Giants penalties help Cowboys extend lead


Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley fumbled and the Giants had a chance to grab momentum in the third quarter when the ball found its way into the hands of safety Will Hill.

Or so they thought. Defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka was penalized for roughing Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo on the play, handing the Cowboys 15 yards and negating the turnover that would have given the Giants the ball down a score. It was the kind of hit that launches a million angry tweets about the state of the game of football, similar to 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks’ hit on Saints quarterback Drew Brees last week, but it’s a call we should all be accustomed to seeing at this point.

Coach Tom Coughlin threw his challenge flag for some reason at the end of the play, but there was nothing to challenge and the Cowboys would hold onto the ball. The Giants weren’t charged a timeout, but they should have been according to former NFL vice president of officiating Mike Periera.

The same goes for safeties drilling running backs once they are out of bounds, something Antrel Rolle did to DeMarco Murray one snap later to set the Cowboys up inside the six-yard line. Romo found Jason Witten for a touchdown and the Cowboys now lead 21-6 at the Meadowlands.

9 responses to “Giants penalties help Cowboys extend lead

  1. Jason Campbell disagrees with your statement about us being accustomed to seeing that kind of call.

    Or at least he would disagree if he wasnt still recovering from being knocked senseless by a blow to the head that apparently didnt warrant a flag…

  2. A loss today would mean the ultimate nightmare season for the Giants. No chance at the playoffs, and screwed up a high draft pick with four straight garbage wins.

  3. This is getting comical! And now the giants just got a TD because no one touched Myers after he caught the ball and went to the turf! My Eagles are definitely the only team in the division playing good football right now.


  4. Oh please, dont come to me whining about how the GStrings lost because of OFFICIATING. Lest you forget the ticky tack garbage that gave them the ball back after losing it in a fumble, the ridiculous “illegal hands” penalty when a NY receiver slipped and fell in the vicinity of Brandon Carr that extended a drive that ended in a FG or the non-review on a catch made by Dez at the 5 YL. Officiating screwed over the Cowboys royally in this game as well(and I would argue much more than it did NY).

  5. G-strings? What are you, 13? You eked out a game where the Giants beat themselves, had a forward progress play that should have been stopped turn into a touchdown, and a turnover overturned by a roughing penalty. What has Dallas done this year? Gotten a few less bad breaks than the Giants, still not going anywhere.

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