Orlando Scandrick: Giants talked too much heading into game


Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul promised that blood would be spilled when the Giants and the Cowboys met on Sunday and cornerback Terrell Thomas said there was “no doubt” in his mind that the Giants would emerge victorious.

Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick made note of both those comments this week and referenced them during his meeting with the media after the Cowboys’ 24-21 victory. He said Thomas should “just play” instead of talking like that and wondered where Pierre-Paul was on Sunday.

“Jason Pierre-Paul was like, ‘There will be bloodshed.’ C’mon, man,” Scandrick said, via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post. “Did he even have a stat on the final stat sheet?”

JPP did have one tackle, but Scandrick was just getting warmed up. He took Mike Ditka to task for saying on ESPN that the Cowboys had no one who could cover Victor Cruz and said he had no “earthly idea” why a “great coach” like Tom Coughlin would allow his team to talk so much heading into the game.

“Never in my life have I heard a 4-6 team talk like that,” Scandrick said. “Talk, talk, talk. We had a better record and didn’t talk.”

Scandrick may not have talked during the week before the game, but he certainly knows how to get the last word.

64 responses to “Orlando Scandrick: Giants talked too much heading into game

  1. The Giants did their best to make sure there was bloodshed through a slew of late hits, arm swings to heads, pushing and shoving, and a neck-wrap tackle post-throw on Romo. They played with as little class as they showed leading up to the game.

  2. The only way this could be more fun for us non-New Yorkers, is if Eli had been talking trash worse than Thomas & JPP…

  3. A wise man is superior to any insults which can be put upon him, and the best reply to unseemly behavior is patience and moderation.

  4. Or maybe Scandrick was too afraid to trash talk before hand because he wasn’t comfortable with his team heading into a 4 win streak giants team. Bet he feels good trash talking now that he won. Napolean Dynamite and the hot fire eagles will run this team out of Dallas at the end of the season.

  5. Let the man talk, he had a great game.

    On the other hand, Morris Claiborne was worthless and Bruce Carter was slightly above worthless. Also I think the Cowboys are setting a league record for games missed due to hammy injuries. I know it’s not Mike Woicik and his six Super Bowl rings, must be something they’re doing in practice.

  6. Talking trash before a game is easy. Eagles players and fans have an intimate knowledge of that. Then comes game day and you’re too busy swallowing teeth to talk.

  7. So does John Mara have the officials in his back pocket ? The score once again would’ve been more if the Giants were not saved on some calls .. Cruz falls down and cowboys get blamed for illegal hands , lol .. on a BACK 2 BACK turnover .

  8. Don’t remember Scandrick talking after the Saints game, I guess he was just showing everyone how classy he is.

  9. 1rockyracoon says: Nov 24, 2013 10:08 PM

    Will the giants end up losing 10 or 11 games this year?

    Lead pipe lock pick: Dallas STILL failing to make the playoffs despite being spotted 4 games by everyone in the division.

  10. Nicks was out? Really? That’s your excuse? Dallas has guys on the O line and at Line Backer that were on their couches 4 weeks ago and Nicks was out is your excuse. LOL

  11. As a Giant fan, I hated the pre-game trash talk. Whatever happened to “talk is cheap, play the game”. That said Orlando, ever won a playoff game?

  12. tell em scandrick. you are saying what we are all thinking. the giants beat nothing but bad teams with backup quarterbacks and decide its time to start talking trash, and what does the media do? agree with them. glad to see the cowboys step up and shut everyone up for at least a week.

  13. Cowboys were missing some players, too. Sean Lee is a bigger loss than Nicks and they have gone through 13-14 defensive linemen this season but I guess they didn’t need those guys to go into MetLife Stadium and get a win.

  14. bitw44 says: Nov 24, 2013 10:02 PM

    “Congrats, you beat a bad team. Now continue doing what you were doing and giving up 30+ points every week”

    Ahhhhhh. Obviously you need some zinc for the diaper rash and butt-hurt you are experiencing.

    Mr. Wright 212,

    “Lead pipe lock pick: Dallas STILL failing to make the playoffs despite being spotted 4 games by everyone in the division.”

    Didn’t you learn anything from Terrell Thomas or JPP opening their mouths? And by the way, it was Romo and Bailey who beat the Giants with a very solid drive to kick the winning FG. Let’s give credit where credit is due. Haters will hate – it is what they/you do.

  15. Mr Wright,

    BTW, I have seen you on many Cowboys posts hating on them with little substance. How is that humble pie tasting 4 days before Thanksgiving, anyway?

  16. Mr Wright still trash talking after his team lost, making excuses and justifying a Cowboys victory with trite and cliched speculations about the Cowboys playoff hopes.

