Dropping appeal helps Seahawks now, Thurmond later


Last year, Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner dropped an appeal of a four-game suspension at a time when Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was facing a four-game suspension.  The thinking at the time was that Browner’s decision ensured that the Seahawks wouldn’t have to play a game with both players missing.

This year, Seahawks cornerback Walter Thurmond has opted to drop his appeal of a four-game suspension.  On the surface, it makes sense, given that the Seahawks would prefer to lose Thurmond for the final month of the regular season instead of the only month of the postseason.  But with Browner expected to miss another four to six weeks with a groin injury and Thurmond starting in his absence, there’s an argument to be made that it’s better to have Thurmond around until Browner can come back.

As we understand it, the decision came from a desire to get the suspension served before the postseason, regardless of Browner’s absence.

It’s still a bit odd that the Seahawks and Thurmond opted to take the medicine now, given that five games remain in the regular season and the next one entails a visit from the Saints.  Thurmond could have, and arguably should have, dropped the appeal after the game against the Saints.

It’s also good for Thurmond personally to serve the suspension now.  He’s due to become a free agent after the season.  If a four-game suspension had been pending in the offseason, Thurmond would have had a much harder time getting paid.

Under this approach, Thurmond will take the suspension, lose $148,000 in base salary, possibly forfeit some signing bonus money from his fourth-round rookie contract, and then play in January, when 20 teams and counting will be home preparing their shopping lists for the coming free-agency spending spree.

18 responses to “Dropping appeal helps Seahawks now, Thurmond later

  1. Is there anybody on that team from Alaska that doesn’t cheat?

    This really is Pete Carroll’s team.


  2. The seahawks don’t lead the NFL in suspensions. Yes weed is legal but c’mon dumba$$ you are playing for a contract both you and browner are the two prized cbs coming out into free agency according to many teams.

    That means your looking at a large deal, don’t be stupid man. All you got to do is lay off pipe for a few months. . The redskins lead the NFL in suspensions. But this is stupid to Hawks been on a roll, weed wasn’t as important as your paycheck or team.

    I personally know almost half of all NFL players smoke. At least be smart about it. Everyone does it.

  3. Seahawks don’t really care about delaying Thurmond’s suspension because Seattle’s 3rd-stringer Jeremy Lane is as good as Thurmond. The Seahawks are that deep. Our 3rd-string back, Christine Michaels, can pick up 100 yards rushing in any game if he could play.

    I’m sure every team has pot smokers and worse….your point?

  4. The twist here for hawk fans is that browner and thurm
    ond will be available for post season play as in an insurance policy. this will give our depth playing time and like last year it was a nice beny giving lane and max experience and making the legion of boom deep. look for 6-2 220lb 25yr old cb DeShawn Shead to come up off the practice squad. hes a Cam sized hitter and is good in press.

  5. Don’t blame Thurmond guys, with all the PED’s being passed around in Seattles locker room, someone was bound to get a bit of “Contact high”

  6. Any appeal might have been based on the fact it’s possible to catch a good contact buzz just walking down Occidental before gametime.

    If the NFL knew how much of their fanbase were sitting at home with a bong on the table, they’d change their stance on the Evil Weed very, very quickly.

  7. It’s so funny how many beaten down trolls come back out and spout their PED stupidity after being crushed all season by Hawk fans. Just a bunch of lames trying to justify why their team isn’t relevant. If weed is a PED, I’m about to go work on my 40 time here in a bit…lol.

  8. It is a dumb move an an equally dumb look. With that stated he hurt his own chance most because he is a free agent. He would be a starter with many other orgs… He will be got now for less money.

    Seattle has done well in drafting diamonds in the rough… However, they are faced with managing some very damaging player behaviors. It’s all about risks versus rewards and right now these little issues will be managed.

    He, in the end, will have to pay the consequences.

  9. Pot is not a ped all pot does is get you laid back and lazy and hungry when you smoke it no way does that enhance your playing on the field and anyone that thinks different has never smoked pot!

  10. Half the people I do business with smoke, they all have scripts and from what I can tell there’s not a dam thing wrong with them. You guys gotta expect some flack for it. What else can people bring up with a 10-1 team. Now hopefully the devastating loss of yr nickel back wi cause your team to lose out

  11. Why doesn’t Thurmond appeal until after the Saints game, and then drop his appeal? Then he would serve weeks 14-17 on suspension, and be back for the playoffs. It would be stupid if the Hawks don’t do it that way. We need him more against the Saints next week than we do in week 17 against the Rams!

  12. Beast mode…

    There is no excuses. Other teams are other teams. The Hawks are the Hawks. As stated, risks and rewards dictate how a business is ran. These are the risks of pulling diamonds out. They may not have the character and sense of responsibility to avoid these types of issues.

    Choirboy Russell Wilson has a ton of character but he was perceived to lack the physical gifts necessary… He is looking more and more like the biggest steal in Hawks history.

    At the end of the day, some players will treat this as a show, others will treat it as a profession. It takes maturity to balance both.

  13. Weed is legal now, so I am somewhat surprised that this can even be the penalty the NFL wants to impose. I realize they can have their own rules, but typically those rules are predicated on local laws.

    If you other fans don’t think your team has pot smokers on it, you need a reality check.

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