Ed Reed gets beat deep and the rout is on in Baltimore

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Ed Reed has made plenty of quarterbacks pay for hanging balls up over the middle of the field in Baltimore over the years.

He couldn’t make Joe Flacco pay for it on Sunday, however. Jacoby Jones ran right by Reed and the veteran safety couldn’t adjust to Flacco’s throw in time to stop a 66-yard touchdown that put the Ravens ahead of the Jets by a 19-3 count at the end of the third quarter.

The Jets have struggled to stop the deep ball all season, but Reed’s arrival hasn’t helped. They were ripped apart deep by the Bills last weekend and Flacco has a 60-yard pass to Torrey Smith to go with the touchdown to Jones in the second half.

That should be plenty for the Ravens to wind up with their fifth win of the season. The Jets offense has produced nothing of note on the afternoon and quarterback Geno Smith continues to look overwhelmed by the task at hand. It’s not all on him as the Jets’ supporting offensive cast offers very little, but it’s probably not time to stop looking for a franchise quarterback with the Jets.

16 responses to “Ed Reed gets beat deep and the rout is on in Baltimore

  1. Even though, according to Ed, Wade Phillips was the cause of his departure from Houston, it appears as though, if this is true, Wade was correct in his assessment…Your move, Rex. Perhaps Ray-Ray needs a teammate in the booth to help him with his grammar during his on-air appearances.

  2. Stick a fork in the player formerly known as Ed Reed. Last year was nothing but a money grab. Can’t blame him though. Not the paler ya get discarded in this league.

  3. A single play in a game involving two other team perfectly reveals the vast cosmic joke that has been and continues to be played on Houston football fans.

  4. Still despondent about his “choosing” the Jets over the Pats. We certainly don’t need old man Ed to get torched by Peyton tonight.

  5. Not against the 2013 New York Jets.

    Andy Dalton vs. 2013 Jets:
    325 yards – 5 td – 1 int – 125 QB rating

    Mediocre Joe vs. 2013 Jets:
    273 yards – 1 td – 1 int – 97 QB rating

  6. Ed also saved a touchdown with a great, clean hit that knocked the ball right out of Jacoby Jones’ hands, but you don’t mention that because it doesn’t fit your contrived narrative.

  7. And doctor rust belt has crawled out from under his bridge to insult a Super Bowl winning quarter back for his third year qb who, should he not finally put up a w in the playoffs, will most likely be replaced midway next season.

    But let’s answer some of these questions he raises.

    1.) even if joes career accomplishment was achieved today (which we all know is preposterous, though I guess regular season wins must count for something if you’re a bengals fan) what achievement would you say dalton has? A Hail Mary going off a safties hands into an greens?

    2.) keep clinging to stats except the one that matters, W’s. Dalton and joe’s teams both beat the jets, but when it counts Dalton’s team hasn’t won a playoff game since George H. W. Bush was in his first year of the presidency whereas Joe and his team just got done visiting mr. Obama

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