

  2. The Patriots should acquire Richie Incognito to be captain of the running backs.

    Because those dudes all need some “playful” kicks to their nads.

  3. man the elements making 2 HOF QBs looking so poor tonight

    no better evidence of why judging QB by win-loss record is stupid than tonight’s game

  4. I like how if the score was reversed the first part of this article wouldn’t be:

    “Until it doesn’t happen, everyone is going to expect Peyton Manning to mount a comeback.

    But if he comes back from this one, he’ll be a legend.”

    Nah, it is never that. Somehow Teflon Tom is QB Jesus to the sports media.

    If New England somehow comes back then it’ll be the TEAM that does it not simply Brady. Obviously the defense will have to get some turnovers or quick stops to make it even feasible. The media of course ignores that and it’ll just be the power of Tommy as he is sitting on the bench which NBC is really having fun showing throughout this game like CBS ALWAYS DOES.

    Do viewers really care or want to see Brady sitting on the bench? Do these moron stations not have anything better to show? No other QB in the league or telecast history gets as much attention during a game. Why do these networks push this guy so much? He is not the most popular player in the league nor is he the best so why the push?

    Oh yeah I forgot…the power of Brady is the key and showing him being upset or indicating he must be upset is all the team needs. If Brady is upset and wants to win then lookout, it’ll happen since Brady can make anything he wants to happen! This explains why he is without a championship over the last 8 years…

  5. am i the only one watching this game? no qb can throw tonight with the winds. add to that the fact that each QB is getting up there in age and doesn’t have the same arm strength as some of the hot young qbs. thats why every pass is short and both teams are running even when the box is stacked with over 7 players. the broncos are only winning because the patriots cant hold onto the ball. its not even football at this point. please build a dome in foxboro soon, because this game is a joke.

  6. Hey Hoody! Instead of complete trust in a turd like Mcdaniels and a puppet Defensive Coordinator, Fire Mcdaniels and get an actual d coordinator who dosnt have to raise his hand every time he wants to speak to you or call a play!

  7. The Pats fans boo their team and then practically empty the stadium (watch the shots of the upper deck – almost no one there). Nice.

    Oh, and nice picks on their opening drive. But that can’t be because according to the Pats they never get any breaks from the refs.

  8. Hey it’s almost like the refs would of called PI if the ball was accurate………..reminds me of last week….but now it’s a good call.

  9. I love games like this…it’s only going to make the loss hurt that much more…kinda like last years game against 49ers I almost hope they tie it up

  10. t8ertot says:
    Nov 24, 2013 10:13 PM
    Why is it these overhyped prime time games always are one sided?


    You mean like last Monday nights game?

  11. grabgrabgrab says:
    Nov 24, 2013 10:06 PM
    sorry pats fans. pats have shown nothing with or without the wind tonight. there will be no comeback..

    Pats 28 Broncants 24. Denver wont come back! LOL LOL LOL

  12. You can always tell posters that either just started watching NFL football, or are just completely dumb. Yeah, games are totally over after a half. Especially with an hall of famer at QB for the team that is “out of it”. Go away, learn soccer…

  13. Well Brady does it again but I’m figuring all the Brady haters will say they cheated already seen a bellecheat comment but Brady still the better QB head to head

  14. I guess Tom Terrific IS a legend. All you haters can keep hoping your team gets a special guy like TB one of these days. Sure, maybe his best days are coming to an end, but he sure has been a great person to watch for a long time. You can say all you want about cheating, luck, or referee favoritism. He has given all fans, not just Pats fans, something to watch.
    That’s what legends are made of.

  15. Who but Bill Belichick would have the balls to win the toss, and defer the ball to Payton Manning in OT… Greatest. Coach. Ever.

  16. “grabgrabgrab says: Nov 24, 2013 10:06 PM

    sorry pats fans. pats have shown nothing with or without the wind tonight. there will be no comeback..”


  17. Tom already is a legend! He is the embodiment of the old Lombardi quote, “I have never lost a game, I just ran out of time.” If there is time on the clock chances are pretty good, Brady and the Pats are going to find a way to beat you.

  18. I’m not a fan of either of these teams but I have to say. Knowing the results of this game and reading the comments at the beginning of this thread… hilarious! Thanks for the laughs broncos fans, thank you.

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