Stafford, Lions throw game away to Buccaneers


Two weeks ago, the Lions were in first place in the NFC North and had the easiest remaining schedule in the NFL. Now the Lions have lost back-to-back games against teams with losing records.

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford threw four interceptions as the Buccaneers came to Detroit and beat the Lions, 24-21. The last interception wasn’t Stafford’s fault, as he hit Calvin Johnson in the hands deep in Buccaneers territory with less than a minute to play, but the ball was jarred out of Johnson’s hands and intercepted, sealing the win for Tampa Bay.

The Lions were a mess all day, and they were lucky that they were still in it late in the fourth quarter: Buccaneers kicker Rian Lindell missed two fourth-quarter field goals that, if he had hit them, would have sealed the game. Stafford’s four interceptions and a bizarre fumble by Detroit’s Kris Durham were huge mistakes that the Lions couldn’t overcome.

Give the Buccaneers credit: After so much talk that they had quit on coach Greg Schiano, they’ve now won three in a row to improve their record to 3-8.

And give the Lions a lot of blame: With the division on the line, they’ve turned in two bad performances in a row. If Jim Schwartz doesn’t get his team turned around in a hurry, he may not be able to save his job.

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  1. That Durham fumble is just beyond me. That is the most Lions play I have ever seen. If he just FALLS OVER we get a first down. Probably win the game.

  2. Glennon still makes some rookie mistakes like taking sacks and not throwing it away, but when he has time to set and throw how can you not be impressed? Those deep balls today were perfect.

  3. Seriously? Believe me when i say i HATE schwartz, but u cant blame him. The offense was a joke.
    Great job stopping the run, but nice job making tiquan (who?) underwood look like randy freaking moss.

    And stafford wasnt wntirely t

  4. Stat of the game: 5 lions turnovers and a blocked punt with no takeaways. Still had a chance to win at the end if Calvin doesn’t fumble on the 2 yard line. Don’t know if there is any team in the league that could overcome that. Good job Tampa, they earned the win.

  5. Remember all the concern from earlier this week about Tampa possibly attacking during victory formation?

    I do. Bet the Bucs did, too.

  6. The last pick was sweet karma. Lions got away with holding, and Dave Birkett is a scumbag. Unfortunately, it means coach Gregory might still be coaching the Bucs next year. Lions couldn’t beat Bucs second string defense. Decimated by injuries, and still won.

  7. Pathetic and sickening… and it starts at the top.

    How can you not execute an offense with THAT many legit weapons… then Staffords answer to NOT throwing a 4th INT is to throw the ball SO freaking hard, nobody can catch it… and overthrows wide open Johnson.

    Linehan needs to load his stuff into Schwartz trailer and ship them both out… hooked on to Borges van. Good riddance to all three… and not convinced that Cunninghams handling of the D is much better on most days, but today they at least kept them in it.

    With new grocery bags on our heads… we’re tired of the garbage and excuses. No wonder Lions fans sit on their hands in Ford field… what the heck was that???

  8. After watching the Bears self-destruct in St. Louis, I’m thinking 9-7 could win the division.

  9. 5 Turnovers. Throwing the ball into triple coverage in field goal range down three. Thanks Lions. Another heartbreaking Sunday, another season down the toilet.

  10. “Don’t Say I’m Scared Because We Ain’t.” Jimmy, you’re not scared, you’re terrified, of winning. Clownball is back in Detroit City.

  11. Inexcusable interceptions? Check. Costly fumbles? Check. Dropped balls? Check Lackadaisical tackling? Check. Poor coverage in the secondary? Check. Strange offensive game plan? Today, the Lions misfired on all cylinders. Matt Stafford continues to be one of the most equally gifted and flawed NFL QBs over the last decade. Great physical skills, limited football IQ. The Lions will only go as far as far as Stafford and Schwartz can take them and mounting evidence suggests that they have arrived at their final destination. In the middle of nowhere.

  12. Shortzy’s head looked like it was going to explode every time Stafford threw some of his trademark picks. What a terrible coach, even Cleveland would have ran him out of town by now.

  13. Ive been a lions fan my entire life… unfortunately. This team might still be in first but I am still embarrassed to call them my team. Durham and Johnson made terrible mistakes… I still believe Stafford is the nost overrated starting qb… and Schwartz has no guts. Luckily our defense helps us stay in some games. The 1st place flukes.

  14. myopinionisrighterthanyours says: Nov 24, 2013 4:32 PM

    The last pick was sweet karma. Lions got away with holding, and Dave Birkett is a scumbag. Unfortunately, it means coach Gregory might still be coaching the Bucs next year. Lions couldn’t beat Bucs second string defense. Decimated by injuries, and still won.


    You forgot to mention, Revis was hurt near the end of the first half and didn’t play at all in the 2nd half.

