Dolphins up 16-6 at halftime over streaking Panthers


It’s easy to call it a trap game. A more accurate portrayal would be the Dolphins are simply playing better than the Panthers at the moment.

The Dolphins are up 16-6 at the half, making the Panthers look like anything but a team on a six-game winning streak.

The Panthers weaknesses are being exposed at once, as they don’t have the personnel to cover the deep passing game or protect their quarterback.

They’ve allowed quarterback Cam Newton to be sacked twice and pressured often, and have opened the door for Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace to be a factor for nearly the first time this season.

Wallace has 110 yards on two catches, as the Panthers don’t have anyone in their secondary who can cover him alone. The Dolphins haven’t been able to take advantage of Wallace often this year, but today, he’s earning his money.

7 responses to “Dolphins up 16-6 at halftime over streaking Panthers

  1. And Luke Kuechly should have been flagged in the end zone for a personal foul (helmet to helmet against a defenseless receiver), the flag was thrown, picked up, and little explanation other than their was no foul was provided. And you won’t hear a week or two of crying about it. (Cam Wake also got away with roughing the passer earlier in the game, on the other side.)

  2. Score should have been 20-3 at the half but the officials picked up a flag in the end zone AGAIN, forcing Miami to a FG and given Carolina time to get a FG. 10 point swing, just wrong! And I thought every possible TD or TD was automatically reviewed in the final 2 minutes of the half and game??

  3. That panthers secondary is getting exposed just like people said they would. The panthers pass rush can’t get there against that dolphins oline missing three starters while cam has been harassed all day and sacked. Should have been thinking about Miami instead of New Orleans.

  4. These officials are inconsistent again. There should have been a PF on Wake for helmet to helmet on Cam Newton. They also picked up the flag on an obvious defenseless receiver helmet to helmet in the end zone on Miami last drive of the half. So much for the lengthy explanations. All he said was the typical “There is no foul…”

  5. You can tell this team was on an adrenaline high of all adrenaline highs against the Patriots, because this isn’t even close to the same team I saw last Monday right now.

    I know the Patriots defensive line is lacking, especially the secondary, but they are no slouches either, and they couldn’t catch Cam for their lives. This week, he’s ran, what, once? Twice?

    I guess thats what you get a in game when neither quarterback misses more than a single pass in a drive for the first 3 quarters. Adrenaline is a hell of a drug.

  6. Officials aren’t kiing the dolphins. When you can’t put the ball in the endzone you don’t win many games. Way too many chances. They have a good defense but not that good to only kick field goals.

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