    Nicks didn’t play, you’re right, but what is your point? Nicks is a shell of his former self this year. Not to mention Dallas as a whole is far more banged up, specifically 2 starting LBs including their best all around defensive player in Sean Lee. But I suppose Dallas injuries don’t count, right?

    All this whining and excuse making from Giants fans, you’d think they were Jets fans.

  17. Lifelong Giants fan here, and I cant argue one word Scandrick said. Someone on this team is always running their mouth from week to week, and for a coach that espouses discipline, it makes no sense, especially when they rarely back any of it up.

  18. norcalmafia says:
    Nov 24, 2013 9:34 PM
    Giants arent that good and the Cowboys barely beat them…End of story

    bitw44 says:
    Nov 24, 2013 10:02 PM
    Congrats, you beat a bad team. Now continue doing what you were doing and giving up 30+ points every week.


    This isn’t the NCAA and the BCS, a “W” is a “W”.

  19. Scandrick shouldn’t say a word. When the Defense allows a player to tumble down to the ground, get up and bounce into the end zone for a touchdown…perhaps, it’s best to just take the win and leave it at that.

    Not happy at all with how Garrett runs the game either. Passing when they should be running, running when the logical thing is to pass. Moving away from what is working…it was an interesting game.

  20. Mr Wright 212,

    Scandrick shut down Salsa boy. Don’t even tell me he didn’t do anything. his second catch was made against zone defense. He was on lock down all night. Don’t give me excuses about Nicks not playing. Has even had a TD this year? And you act like he would have done something.

  21. Cowboys fans… Please don’t fail to show up on this site in December and January – when your team fails after having a 4 game lead in the division. Your team barely beat a terrible Giants team… That in itself is more pathetic then the Giants running their mouth.

  22. Forget about the trash talking – I can’t believe that a disciplined coach like Tom Coughlin would allow his players to be so un-disciplined and commit so many personal fouls (including a couple that were missed by the officials).

    Coughlin is quick to bench a player for fumbling the ball so that they learn a lesson. Maybe he needs to do the same for personal foul penalties. Although if he’d done that last night, I’m not sure how many starters he would have had left…

  23. bendover09 says: Nov 24, 2013 9:56 PM

    So does John Mara have the officials in his back pocket ? The score once again would’ve been more if the Giants were not saved on some calls .. Cruz falls down and cowboys get blamed for illegal hands , lol .. on a BACK 2 BACK turnover .

    Lol. this coming from the free touchdown off the cruz fumble that should’ve been blown dead. 2 free gifts of 15 yards one the one TD drive. As usual, the ‘girls were holding all game and none of it got called.

    Oh and the free 15 yards for roughing the QB was bs. He hit him legally, and Romo was trying to manuever out of it, so he held on. His arm went around his throat and that was it.

    ‘Girls are going to get trounced by the Eagles and not make the playoffs again and Jerruh won’t know what to do.

  24. Well, the Giants are done now. It should come down to Philly and Dallas in week 17. Both teams should be 7-6 or 8-7, and that game should determine who will host a first round playoff game. As an Eagles fan, I cannot stand the Cowboys, but look forward to an intense game. I am just glad the game is in Dallas, because Philly has only won 1 or their last 11 at home. I fully expect Foles to play a lot better than he did earlier this year when he had the injured groin.

  25. arlingtonsynn says:
    Nov 24, 2013 10:26 PM
    Watching the NFC East is like owning an ant farm.

    It’s fun to watch them eat each other’s heads.
    Totally agree. The NFC East and North winners are going to get completely torched at home by the 2 wild card teams.

  26. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Nov 24, 2013 10:50 PM
    He acts like Dallas did something. Giants beat themselves again, and Nicks was out.

    All week you talked smack about why Dallas was going to lose, your arguments speculative in nature, and now that your Giants lost you still talk trash and use those as your excuses for why? Please.

    1)Nicks being hurt is irrelevant, because Nicks himself has been largely irrelevant this year. Dallas was more banged up (which you were the first to point out leading up to this game) including missing their best all around defender Sean Lee. I suppose that doesnt count though, right?

    2) Giants ‘beat themselves again’ is not a usable excuse. Had the Giants won, Dallas could have made the same argument about themselves. In fact, in nearly all close games, the loser can always point to mistakes and say ‘we beat ourselves’ while the winner always could have done the same had the results been reversed. You also use the word again. When you have to use the word again in reference to a team beating themselves, it means they arent good and probably didnt deserve to win, because good teams always find a way to close (take New England for example). Saying “we beat ourselves” is a crutch for the talentless to make themselves feel better about a loss.

    All this whining and excuse making from Giants fans on here, you’d think they were Jets fans.

  27. The Giants like to bully the Cowboys. It happens all the time. Even Coughlin likes to talk trash after wins with the boys.

