Vikings, Packers exchange field goals in OT

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Sunday’s Vikings-Packers game in Green Bay may need all five quarters to decide.

Both teams hit field goals in overtime, which leaves the game deadlocked at 26 with a little more than two minutes left in regulation.

The Packers got the ball first in OT and drove deep into Minnesota territory, but they could not get the touchdown they needed to win the game. Instead, they settled for a 20-yard Mason Crosby field goal.

The Vikings responded with a field goal of their own, with Blair Walsh hitting from 35 yards. A strong ground game led by Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart was key for Minnesota on the drive.

The next score will win.

38 responses to “Vikings, Packers exchange field goals in OT

  1. This game of football set football back 30 years. I don’t know what’s worse, the Packers couldn’t beat the horrible Vikings… Or the horrible Vikings couldn’t beat the Packer’s practice squad.

  2. Darn. Packers season is over, according to all of you. Meanwhile, bears got blown out by the rams, lions lost at home to the bucs. I think that half-game the pack are behind might be too much. 😉

  3. Tie doesn’t hurt Vikes in the race for draft picks, does hurt the Pack in their playoff hunt, and entertained me. Perfect

  4. Well, the NFL game is too big for Scott Tolzien (at this point in his development). With a qualified backup, Packers dominated the fourth quarter 16-3. A big thank you to the Bucs and the Rams. We’re all Vikings fans now. Good luck next week against the Bears.

  5. I guess you know who cannot keep saying the Packers have dominated the Vikings 2 times a year for (X) amount of years in a row anymore.

    I have to admit, Eddy Lacy is the real deal. If he continues to run like this, GB will have a running game.

  6. Sorry haters. The Packers didn’t win, but the Bears and Lions lost. The Packers have a chance to take the lead in the division against Detroit next week.

  7. Both these teams look bad, it doesnt look like any team from the nfc north will represent us well in the playoffs. And viking fans u can be happy about a tie all u want but your team scored 20 2 unanswered points and should have won. They blew it.

  8. Their only ticket to the playoffs will be to win the NFC North. Tough game for GB, just couldn’t punch it in when needed. However, the Packers are only 0.5 games behind CHI and DET in the NFC North with games left against both of them.

    This Thanksgiving game between the Lions and Packers may decide the division.

  9. Vikings didn’t want to win this game. The fans didn’t want to, anyways.

    Green Bay NEEDED this game, and could only muster a tie against our worst team of the last 30 years.

    What a pathetic bunch in lambeau land.

  10. I think that May have been an historic game. I think that was the first time the rule that says “after the first team scores a field goal in OT, the other team gets a chance to score as well” has come into play. I can’t remember that happening since the rule was set up.

  11. stevent92 says:
    Nov 24, 2013 5:20 PM
    Green Bay NEEDED this game, and could only muster a tie against our worst team of the last 30 years.
    More evidence that the lavender larry toads are the acme of intellectual dishonesty. Isn’t this the same team just 3 short months ago you all were predicting to go 12-4 or 11-5 at worst? Talk about PATHETIC!

  12. You Lombardi Losers owe Cordarrelle Patterson a beer and brat….he missed 2 big catches to allow this worthless tie!

  13. Amazing how irrational and angry the Packer haters are. Packers are working through an inordinate number of injuries including one to their elite QB and managed to pull off an improbable 4th quarter comeback for a tie. I enjoy watching football and rooting for the Packers but why would that make me hate the Lions, the Bears or their fans? Its inexplicable.

    “Lombardi Losers
    pathetic bunch in lambeau
    the worst team in football
    Hapless tasteless organization”

  14. Filthy is embarrassing himself trying to make it sound like the Packers have dominated the Vikings the last 2 regular seasons. They are 2-1-1. Real dominating.

    Keep reaching. You will have to find something else to make up when Detroit beats you Sunday with Megatron playing instead of on the sidelines in street clothes.

    What a worthless and tasteless organization GB is. History is just that. History. Every game is a new chapter. I live one chapter at a time. Not going back to what happened in past seasons.

    Right now, it is a tie. But GB still has the worst sports as fans in all of sports. That is why no other NFL fans respect you GB fans. You think you are entitled to respect instead of earning it.

  15. vikescry1 says:
    Nov 24, 2013 5:17 PM
    Both these teams look bad, it doesnt look like any team from the nfc north will represent us well in the playoffs.


    Lets pretend to show just a little insight – if the Packers manage to get into the Playoffs, it would be an Aaron Rodgers led squad which as recent history has shown. is not the same as the product shown on the field today.

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