Browns taking a look at Caleb Hanie tomorrow

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Even though they’re holding out hope Jason Campbell can return from a concussion, the Browns are, in fact, bringing in a quarterback for a look tomorrow.

According to Tony Grossi of, the Browns are working out Caleb Hanie tomorrow.

Brandon Weeden is expected to start this week, but the Browns don’t have another quarterback on the roster at the moment.

The Browns made a run at Scott Tolzien after Brian Hoyer was lost for the season to a knee injury, but he took a raise and stayed on the Packers practice squad then, before getting promoted and eventually starting.

Hanie’s been out of the league since the Ravens cut him this summer, after spending last year with the Broncos. His most extensive work was with the Bears, going 0-4 down the stretch in 2011.

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  1. I didn’t even think someone as good as Caleb Hanie would be available . Not feeling Jeff Garcia and those old wheels that used to buy him time .

  2. did the browns not watch what hanie did for the bears when he took over when Jay Cutler went down? I was like allot of fans after his performance against the packers in the championship game and felt they finally had a capable back up but boy did he prove us wrong! he did not win a game and the bears missed the playoffs because of this loser! just the bottom of the barrel as a qb backup or otherwise.

  3. I’ll just say what everyone is thinking. Go ahead, sign Tebow. At least he might be able to improve on our 2 yards a carry rushing average. Not too mention he wouldn’t win another game for us so we could lock up a top 5 pick again this year and draft a QB who can sit a year or 2 under Hoyer and hopefully take over the reigns after. I wish I was kidding about Tebow but anything at this point would be better than watching Weeden struggle and hit a 6 yard route when we need 8.

  4. The sad thing is that since 1999 this isn’t even one of the 5 worst seasons. They are already just 1 win away from their usual 5 wins with 5 games to go.

    This team is abusive to its fans.

  5. Almost anything is better than Weeden, no matter how bad.

    And back to Campbell – can there possibly be any doubt that if that hit on Campbell had happeed to Peyton, Tom, Drew, Andrew, Colin or Bob Griffin, not only would a flag have been thrown, but the guy would have been ejected and suspended for 5 years?

    I used to make fun of the NBA and NASCAR for having 2 sets of rules, 1 for regular players and 1 for players the marketing and PR departments love more. But the NFL is going down the same path.

  6. Which Jay Cutler backup was worse? Hanie or Campbell? I’d say Campbell was worse. Both had bad stretches, but at least Hanie had one decent game where he filled in for Jay in the playoffs. “One Decent Game” is more than I can say for Campbell.

    It is interesting that Hanie is getting NFL work while Young/Tebow are not…

  7. Oh, I believe Nathan Enderle is available too, Cleveland. Another Bears backup. You know, the one Martz loved who couldn’t win the job from Gabbert or Hanie in Jacksonville last year. That guy.

  8. The Browns seem determined to prove that parity in the NFL is a myth. Fifteen years after coming back as an expansion team, they still play like a first-year expansion team. In fact, the current Browns might be worse than the 1999 expansion Browns. The 1999 team had Tim Couch at QB, and he wasn’t very good, but compared to Brandon Weeden, he looked like Johnny Unitas.

    There has got to be some sort of curse on this team. There’s no other way to explain it. Bad management? Sure, but they change the whole front office and coaching staff every 2 years. It’s not possible for all of those coaches and execs to be incompetent. Yet they always fail. Even Belichick couldn’t win when he coached the Browns. OK, that settles it. It’s a curse.

  9. Start me! I’m 50 yrs old with every joint ailment there is…but I’ll put butts in seats…and do it for half the money.

  10. Let’s think about this. Let’s just go out on a limb here and say North Turner and Michael Lombardi have spent a lot of years in the football industry and have put in the time and effort to qualify for their educated decision on who or who the Browns should look at as far a qualified player. Crazy to think an NFL coach could actually be qualified enough to select their own players right? Oh wait, I’m sure all of you over the top opinionated want-a- be coaches were all asked to play for the NFL for 5 plus years like Hanie. What was I thinking? If you’re a Browns fan, trust your team. No one really knows what goes on behind the scenes but there is a qualified decision maker behind every move so show your support. Lift Hanie up and help him help YOUR team. That’s what the Browns need. Stay positive for your jersey!

  11. If the Browns are giving Caleb Hanie a try, that pretty much tells you the current state of available, worthy QBs out there looking for gigs – it’s pretty bad. And whoever mentioned the notion of giving Tebow a look, please dial down the meds. The Browns need a solid leader, not another circus.

  12. UGH!!!! All I wanted this year was a win over the SQuealers now all I want is at least a Pro Quaterback not some teams throw away. Specially RAvins.

  13. Cleveland has been doomed with injuries this season. If we are truly mathematically out of the playoff picture, why not bring someone in to help with the QB issues and get ready for next season. Why not bring in Tebow? I’d rather take my chances with him, energetic, willing to play and could possibly develop into something more. We have nothing to lose. He could even motivate Weeden to better himself. Go Browns!!!

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