Case Keenum will start against Patriots in Week 13


A week after coach Gary Kubiak benched quarterback Case Keenum in the second half of a loss to the Raiders, Keenum went the distance in a 13-6 home loss to the Jaguars.

Keenum didn’t play any better than he did the previous week, completing 18-of-34 passes for 169 yards and an interception and continuing to look overwhelmed in the face of pressure. That’s not going to cause the team to turn back toward Matt Schaub, though. Kubiak said Monday that he wants to “find the young man some success” and will start Keenum against the Patriots in Week 13.

“It’s part of a growth process for him,” Kubiak said, via the Houston Chronicle. “As coaches, you try to do everything you can to put him in a successful situation. He’s done a lot of good things, had some early success. The last couple of weeks have been a little tougher.”

The Texans have gone from 2012 division champs to contender for first overall pick, so it probably goes without saying that there’s not much to play for in the immediate future in Houston. They’ll take a look at Keenum, but the upcoming crop of quarterbacks and a high draft position suggests that he’s keeping the seat warm for a top draft pick.

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  1. I want to thank Kubiak for pulling him last week for Schaub for no reason whatsoever. I am certain it put a lot of doubt in Keenums mind when your own coach pulls that out of left field. I figured this last game against the Jags would be his worst performance, as a result. Hopefully McNair has some sense and will end this circus soon.

    signed H-Town.

  2. Didn’t take long for Keenum to confirm that he’s horrible, too. But let Texan fans tell you, he was the long-term solution. This job suddenly became very attractive if they keep the number one pick. Drop Bridgewater in there, redo their line, retool their secondary (again), and get a new offensive approach and they’re going to be a problem, especially since the Colts unwisely gave up their first round pick for Richardson and have big problems on both of their lines.

  3. Where are the Keenum and UH homers that slammed the comments a month ago? What the hell did I tell you?

  4. To be fair, Keenum would be solid if they redid their offensive line, changed schemes, upgraded their secondary, etc. You basically upgraded the whole team.

  5. “And forsooth the people were troubled, for upon the land came a great tempest, and the hills were pressed against the firmament. Great was the sorrow of its passage, and the people wept, for theirs was the bitter cup of ten additional yards after contact.” — Book of Gronkilations, 3:11-14

  6. Great. Now that the QB question is out of the way, what are this year’s letterman jackets going to look like?

  7. You want a guy who’s worse at reading blitz than Matt Schaub??

    At least Matt Schaub never messed up against Jacksonville!!!

    The worst team in the league at home???

    Schaub at least underachieved and threw pick 6’s against teams that were elite or have elite defenses prior to the matchup: 49ers, Seahawks, Titans, and Ravens.


  8. Case Keenum has 8 Touchdown passes and 2 interceptions this season his first as a starter in the NFL, not bad for an Undrafted free agent signed for the minimum salary.

    Schaub got a huge contract, and became Mr Pick 6, and now does commercials for the lottery. (Bad Joke, get it, pick 6)

    Give Keenum a break, tell me the stats of most other Undrafted free agents outside of McGloin and you will see that Keenum is in rare company for never being drafted and to come this far.

    The season is over Texans…let it be, you are playing for a draft pick now…

  9. QB is perhaps the highest priority for Texans. Would not be surprice if they go OL with Mathews being a stud for the next 15 years or so. They can still grab a good QB in the second. They do need to address their other weaknesses including replacing Jonathan Joseph and drafting a couple of Line Backers.

  10. I have to wonder – if Keenum had Arian Foster (All-Pro), Daniel Manning (All-Pro), Brian Cushing (All-Pro), Owen Daniels (All-Pro), Ben Tate without 4 cracked ribs and possibly a place kicker that you could count on, do you think he’d be doing any better? Oh yeah, I think he would. A running game does wonders for a passing game, and a Brian Cushing in the middle does wonders for a defense. Oh Yeah.

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