Browns lose Jason Campbell on uncalled blow to head


When it rains, it pours for the Browns.

Cleveland lost a fumble, quarterback Jason Campbell, and quite likely the game after a play on which the Steelers weren’t penalized for a blow to Campbell’s head.

Pittsburgh’s William Gay came on a blitz and hit Campbell in the head, forcing him to fumble. It was a game-changing play reminiscent of the play on which Drew Brees was forced to fumble by San Francisco’s Ahmad Brooks last week — except last week the officials threw a flag on Brooks, and this week the officials let Gay get away with it.

The fumble set up a Steelers touchdown, and Campbell left the game with an apparent concussion. Brandon Weeden came in to replace him.

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  1. You are only eligible for the NFL’s platinum package of QB protection if you are a top 5 QB.

    Everyone else is on their own.

  2. The difference between the Brees penalty and the Campbell non-call has nothing to do with race. Nothing at all….

  3. Can you imagine the dramatic made for TV movie that Roethelsberger would put out if that happened to him?

  4. The irony of that is that a few years ago Jason Campbell graded out as the guy who benefitted from the most calls for roughing the passer.

  5. “It was a game-changing play reminiscent of the play on which Drew Brees was forced to fumble by San Francisco’s Ahmad Brooks last week..”

    Except, that, you know, Campbell actually got hit in the HEAD.

  6. Sorry to hear about Campbell going down. I always had a lot of respect for him, even after the raiders cut him. Had he stayed healthy, hue Jackson wouldn’t have thrown away draft picks for Palmer. Now there’s a QB I have zero respect for.

  7. Steeler fan here, and I agree gay will be fined. As for the penalty, it probably should have been called, but with this league and these refs I never know what they are going to call anymore. But I’ll take it, Ben gets hit all the time, and never gets the call. As an earlier poster stated, there are only about 5-6 QBs who consistently get the calls, everyone else you’re on your own.

  8. Here’s an idea. Let’s just pass out 32 Super Bowl trophies every year. That’s what today’s society wants anyway. Right? Soft competition.

  9. When the steelers come to town the browns should just throw the white flag in I mean they are just no match to the steelers remember when James Harrison slammed that brown fan LOL ” I hate the steelers” and he was crying

  10. Too bad for Campbell. It might have made a difference if Cleveland had A BLOCKER. Any good player might as well give up his career if he’s signed or drafted by Cleveland. Poor excuse for an NFL team.

  11. Wow, I am so sorry for Browns fans. Weeden is by far the dumbest QB I have seen in years. Who carries a ball like that?

    Im not a Browns fan but that offense is so bad (josh Gordon the exception) that it makes me want to drink.

  12. Perhaps he should have just smashed him in the nose like Ngata did on Ben? Oh wait, that was Steelers-Ravens – the way football is suppose to be played. I.e. With no skirts on the QBs.

  13. campbell hit in the face. cam helmet to the mouth. Kaepernick tackled by the facemask and neck in the (drew brees/ahmad brooks game*). no calls. watching vick over his career and Kaepernick this season, I’ve seen no evidence that the refs are trying to protect black quarterbacks the way they overly protect the white ones. this coming from a white guy, who is frustrated and embarrassed for the nfl, who is ruining the sport i love.

  14. The game showed in my area there were quite a few questionable calls. That is the NFL today. Only three QB’s get all the protection in a game ,we all see it. Just look at Brady on national TV running down the refs and berating them along with the F word. Was ok by Gödel for freedom of speech, a new rule in place this week.

  15. A list of things I knew and didn’t before the season…

    Things I knew before the season Mr. Banner did not
    1) You cannot run the ball with the guys we kept.
    2) You cannot run the ball with out a fullback (See L. Vickers)
    3) You cannot pass the ball without a running threat.
    4) You cannot pass the ball without a quality QB.
    5) Special teams can win games but not if you do not have special players. (See Cribbs, Benjamin and Dawson)
    6) Gregg Little cannot catch consistently

    Things I did not know Before the season
    1) Th NFL is all about protecting the QB, If a QB slides you cannot touch him, Unless he wears an orange Helmet. (See Hoyer)
    2) You cannot brush a QB on the helmet, but if he has an orange helmet a right cross to the chin is allowed. (See J.Campbell)
    3) Safety is the most important thing for the integrity of the league, street violence is not allowed, unless you have an orange helmet where as you can be openly choked with 2 hands. (See Gregg Little)
    4) You cannot tackle or knock down a receiver while the ball is in the air, unless they are a tight end wearing an orange helmet.

