Daniel Thomas has season-ending ankle injury

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The Dolphins had a chance to knock off another playoff contender yesterday, and likely would have if they could have run the ball effectively in the second half.

But they were missing running back Daniel Thomas, and now will have to figure out a way without him the rest of the season. Thomas suffered torn ligaments in his ankle, and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman just told reporters there that Thomas would be out for the rest of the season.

Thomas had worked his way into a committee role with Lamar Miller, but now the Dolphins run game will need someone such as Mike Gillislee to step up.

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  1. Gillislee seemed like a shifty runner in preseason. I don’t understand why he hasn’t played at all considering the running games issues. I don’t hate the coaching staff like many Dolphins fans but these guys need to get the rookies into the game. They constantly replace players with a “pitch count” mentality. Whenever Thomas or Miller would get into a groove they would replace them or stop calling runs completely. Jordan makes impact plays when he is on the field but he is not on the field near as much as he should be. I have seen several critical drives where we needed a stop and the cameras show Wake and Soliai on the sideline. One is a run stopper and the other is a pass rush threat. At least one of them should have been on the field regardless of what the down/distance was. Egnew was touted as a pass catching TE and his big problem was blocking yet, this year when he has hit the field it has been as a blocker. He has maybe been out on 20 pass patterns all year. It is baffling because these choices happen every game.

  2. Lamar Miller would probably be a good back if you give him enough carries. He is like any running back with great speed ( 2,3,5, and then 10, 15 0r 20) you have to keep giving a speed back the ball. Daniel Thomas is a waste of talent for as big as he is.

  3. Lamar Miller could be good but this last game against the Panthers was not good.

    He isn’t hitting the hole North/South he’s been trying to dance East/West…mostly because the O-line isn’t getting to the second level and stopping linebackers from gumming up the works.

    I don’t understand why Ireland hasn’t picked up any more O-linemen outside of McKinnie (who has been solid)

  4. The sooner Philbin fires Sherman, the safer his job will become. The play-calling in Miami stinks. In yesterday’s game, on a 2nd & 2, near mid-field, Sherman called a bubble-screen!!! The Panther’s CB tackled the Dolphin’s WR for a loss and that set up a 3rd & long. If you’re going to call a pass play on 2nd and short, why not run play-action and throw it deep? You either complete the pass, get a PI penalty, it falls incomplete or they intercept it deep in their own territory. Sherman is single-handily holding that team down with terrible play-calling.

  5. Why don’t the Dolphins fire Sherman? As a GB fan trust me, they’d be better off with Philbin calling plays.

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