Officials receive “strong reminder” to explain unusual situations

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In the aftermath of Monday night’s Patriots-Panthers games, the obvious question is whether the NFL will make any changes.

The most immediate change involves no change at all.

Per a league source, officials have received a “strong reminder” to explain unusual situations via the microphone provided to each referee (i.e., the guy in the white hat).

The league previously has acknowledged to PFT that referee Clete Blakeman “absolutely” should have said more to explain the decision to pick up a flag that had been thrown for pass interference.

The league also has informed the officiating supervisors that, when an unusual call or non-call happens at the end of a game, an explanation should be obtained from the referee and provided to the coach who was on the wrong end of the call or non-call.  The league prefers that the explanation not be provided by the referee on the field, in the presence of dozens of cameras and microphones and players who may be inclined to drop an “F” bomb or three.

10 responses to “Officials receive “strong reminder” to explain unusual situations

  1. Start fining referees for screwing up or fire someone and send a message. These guys get paid like doctors and screw up as much as they want with no consequences. “Oh well, not my problem” should be on every refs shirt because that seems to be their motto this year.

  2. I hope everyone enjoyed the Steelers’ brief moment of struggles because it is over. Every year it is the same story: Steeler start slow and finish strong. This year it is no different.

    Remember after starting 0-4 we said the Steelers will go on a 10-2 streak? Well now we stand at 5-6 (I know it’s the second quarter; we already won) with that streak still alive, and we’re in the race for the division.

    Why are you jealous? Is it the trophy case? Is it the historic moments? The confetti bathing? What? What did we do to you other than have unequaled success since the beginning of the Super Bowl era?

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are on the march. No one wants to see us along this march. And the final march will be the parade through Pittsburgh.

    Aaaand we march.

  3. I think they called the right Call, Believe me when I travelled the carnival for 8 years I know how people treat each other! It’s not very nice! Try to do their jobs,and feel their stress from the crowd! Go try to Be a Ref! I Dare You!

  4. Didn’t help. Luke Kuechly flagged again in the endzone, flag picked up, no explanation.

    The refs obviously do not respect Dean Blandino and vice versa. Blandino needs to go.

  5. Looked like the crew officiating the Miami-Carolina game missed the memo. Picking that flag up after that Miami receiver got blasted helmet to helmet and offering no explanation?

    Even the announcers were baffled.

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