Tolzien TD run gives Packers early lead

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Quarterback Scott Tolzien’s six-yard TD run has helped the Packers to a 7-3 second-quarter lead over the Vikings in Green Bay on Sunday.

On the score, which came with 5:06 left in the first quarter, Tolzien faked a pass, scrambled, spun and broke the plane for his first NFL rushing score. He punctuated the TD with a “Lambeau Leap.”

Packers tailback Eddie Lacy is off to a strong start for Green Bay. The rookie from Alabama has 49 yards on 11 carries. Tolzien has also done his part with four completions on eight attempts for 63 yards.

The Vikings’ lone points came on a Blair Walsh 36-yard first-quarter field goal. The Vikings started the drive in Green Bay territory after a 57-yard kickoff return by rookie Cordarrelle Patterson, who’s having a wonderful season on special teams.

14 responses to “Tolzien TD run gives Packers early lead

  1. Our 3rd String QB is better than the Queens 1st. And Lacy is better than Peterson too. Lacy doesn’t fumble.

  2. It ll be a battle to see who has a better day.
    The ” Baby Maker ” aka Adrian Peterson…..7 kids w/ 7 women..
    Eddie Lacy……the player the Vike fans call fat.

  3. So Fudgepacker fans are saying Lacy is the best RB in the game?

    Oh yeah and they’re going to the Superbowl – got it.

  4. Vikings QB – Better then Packers
    Vikings RB – Better then Packers
    Vikings WR’s – Better then Packers
    Vikings Defense – Better then Packers

    Vikings 13 unansweared points!

    Packers – Worst team in NFC North

  5. Vikings fans are the biggest hypocrites I have ever seen, before the season even started you guys were predicting NFC North dominance and a Super Bowl run and now look at you, I hope we lose every game so we get a top 5 pick lmao

  6. This game is making me sick!

    The Almighty Green Bay packers are supposed to be the legendary best team in the NFL. They are supposed to be iconic… Its like a status thing, and they have a following that’s like a cult…

    But today, they are letting me down. The Vikings are 2-8. On the verge of their worst season ever. Carefully positioning themselves to earn a much needed high draft pick. But yet, this iconic team called the Mighty Green Bay Packers. The (best team in the NFL) is letting me down and looking more pathetic than the Vikings are. And it’s making me sick to my stomach! The Packers are supposed to embarrass us! And they aren’t!

  7. typical, troll packers fans no where to be found…..remember tozien is the 2nd coming of the messiah this week that’s all I hear, 400 yards 3 tds, ahhhh toyko, gppack, jim badger, whudjust happened..gbmickey….crickets is all I hear

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