    Just a few things

  16. Cleveland is where high draft quarterbacks go to disappear. Best wishes for Campbell, but for his own safety he should get out of Cleveland.

  17. That was a obvious penalty. Blow to the head, face mask. Caused the fumble and a return to the 5 yard line. The penalty should have been called for ruffing the passer and got the ball back and 15 yards. Changed the whole outcome of the game from there on.

  18. 7k fine for Matthews slamming Kaepernick’s head 5 yards out of bounds + throwing two punches.

    15k fine for Brooks tackling Brees around the jersey.

    that’s all you need to know.

  19. I keep watching the play, and see something different than what is reported here.

    When Gay gets to Campbell, the “right cross” was actually an open-handed slap from the left hand, and doesn’t seem all that violent.

    I DO see Campbell’s head slam into the hard-as-a-rock turf after the play, which is where I will bet he got his concussion.

    Not going to argue the penalty either way as it is over, but after reviewing the play several times, it really does look like the fall did the damage, not the slap.

  20. Listen, was it a blown no-call by the ref, yes.

    In other news, as a browns fan, the steelers came in and knocked the browns out from the get go, so fellow browns fans lets stop talking about the no-call and start talking about how badly preparred the team was for this game. The front office has known that Campbell was banged up and has a history of injuries, but has yet to bring in another reserve QB to learn the offense, in case Jason went down again. Enter WEEEDEN. Was Weeden terrible per usual yesterday, yes. However, I dont think he is 100% to blame for yesterday. He came in on a 3rd down situation, put a pass right there for Cameron that would have given the Browns the 1st down, but Cameron drops the ball. Next possession, he threw a couple more good balls, and Little drops a pass that could have gotten a 1st down.

    Lets hope for the fan’s sake that Jason is ok and that the front office brings in another QB this week to play out the season. It would take a miracle and a half for them to get back into playoff contention now. For the city’s sake and for his safety, Weeden cannot see the field in Cleveland again this year.

    Re-focus, get everything together, show some heart and go out and finish the season strong Brownies. I really hope they dont tank for the rest of the season to get a better draft position. There is a chance to kill some playoff hopes for other teams here, especially the Steelers in week 17.

  21. William Gay did strike the helmet. Qb did duck so if he does not get fined that would be the only reason. He was coming off of a corner blitz at full speed.

  22. Roethlisberger IS A TOP 5 QB! So are
    Manning,Brady,Brees,Rodgers. The difference being #7 has NEVER had half the protection (both offensive line and the officials) of any if the other 4 on the list.
    Look at it this way…. 1 mechanic has $1,000s of dollars worth of tools and a nice heated shop. The other has a screwdriver,crescent wrench and duct tape. #1 breaks down and calls a tow truck. #2 gets that thing running, might take a few, but in the end the mechanic without all the tools is CLEARLY the BEST. GO PITTSBURGH!!!!

  23. Speaking as a lifelong (60+ yrs) Browns fan.

    Yes, I questioned the play but hope the league office can work that out. The game was over by then. (I hope Campbell is okay though)

    Yes, the officiating has gotten worse since the last contract. (Maybe they did keep some of the scabs.)

    However, the game was over after the 1st qtr. While the defense busted their butts once again, and once again the Norv’d offense looked pathetic.

    After watching the right side of the line get blown back all season long, it seemed like we were playing with no LG yesterday. What the Hell is going on with the O-line? Who’s “coaching” these guys?

    Maybe Banner could find some O-line help from the linerie league?

  24. Watched in real time gays hit initially did not look as like a blow to the head.

    Watched in real time last week Brooks hit looked worse than it actually was.

  25. When the penalty was called for Brees, the entire NFL community unleashed a sh*tstorm of criticism of the refs and the quarterback (who was bleeding from the mouth directly after the hit) saying that the call was a mistake.

    When the refs don’t repeat the call (Matt Ryan’s facemask, Jason Campbell), the NFL community is up in arms again saying that it should have been called.

    Which is it? Is it a call if a QB gets hit in the head (which is usually what causes a mouth to bleed) or is it a non-call? If the NFL analysts, players, and fans can’t get it right after weeks of review and argument, how are the refs supposed to know in the moment?

    BTW, I am a Saints fan and I think the refs blew the Ryan facemask call. Maybe we can blame that on the backlash they got for calling the penalty on Brooks.

    Let’s ask Ray Lewis for his thoughts. . .

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