Peyton has been less-than-perfect in the cold

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With the mercury falling in Foxborough, it’s time to dust off a holiday favorite.

How Much Does Peyton Suck When It’s Cold?

It depends to an extent on what the definition of it’s cold is.  Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston points out that Manning has a career record of 3-7 when the temperature is 32 degrees or colder at kickoff, with 11 touchdown passes and 13 interceptions.

Chris Bianchi of 102.3 ESPN Denver has the number as 2-7 when the kickoff temperature is below 32, which it inevitably will be on Sunday night in Foxborough.

Bianchi looks broadly at Peyton’s performance at various temperatures, and the downward seems to emerge at 40 degrees.  Below 40, he’s 8-11 for his career.  At 40 or above (outdoors), he’s 64-32.

Below 20 degrees at kickoff, Peyton is 0-2 for his career.  Which tells us that:  (1) Peyton hasn’t played many games in those types of conditions; and (2) he has never experienced victory in that setting.

One of those games, as all Ravens fans remember (and as all Broncos fans would like to forget), came in January of this year in Denver.

The 20-degree line becomes extremely relevant for Sunday night because, according to, the temperature will be at or very close to 20 degrees at kickoffs.  Throw in the wind, and it’ll feel like five degrees or colder.

At least he won’t need another Toradol shot to numb that ankle.

17 responses to “Peyton has been less-than-perfect in the cold

  1. Peyton Manning is not a big game player. Never has been. He doesn’t play well in cold weather games because cold weather games come late in the season and Peyton struggles on the big stage.

  2. It’s not the cold that gets to him. It’s the fact that the big games happen when it’s cold and, whereas Eli gets better, Peyton gets worse in big games. Enjoy the regular season stats parade followed by the post season heartache Broncos fans.

  3. He looked like Manning to me in last weeks game that was in the 20’s. Hopefully he does well in New England tonight and people can get over this. If the Broncos defense holds the opposing team to below 21 points Manning has like a 95% chance of winning.

  4. It’s not easy to throw in cold windy weather when you have as weak an arm as Peyton. It’s just physics.

  5. With the Colts, Peyton helmed a dome team, built for speed. The case could be made that those teams sucked altogether in the cold, unlike Eli’s Giants.

    That said, the ‘Manning face’ is a game-long fixture in freezing temps for Peyton. Unlike fellow southern boy Favre, Manning seems to want to find a nice warm blanket when the snow flies..

  6. No surprise.

    Peyton is an SEC quarterback.

    Everyone knows the SEC doesn’t play football north of Kentucky after October.

  7. Last game in Denver against Washington I saw that Peyton is now wearing gloves when playing which I never remember him doing with the Colts, and rarely last year

  8. It’s cold and windy in MA today; not good for the weak-armed dome-boy. Pats’ pass defense is all beat up, but it looks to be a bunch of short passes tonight, which will allow for linebacker help. Welker will torch us, but we have a Gronk to counter it. Pats have a stronger running game and a tougher QB, so I like their chances.

  9. Mannings teams a a whole did not play well in the cold. The speed rushers were slowed by the outdoor conditions as was his recievers. The Colts were built as a indoor team. Not all of the Colts issues were because of manning. When the Colts played in the cold it also meant they were playing away so that plays into the equation. Usually the home team in the play offs has the advantage. So there is more to it than just putting blame on Peyton. Playing in Denver outside in denvers cold climate will help him. Denvers team is built for the cold as well. They have big defensive tackles that are doing a great job against the run. They should get thier running game going to help Manning. If Denver establishes the run and helps take the load off he will be fine. You have to look at all the facts. Again if he was playing in the cold it meant he was also playing at the other teams stadium in front of thier home crowd which is a huge help.

  10. Manning is definitely due for a win in this kind of situation and NE isn’t what they once were, so I think Denver will pull it out.

    either way this goes, Peyton / Denver are real contenders this year… I like them to go all the way.

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