The Jets stop alternating, Geno Smith keeps turning ball over

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The Jets alternated wins and losses over their first 10 games of the 2013 season, but the streak came crashing to a halt in Baltimore on Sunday.

Geno Smith threw two interceptions, the Jets gained a paltry 228 yards (many coming when the outcome was no longer in doubt) and they lost a second straight game for the first time this season. The 19-3 loss drops the Jets to 5-6 on the season and amplifies the existing questions about Smith’s present and future as an NFL quarterback. Both of his interceptions came on jump balls once the Jets were already well behind, but that doesn’t excuse the rest of a scattershot day for a young quarterback who frequently looks like he’s trying to bite off more than he can chew.

That’s not to say it is all on his shoulders, because the Jets don’t protect him very well and they don’t have dynamic players creating something out of nothing at the skill positions. Smith has to be much better for the Jets to have any chance of winning, though, and that’s true regardless of who is on the field with him.

The Ravens defense added three sacks to the rest of their overwhelming effort, pushing Baltimore to a 5-6 record and improved footing in the widespread battle for the second Wild Card in the AFC. Joe Flacco had his ups and downs, finishing 17-of-26 for 273 yards with a touchdown and an interception on a windy day that saw the Ravens use backup Tyrod Taylor fairly often in a variety of roles. The deep ball worked well for Flacco as long as he wasn’t taking one of the four Jets sacks, but the Ravens run game went back into hibernation after returning last week against the Bears.

With so many teams hovering just under .500 in the AFC, it’s hard to forecast much about which flawed team will wind up in the postseason. There are worse calling cards than defending Super Bowl champions, though.

19 responses to “The Jets stop alternating, Geno Smith keeps turning ball over

  1. Put this on Rex and Marty all day, what an awful offensive gameplan. The run game was moving but it wasn’t a game changer, you limit Genos throws up until the 4th quarter and would you guess what happens? GENOS GOT A HOT HAND. He threw two interceptions but one was in garbage time and the one early in the 4th QT was on Nelson. GOOD JOB MARTY!!

  2. From the director that brought you the Butt fumble, just in time for the holidays comes the long awaited sequel, the Nut fumble. Thanks go out to the Jets, the gift that keeps on giving.

  3. Can’t win in this league without scoring points!!!!!

    Minus a play or series of plays here or there pretty much Non-competitive non-functioning offense!!!

    On Marty & Rex, on Geno, on O-Line, on Receivers 2 weeks running!!!

    So much for my progression theory… 5-6

    Ravens deserve the win!

  4. I think you have another Sanchez situation here. Ryan stayed with Sanchez through thick and thin, steadfastly refusing any QB change, and look where it got him…nowhere.
    Now, you have Geno Smith, turnover machine (trademark pending), and Ryan refuses to try Matt Simms even when it is clear that Smith can’t move the offence at all.

  5. I did not see the game or hear the score. I assume by the headline they the jets lost. Let me guess, Geno proved me right again: I said prior to the jets season that he reminded me of Travis J in Minnesota. He could run, hand off but could not read a moving defense to save his life. Mr Interception. I’ll take a stab and guess it wasn’t a good day for him?????????

  6. The Jets may have cooled their boisterous fan base boasts of making the playoffs.

    Though one never knows.

    A few years back Wrecks was excelling at coaching mediocrity and had achieved what looked to be a 8-8 season.

    The Manning lead Colts were flirting with the perfect season but pulled their starters in Game 16 to give the Jets the win and a default spot in the playoffs with a free win and a 9-7 record.

    Fans of course gave Wrecks Ryan the credit and they’ve achieved similar mediocrity ever since – but the playoffs COULD still happen – which would at least ensure a lesser draft pick.

  7. Seems like Geno is getting worse..They still have NO weapons at WR or RB..NONE! Not good for a rookie QBs confidence

  8. On a serious note, the Jets dodged a bullet yesterday with the Dolphins losing, so don’t be foolish and send Geno out there again. The game against the Dolphins is a must win game if they want any chance (as slim as it is) of making the playoffs. They have to take a chance on Simms or Garrard, Geno will be worse than he was yesterday, He’s in over his head, he seems lost. A change is in order, no matter who it is this side of Sanchez.

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