Bucs owner excited about work Schiano’s doing

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It wasn’t long ago when it seemed the Buccaneers were on the verge of a mutiny, and that coach Greg Schiano might not survive an eight-game losing streak that included the messy jettisoning of a former first-round quarterback and a MRSA outbreak.

Funny what three straight wins will do for a guy.

Players have slowly started coming around, but Schiano got an even bigger endorsement yesterday.

Buccaneers co-chairman Joel Glazer had nothing but positive words for his coach after yesterday’s win over the Lions.

I think it’s tremendous,” Glazer said, via Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune. “The guys are hanging in there and fighting to the end. I think that speaks volumes about Greg. [These are] tough times, but the team has never doubted him in the locker room.”

That’s as close to a public show of support as he’s gotten. In fact, the previous closest was being not fired each week, and that’s a tenuous existence. If he can keep quarterback Mike Glennon playing well, keep the players happy, win a few games and make sure no infectious diseases break out the rest of the way, it’s the kind of thing that could buy him another year.

As his NFC South neighbor Ron Rivera has shown with the Panthers, sometimes it takes three years to turn things around, and the Bucs may be inclined to give Schiano that time now.

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  1. Yeah, Bucs are gonna spank that a$$ of the Panthers this coming Sunday. Can’t wait for them to realize that they have not yet reached elite status.

  2. My only thing at this point is…CAN THE BUCS GET A FREAK’N KICKER ALREADY!!!! LINDELL needs to go home and feed the baby already!!!

  3. Remember when the Bills benched Doug Flutie for the playoffs because Rob Johnson played well in a meaningless week 17 game? If Schiano still has a job on December 30th, Joel Glazer will become the Wade Phillips of owners.

  4. I always get a laugh when I read or hear a statement like: “The guys are hanging in there and fighting to the end. I think that speaks volumes about Greg. [These are] tough times, but the team has never doubted him in the locker room.”

    Just consider: if the coach were on the hot seat, the players could be playing as an audition for other teams. Since a new coach and new regime would more than likely want to shake things up with the roster. So they may not be necessarily playing for the coach, but rather themselves.

  5. I wouldnt say these guys are coming around on Schiano. They are playing ALOT of backup players who are probably just trying to make the most of an opportunity.

    Schiano is trying to save his job, if the Buc’s retain him i all but guarantee by the time camp rolls around next year he will be back to his totalitarian “my way or the highway” shtick.

  6. .

    It’s always nice to read comments from far off regions like Cincinnati and Minnesota weigh in on the Bucs. Your finger is clearly not on the pulse. Your finger is clearly elsewhere…..

    Schiano did the best he could with the untenable Freeman situation, a roster of rookies and new guys, a hobbled Revis, MRSA, a series of on field “Murphy’s law” plays, and a media lynch mob.

    The big lie : that Schiano had “lost” the team. Wrong….. win or lose the Bucs efforts were always there.


  7. “Just consider: if the coach were on the hot seat, the players could be playing as an audition for other teams. Since a new coach and new regime would more than likely want to shake things up with the roster. So they may not be necessarily playing for the coach, but rather themselves.”

    Yep. I’d say that is true approximately 100% of the time.

    If you have a job where you are making anywhere from $450,000 to $10 mil per year, and your immediate supervisor likes you and the next up boss likes you and the big boss likes you— you certainly hope for no changes.

  8. Freeman there– they stink. Freeman gone– they are pretty good.

    The NFL is simple– have a good QB, you win. Don’t have a good QB, you lose.

    Glennon is not (currently) great, but he is good enough to notch a few wins.

  9. I say this as a life long Bucs fan who was very anti-Schiano. The story has come out Schiano/Bucs weren’t behind the leak. It was Freeman’s agents & his own people who leaked his data to create unrest because he wanted out, the NFLPA cleared the Bucs a few weeks ago from their investigation, however it went under reported as it didn’t fit the “dictator” out of control storyline they’d created. I’m not entirely sold Schiano is the guy for us Bucs fans but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the rest of the season to see where we end up. If Glennon can keep his play up and keep progressing showing he’s the future & we manage to get to 6 or 7 wins despite having our top OL out, on our 4th string RB, our 2nd WR on IR I’m fine keeping him. After starting 0-8 to be able to salvage a 6-10/7-9 season is a feat worthy of another year to get it right. He still has to actually get to 6 or 7 but for now I’m at least open to changing my mind on him.

