Officials erred on Monday night, in another way

Regardless of whether the officials blew the call at the end of Monday night’s game between the Panthers and Patriots (and the debate continues), it’s clear that someone screwed up after the Panthers scored the go-ahead touchdown.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the clock operator allowed an extra four seconds to elapse after Carolina receiver Ted Ginn’s touchdown reception.

Apart from the clock operator doing it, the officials failed to notice it.

But while it’s easy to assume that the Patriots would have had an extra four seconds on their final play simply because they had it at the start of their final drive, it would be impossible to know what would have happened at the end of the drive if there had been an extra four seconds at the beginning.

It’s still not a good look for the NFL, and it’d be interesting to know how often that happens in games with final outcomes that aren’t scrutinized as heavily as the outcome of Monday night’s game was scrutinized.

25 responses to “Officials erred on Monday night, in another way

  1. I bet one of them sped to the game. And I’m almost positive that a couple of them didn’t tip 20% at dinner earlier.

    Let’s make sure we point out EVERY error. Because they are robots. We need to fix them.

  2. The REAL STORY is how desperate the low character murderer drafting new england patriots and their fans are for favorable calls like the old days.

    Times have changed since you drafted a murderer.

  3. Our we going to pretend that timekeepers aren’t routinely off by a few seconds by the end of the game in every game?

  4. What would have happened with those 4 seconds? Well probably a kneeldown by Cam after that Brady INT int he endzone

  5. it happens often, usually in favor of home teams. either clock doesn’t start when its supposed too, or a couple extra seconds run off after the play.

  6. the only way carolina really won that game was for the refs and the clock operator to help them. they are a good team, but not that good.

  7. All this outrage against the officials is misplaced on the site that led the charge to bring them back during their labor dispute.

  8. I’d noticed that at the time and thought to myself that it’s nice to have ‘home field advantage’.

    The NFL needs to have its own people controlling the stadiums on game day. Don’t let the home team control that stuff.

  9. I actually noticed that all the time in the Niners game which I scrutinize everyone every minute and when I see the officials let time run off the clock drives me nuts and it happens every single game there needs to be a better handling off the clock all game long because so many games come to the final play

  10. That just means there would have been a couple seconds left on the clock after the Panthers picked it. Been a week now it’s time to move on. Panthers won, and the Patriots didn’t.

  11. It’d be interesting how much time, in an average game anywhere at anytime, and really in any sport, how much time accumulates due to a slow (or fast) handed clock operator during a game.

    4 seconds ticking away later in a game in likley noticeable as more people are paying attention, but I bet in the first quarter no one noticed the clock operator letting it run an extra 3 or 4 as he was busy drinking coffee or whatever.

    There’s an average of 65-70 plays per team, per NFL game, according stats sites. Even if its a missed 1 second off the clock every 5 plays, that’s 28 seconds accumulated over the course of the game.

  12. Clock errors happen in every game and in half of them, far more egregious than that one. Watch closely and you will see. It doesn’t become more important just because the Pats and Brady are involved.

  13. If this was the other way round, no one here would be debating “kneedown or not know what wouldve happened”. People will be screaming of their high horse about cheating…

  14. Most Patriots fan noticed it the moment it happened. I was hoping after they confirmed the TD they would adjust the clock.

    The clock operated also needlessly and perhaps malicious erased 2-3 more seconds of play during the final drive when the clock should have stopped.

  15. I think the officials did the correct thing and got the game over when they should have, if the Patriots would have scored at the first few minutes of the game, the Refs might have given that to them but they did call it right, now move on and forget it. We have more to think about besides Bradey crying on the sidelines..

  16. But seriously – no point in pats fans complaining about it because their team benefitted from the same thing in a much bigger game:

    Adam Vinatieri kicks the field goal to break a 17-17 tie in the Super Bowl… and the 2 seconds that were clearly left after it went through the uprights were mysteriously run off.

    Not likely the Rams would have done something with the ensuing kickoff but stranger things have happened. See Miracle, Music City….

  17. They made up for it on the final drive. I was there and too excited when Ginn scored to notice, but i deff noticed when the clock stopped ticking for a couple seconds later. this makes sense now

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