Champ Bailey making progress, but may not play tonight

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Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey may not play tonight against the Patriots, as he continues to recover from a foot injury.

I got a good week of practice in, feel pretty confident about going forward,” Bailey said. “I just need to make sure I’m all the way there, mentally and physically.”

But Bailey, who has played in only two games this season, is listed as questionable and said he won’t know until he gets on the field for pregame warmups if he’s ready to go.

“You just don’t want to say ‘I’m going’ or say ‘I’m not.’ It’s really just about getting on that turf, working out and seeing how it feels,” he said.

At age 35 and dealing with a nagging injury, Bailey may never be the same player he was in his prime. But whatever Bailey has left, the Broncos would love to get it on the field.

9 responses to “Champ Bailey making progress, but may not play tonight

  1. The Broncs are better off without him. He’s been getting beat a lot since game three last year. Not for tD’s but first downs.

    Even though he’s had a long and very successful career, it’s time for this dinosaur to retire.

  2. Would love to have Champ back, but DRC was the steal if free agency and Chris Harris is the most under rated CB in the NFL. The Broncos biggest issue is depth. Hopefully Von Miller and Phillips can get to Brady a few times to throw off his rhythm. It’s going to be a great game. Can’t wait to watch.

  3. If he was up to his old standards assuming his lack of production since last year may have been caused by undisclosed injuries, he certainly would be a huge addition to the Broncos secondary. The Patriots have not done so bad after losing the defensive excellance and power and force of veteran stallwards like Wilfork, Kelly, Mayo. Hopefully for the Patriots, the walking wounded Aqib, Dennard, and Arrington can do anything to slow the Manning airial attack to maybe just 20 or 30 points. Oh yeah Tom Brady might be able to get something going if they all don’t freeze their asses off. The refs will have to be on their toes tonight, thats for sure. We may see a lot of running tonight, not easy throwing rock hard footballs into 35 mile an hour wind gusts with a wind chill factor around zero. Good luck to all those fans trying to keep warm

  4. Hilarious. You people are insane. Statistically and skill wise he was one of the best corners last season. He has ONE bad game and you people throw him under the bus. Right now he is dealing with the same injury that ended the season of our all pro left tackle Ryan Clady. Give him a break, he’ll be back to shut up the naysayers.

  5. I`m not sure why steeler fans are always knocking other teams when they are light years from being perfect!

    And as far as Champ Bailey goes……Does the word Retirement mean anything????

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