  10. Coltzfan – do you really think the Glazers fired Jon Gruden because of a 9-7 season? It had nothing to do with their record. The Glazers wanted to penny pinch their payroll before the new CBA mandated a spending floor. The Bucs’ player compensation for the three lost Raheem Moore years was offensively low.

  11. I’m with you Sabotage. If Schiano can get to 6 or 7 wins this year, he’ll keep his job. What is the solution otherwise? Fire him, be on the hook for an extra $9 million to Schiano and then hire another lowly-paid coach for a team with real talent? The Bucs have spent a fortune on FAs recently and they are not going to bring in some young, unknown assistant or coordinator to take over this team.

  12. @ pickvayne

    I want to respond to your comment but I don’t even understand what you’re trying to tell me. If you’re saying it’s a money issue, I think most teams are willing to spend to have the coach that’s going to lead them to the Super Bowl.

  13. As a Bills fan I can tell you we have had our share of bad coaches…I am amazed that after 3 wins this guy Sciano has gone from “out the door” to “lets give him 1 more year”…doesn’t his losing streak begin last year? Isnt he the coach who BUM RUSHES on kneel downs? the guy who says he did not lose the team….you’re kidding yourself…it will resurface….

  14. I don’t think there’s a coach in the world who get much more than 3-8 out of that roster.

    Look at their schedule! The only team you could say they definitely should have beaten that they lost to was the Jets, and they lost that on a very questionable call. They lost to the Saints by 2. Hello! The Saints are 9-2. 6 of their 8 losses were to teams with winning records.

    This team is not that bad and they are getting better. I don’t believe the Glazers are going to tear it down and start all over again.

  15. unclebluck you haven’t been watching Tampa obviously this season. The losing streak didn’t begin last year they beat ATL in the final week. This year 6 of their first 8 they could have won, 4 of those (Jets, Saints, Cardinals, Seahawks) they outplayed their opponent but collapsed at the end of the game or OT. Not a plus but also obviously the team who can’t compete. If Schiano lost the team why have they essentially been in every game sans 2 this year. Unlike Raheem they continue to play hard for him. No one is clamoring for another year just yet, we are just saying we are open to seeing how he finishes the year & then decide. If…again “IF” he gets to 6 or 7 wins despite all these injuries to starters (3TEs, 3RBs, 2WRs, 2CBs all on IR, along with a pro-bowl G who’s played only 2 games this year) along with the Freeman distraction he deserves another year.

  16. The last part fo the article is the most correct. Too many teams change coaches every 2 years looking for success and are then shocked when they never find it. Some consistency is needed for long-term success.

  17. C’mon, really? Weren’t the Bucs supposed to be a playoff contender this year? How much money this off season did they spend on picking up big name free agents like Revis and Goldson? Now let me ask you, should this team honestly be 3-8 right now? I am a Bucs fan, but giving Schiano another year is crazy.

  18. Funny how three wins against other bad teams change perception. Bucs still have the same underlying problems of Schiano coaching scared, which cost them the Seahawk game and almost cost them two of these three wins. Hey, but he should come back, wouldn’t expect anything less from this downtrodden franchise.

  19. The Lions were leading their division. The Bucs beat them. The Seahawks are leading the NFC. The Bucs took them to over time.

    Two losses were the result of bad calls. Others were close games.

    Schiano never got to draft a first round QB of his own. He was forced to settle for a 3rd rounder. While the GM and owners insisted Freeman was the future, Schiano knew better but wasn’t able to fully address it. He took the best QB he could as early as he could.

    And hey…how come no outcry on the Lions for rushing the kneel down? Double standards.

  20. Once of the worst owners in sports thinks one of the worst head coaches in sports is “tremendous.” What a great situation we have in Tampa. FIRE HIM YOU MORONS! You got ten years of rock-bottom payroll to help you pay for Man U … the very LEAST you scumbags can do is fire this clown and get us a coach who doesn’t coach like it’s 1976. Good grief Glazers you really are the worst.

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