    I have a lot of respect for Coughlin. His teams play hard and never give up. But when they decide to play smart hard football they are capable of winning championships. He refused to acknowledge the Cowboys in his post game media talk. He said “give them credit where credit is due.” No mention of Cowboys or Romo, Garrett or anyone. He just talked about how his team didn’t make enough plays.

    I’m glad the cowboys did not get involved in the talking before the game. Maybe they realize they just aren’t good enough to trash talk. Thats something this Giants team hasn’t learned yet.

  28. I have been a Giants fan and NFC East fan for nearly 40 years. I pains me to watch how bad this division has become.

    The division leader Dallas – has one win against a team with a winning record. They beat Philly.

    Philly – hasn’t beat a team with a winning record.

    NY Giants – 4 wins came against back up QBs.

    Washington – with only 3 wins might have the two most impressive wins. They beat Chicago and San Diego.

    The entire division should just shut up.

  29. johnsteph1 – I can agree with almost everything you state expect if Nicks does play Dallas can’t double Cruz the entire game and it also puts Randle on the Cowboys #3 corner.

    Both teams are bad and are playing for one game this season. It is shame the East is this bad.

  30. bigbluenationdb, I couldnt agree more. But I dont think Scandricks comments are out of line. He didnt talk trash about future opponents or suggest that the Cowboys were world beaters because they barely beat NY. I think he was more or less just saying to the Giants, way to talk smack and not back it up. But like you said, no one in this division or their fans should talk smack. If Philly and Dallas is a big showdown as predicted it will be in week 17, they’re simply playing for the right to lose to San Fran or Arizona in their own building in the first round.

  31. Giants talked waaaaay too much, then didn’t show up for a huge game in their own house against arch rivals, and shame on them. They handed the game away on a platter with lackluster play, dumb penalties and the usual horrible offensive play calling. Coughlin should know better than than to let that idiocy go on. Oh and a BRONX SALUTE to the NFL for making us suffer through that dreadful GB/Minn tie before we were able to watch our game, missing the 1st quarter. Here’s to ya!

  32. Go Cowboys! Giants are tough in their home and we beat them and the refs too!

    What I really wonder is where is logicalvoices(inhisheadbecauseheisoffhismeds)? Did they take him back to the institution or could his lack of posting be because THE REDSKINS SUCK?!!

    Go Cowboys!!!

  33. While I agree that the giants should have kept their mouths shut the whole world knows that no one in that crap division is going any where. The Cowboys will be in their living rooms for the playoffs just like the Giants….

  34. The Cowboys are a flawed team….the Giants have more flaws. Really hard to comprehend how this game had major playoff implications for either, because each would lose to the local HS squad. Cowboys will struggle to beat Raiders thursday, and then have to win 2 of final 4 to make post season-WON’T HAPPEN. Now on a positive note, the DEADSKINS will get throttled tonight at home, and hopefully we can get a guest appearance from Kirk Cousins, which will officially send team and fan base into total chaos……actually, that’s what it has been for the past 25 years so really no change there!

  35. Well its about that time of the football season AGAIN where the New York Giants fans go back to talking about what’s inside their trophy case instead of what’s going on this season…


  36. Funny, as an Eagles fan, to see how many Giants fans hopped on the “Eagles are going to trounce the Cowboys anyway” train.

    The Eagles are a team on the rise, and have a lot of good young players that are getting better. In 2 years, they are going to be a team to be reckoned with in this league.

    Right now, they have a dynamic offense, with a defense that is getting better, but still has holes big enough to drive a car through (specifically in the backfield). Although it’s fun to watch, it’s also the kind of thing that can have bad day an not click and look very bad (see the first dallas game and the 2nd giants game). So I wouldn’t go hitching onto that train yet

  37. “Cowboys will struggle to beat Raiders thursday, and then have to win 2 of final 4 to make post season-WON’T HAPPEN.”

    They’ve got an easier remaining schedule than the Eagles. Speaking of the Eagles, they have 3 home games left. They’re terrible at home, beating only the Redskins on the way to that 1-4 home record. And I wouldn’t bet on them beating the Cardinals and Lions. Matter of fact they’ve already lost to the Cowboys with Ware, Austin, Murray AND Dunbar watching from the sidelines and Sean Lee’s coming back so I wouldn’t make that bet, either. Then there’s the fact that the Cowboys are 4-0 in the division and the Eagles have dropped 2. Business has been kinda good lately against Pryor, Tolzien and Griffin, we’ll see if they can keep it up against Palmer, Cutler and Romo, et al.

  38. the whole nfc east is full of has beens and wannbees. the boys are made up of great potential, but that is as far as it goes. as long jj calls the shots there is truly no hope. jj sell the team, leave town or just quit being a know it all and the team may just show up.

  39. Hey I’m no fan of either team but in my book, if you talk trash leading up to or during a game, you are fully open to eat it if you don’t back it up.

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