David Carr turned down two teams to stay with family


Most players, given a taste of the NFL, will drop everything for another chance.

But former No. 1 overall pick David Carr turned down a pair of chances to sign in recent weeks, after his 2-year-old daughter was diagnosed with diabetes, and he chose to stay home with his wife to help care for her.

“They were actually two teams I would’ve gone to. That’s the tough part,” Carr said, via Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports. “But when it comes down to it, [family] is what it’s all about. First of all, I wouldn’t be able to give 100 percent to the team I was with and I just wanted to be honest with them, so I called the general managers and told them personally. They were actually pretty cool about it and they were pleased with the honesty. I don’t think they get it that much.

“We’ll see what happens later. But for the time being, there are things that are more important.”

One of their five sons has also been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, so they have experience dealing with the condition. But since his daughter Grace is 2, the management requires more constant attention, so Carr skipped a pair of chance to collect a big payday, and perhaps play, to be a dad.

“Earlier in my career, I maybe would’ve made a different decision. It’s amazing what 12 years in the NFL can do to you,” Carr said. “You see a lot of things, you learn a lot, you grow as a father and husband and you learn some things are more important than going out and collecting a check, standing there and trying to be 100 percent into the deal. So in my heart, all along, I knew what I was supposed to do, just because it wasn’t something I felt like I could walk away from.

“The thing with diabetes is it’s constant, like every hour it’s something. ‘What did she eat for lunch?’ She’s 2, she can’t tell us, so we have to figure it out. While I was trying to make that decision for those couple of days, she was always there, always in need, always running up and giving me a hug. She didn’t know anything else, she just knew her dad was here. That stuff makes the decision easier.”

And on a week where families will gather to give thanks, the Carrs will be together thanks to dad’s decision to put them first.

19 responses to “David Carr turned down two teams to stay with family

  1. It’s very easy to make these decisions when you’ve earned millions of dollars. Having said that; props to him for understanding what is actually important

  2. Commendable. Too bad he was beat up badly early in his career. Would have loved to see him develop with a real supporting cast. His little brother might win the Heismann.

  3. When you don’t ‘need’ the money you best make the right and easy decision.

    You can’t have your kids youth back and there is nothing better in the world than being there for your kids. I mean absolutely nothing.

  4. I’ve always respected the heck out of this guy. He’s the first tough-as-nails kid I’ve ever seen come into the league that had that toughness slowly beat out of him thanks to the constant jailbreak and nonstop body blows relinquished by his O-line during the Texans years of his career.

  5. It comes to something that the NFL is so hard for QBs that they are kicking the tires on David Carr and Bret Favre. Maybe Jeff George should get a new agent and keeping working out.

  6. Kudos DCarr. I have a Type 1 son & it’s a never ending management issue. This early into the diagnosis it’s critical to manage it well.

    Damn shame he got shell shocked in Houston. Thought the guy was going to be a stud in the NFL. But, 12 years collecting an NFL paycheck ain’t too shabby.

  7. Nice to see of Carr.

    I will never forget the first time I saw him play. It was Fresno State @ Wisconsin. I was in college and thinking this was going to be a an easy win for the Badgers. Here this kid who I had never heard of comes in and lights Wisconsin up. You ruined my day Mr. Carr. Glad to see him in a good place today.

  8. Coming from a family where all 3 children have type 1 diabetes this is awesome to hear. It’s hard work dealing with this disease at such a young age. However, technology will help! Back when I was diagnosed on December 25, 1993 it was strictly insulin shots. My parents learned rather quickly how to manage my disease. Props to Carr for putting family first!

  9. Kudos to him for choosing to be with his family, but as some have opined the decision is even made more easier when you have banked more than enough as a No.1 overall, and some years as back up, that the veteran minimum that they were going to offer wasnt worth his time.

  10. 1st of all, David Carr was a good QB for Houston. We Texan fans saw how the OL couldn’t protect him. He pulled wins out for us even in the early days.
    2nd, all you who post crap about him having money so of course his decision was easy – let me say that lots of players in the NFL squander their money on bling and baby mamas and there are many players who do NOT make career decisions based on their children. Hell, many of them don’t even KNOW their children!!! Did you notice how many children he has with his WIFE and that his son also was sick? Your jealousy over his hard earned money is disgusting.
    Hey David – there are a few of us who have our heads screwed on straight, and I’d like to say on behalf of all of us: Thank you for the years you gave to Houston. We admire your love for your family and hope that your children will be blessed with good health. We wish you and your wife the best of everything!

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