Titans come back for 23-19 win over Raiders


As amazing as it sounds, the Titans are back in the playoff chase.

For a team that looked so lost when quarterback Jake Locker was out the first time this year, they’ve bounced back to stay in the hunt with a 23-19 win over the Raiders, sitting atop an odd lot of 5-6 teams in the AFC.

Titans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick hit wide receiver Kendall Wright for the game-winning touchdown with 10 seconds left, helping them improve to 5-6.

While the Titans are looking at the Wild Card, they’re only two games out of the AFC South race thanks to the Colts floundering against the Cardinals.

Fitzpatrick was 30-of-42 passing for 320 yards and two touchdowns, including a 54-yarder to Justin Hunter in the third quarter.

It was an odd game full of penalties and missed chances (Sebastian Janikowski missed two field goals), but at the moment, all the teams chasing playoff berths are flawed. The least flawed will be rewarded, and at the moment, that might be the Titans.

24 responses to “Titans come back for 23-19 win over Raiders

  1. King should have been replaced as the holder on FG’s weeks ago.

    Hats off to the Titans though, they played hard and Fitzpatrick was money.

  2. Did Fitz let out a cry like he did two years ago when he brought the bills back? In all seriousness though he has a great mentality when on the field, willing o throw blocks for rbs, just not the physical tools.

  3. these are the type of games the Raiders need RunDMC to be healthy and come up big time. McGloin is the real deal . He has to study Drew Brees passing style to avoid batted down passes and Raiders have to implement the old KC Chiefs Hank Stram floating pocket to give McGloin time to throw.

  4. I can’t see the game except a graphic as the plays progress. What I’d like to know is who is calling offensive plays? There were 10 seconds left in the game and the plays called were short dump off passes? Just how stupid is this?

  5. I’ll take hot garbage over “wanting to learn” Pryor. Every time they showed the OC and McLovin going over stuff on the sideline TP was watching the field from the sidelines or with his head turned to look at the video screen instead of paying attention…

  6. Not a Raiders’ fan, but I really wanted them to win. With SD beating KC, it would have been more exciting for Oakland to stick around. The prospect of having three AFC West teams in the post-season is just too cool.

  7. how bout we quit blaming Marquette King and blame Seabass for doing what he’s done since he entered the league.Miss field goals at the worst possible time.

  8. When a team loses its the coaches fault and when they win its the QB that won. DA says it’s a production based business? So how does 4-7 sound for production?

  9. easyeintennessee says: Nov 24, 2013 8:54 PM

    JoeT – your team is garbage. A Bengals backup just took your team to the woodshed. Who Dey!

    Love, Bengals Nation
    Bengals Nation? What’s next? Just win, whodey?

  10. I’m ok with the loss, better draft picks coming. With 30 mil in cap space going to guys not on the team and having a makeshift secondary, I like how competitive we are. With some quality players on D next year, we’ll be tough to beat.

  11. McGloin put us in position to win. He played a great game minus the int. which didn’t hurt to begin with. Jano and the prevent defense killed us. Save that Pryor talk, there were no sacks and McGloin can make passes that Pryor can’t throw in his dreams with Jerry Rice as his receiver.

  12. silvernblak says:
    Nov 24, 2013 9:09 PM
    When a team loses its the coaches fault and when they win its the QB that won. DA says it’s a production based business? So how does 4-7 sound for production?

    For a team going into the season looking at probably going 4-12, 4-7 doesn’t look all that bad.

  13. If there is a consistent positive from this year it’s the run d. Chris Johnson did tiddly squat today. Dennis Allen has it figured it out, time will show it.

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