Report: Dolphins players less than forthcoming with Ted Wells


Ted Wells, the investigator appointed by the NFL to investigate the alleged harassment that led Jonathan Martin to leave the Dolphins and Richie Incognito to be suspended, issued a statement on Saturday thanking the team for its cooperation. But one report calls into question just how cooperative the players were.

Some Dolphins refused to cooperate at all, and others were less than forthcoming, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS. That suggests that Wells is going to have a tough time determining what actually happened between Incognito and Martin, both of whom spent several hours talking to Wells. If Incognito and Martin told Wells two different things, and if players aren’t being forthcoming about what they saw, it will be difficult for Wells to know whether Incognito or Martin is telling the truth.

Wells indicated that he’ll need a few more weeks to finish his investigation. The regular season ends five weeks from today. It’s entirely possible that Wells won’t wrap up his investigation until the season is over.

And, if players aren’t talking, it’s entirely possible that even after Wells wraps up his investigation, we won’t know what really transpired in the Dolphins’ locker room.