    Some gut no one ever heard of named McCray recovered a fumble and then the Bucs PK missed again so they beat on megatron to cause a fumble to win the game.

    Didn’t at all look to me like Schiano lost the locker room. This beat up physically team played their hearts out.

    They well deserved the win.

  15. Not to be forgotten amongst the excruciating Lions’s foibles, it looks like Tampa Bat has a bona fide starting QB and some legit receivers to go with him. If one were to guess who the rookie was today based on performance, the best guess might’ve been Stafford. And the TB head coach may prove to be nothing more than a blowhard but his team beat our blowhard coach’s team today by playing smart, mistake free football. What do the two teams have in common? Neither is going to win a playoff game this year.

  16. Hats off to the bucs. Well deserved win.
    I am a lions fan, and my team just got beat at home by a team that is not as talented, but plays harder. All this talent and what do we get? 5 turnovers, blocked punt, and we lead the league in dropped passes. Just poor execution. The pick 6 showed that the bucs new the plays and jumped on the opportunities. Great offense, but often to predictable. If the Lions finish the season any less than 10-6 after going 6-3 to start, heads should roll. Just my opinion.

  17. Just a typical Lions game where once again we look like the poorest managed and coached team in the NFL. Just loads of horrible stuff to have to watch all day long. The little things and the bad things were so plentiful. But the problem is the Lions aren’t even capable of identifying a ton of the things that they do wrong. They are oblivious and have no idea how bad they fail and all the places that they indeed do fail at. You can’t win like that. It has never worked for us before, and it NEVER will work for us. We aren’t going to get lucky enough to overcompensate for that type of shortcoming.

    Give CJ to any team in the NFL and nobody is going to not have more wins than we can generate with him.

  18. I am no Schiano Man, but I have to give the Glennon move some credit. The Vikes would hesitate to let Josh Freeman replace the urinal cakes in the stadium rest rooms, if he offered to pay them, thats how low their confidence level is in him. Gregory made the right call there.

    Glennon isn’t sexy by any means, but he is accurate and smart with the football.

    Lavonte David is a beast by the way.

    Sorta stunned the Bucs won this one. Only downside this may buy Schiano more time.

  19. So, everyone trashing Stafford, explain to me how three of his four picks were his fault? Wide Receivers handed off two of them (nice on to lose the game, Calvin), and Pettigrew let one bounce off his helmet for a pick six because he has the relative awareness of an oak tree.

  20. Fat Stafford seriously needs conditioning – he is looking like an Albino Donovan McNubb.

    Oh, wait.

    Fat Stafford does look like a Turducken.

    Just in time for the usual Detroit national embarrassment.

  21. @jcaulfied – my thoughts exactly. Glennon is a rookie just like Smith. But I have yet to see any talking head type say anything about how well he’s doing without a real good team around him. Yet even when Smith stinks up the field as he’s done lately we always hear something about him.

  22. Mistake free football? I wish. Leading the league in penalties and a sucky kicker? We were lucky to leave town with a win. And p.s. Lions fan-hats off for being better sports than some other teams fans.

  23. All Green Bay has to do on Thursday is make the same plays Tampa did today. The same punt block play. The same long pass play. Detroit will never adjust. Schwartz’s ego is too big.

  24. After watching the Bears self-destruct in St. Louis, I’m thinking 9-7 could win the division.


    The irony of a Lions fan using the phrase “self-destruct” today is awesome.

  25. And the Lions got plenty of help from the officials. In the second quarter in the span of 3 plays Tampa Bay was called for roughing the passer when the Buccaneer defender was pushed into Stafford by a Lion then two plays later give the Lions a touchdown when it was obvious the receiver didn’t get two feet down inbounds…play was reviewed and somehow confirmed while replay showed that at best one foot came down inbounds. It should have been 24 – 14. Even with replay it’s all to often that bad officiating has an effect on the outcome of a game. The Buccaneers got lucky that bad officiating didn’t cost them a game.

  26. Good thing they didn’t call the helmet to helmet on the CJ play! We got lucky there! I cannot believe how many mistakes the Lions played. How many chances did they have?

  27. I see a lot of people who can’t wait to hear from Lions’ fans after a day like this…

    Which is why I try to never dog on fans of other teams. For 39+ years, I have watched the Lions do this every time they have something possibly good going.

    I was really upset with Barry for bailing when he did, but more and more I begin to understand.


  28. I think Lion’s fan themselves are saying we suck, and owning it, so no one feels the need to chime in.

    When CJ gives it up like that at the end of the game, what else are you going to do. It shouldn’t have come down to that, but it did and the play wasn’t made. What a bad day.

    Overall, if our “defense-minded” coach was able to put together much of a defense, we’d be winning Stafford’s good games easily and his bad games too.

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