Fan falls from upper deck at Ravens game, too


Once in an accident, twice is a trend.  Three times in two Sundays is evidence that something needs to change.

According to the Baltimore Sun, a 48-year-old man remains in serious condition on Monday morning after falling from the upper deck at M&T Bank Stadium during the first half of Sunday’s Jets-Ravens game.

Per the report, Jim Clark returned from a trip to the men’s room to find his brother, Dan, surrounded by stadium workers “in a pool of blood” at the bottom of the stairs in Section 521, the location of their seats.

Jim Clark said that Dan Clark was scheduled to undergo brain surgery on Sunday night.

A female fan fell from the upper deck in Oakland on Sunday.  Last Sunday, a fan fell from the upper deck in Buffalo.

It’s easy to blame incidents like these on the victim, since in many cases it truly is the victim’s fault.  But it’s happening too often to not compel every team to consider whether specific measures should be or could be taken to minimize the possibility of fans falling.

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  1. Spoken like a true attorney. These would be more frequent and in bunches if it was the facilities and not the fans’ fault.

  2. What needs to change is the amount of alcohol fans are consuming.I was at Panthers and Patriots game and people were just plain sloppy stupid drunk as well as all the weed that burning in the tailgate areas.

  3. It’s easy to blame incidents like these on the victim, since in many cases it truly is the victim’s fault.
    The “victims” are the people they land on. The ones that jump or fall due to their own stupidity are not victims. They are perpetrators, suspects, idiots, criminals, etc. but they are NOT “victims”

  4. I know the first thought that crosses everyone’s mind is that the victim was drunk, but the upper decks at these new stadiums are somewhat terrifying in how steep they are- I pay extra not to sit there when I go to games.

  5. What’s an organization going to do in order to stop fans from falling from the upper decks? They can’t raise the guard rails any more without risking obstructing views from the seats. I don’t think putting up glass walls to enclose the upper levels, since they would get glares from sunlight and possibly be partially obstructed by rain and/or snow. So what option is there?

  6. No alcohol at games. No pre-game tailgating.

    Yes people will be upset at first. But after the first year or so of the policy everyone will adjust and you will also see more families in attendance.

    Of course it’s a loss of revenue for the owners so it will never happen.

    It should.

  7. How about taller railings or fences on the sides of the upper decks? the kid at the Bills game was basically sliding down a banister and slipped backwards. Definitely not saying alcohol wasn’t a factor but how about eliminating the possibility altogether with a variable you can control. A ban on alcohol on 70,000+ people? doesn’t that seem a little hard to enforce?

  8. Nothing CAN be done about this.

    Nothing. Even if you post guards, are you telling me that there can be guards by every railing? Maybe it is alcohol, but ain’t no way they are taking alcohol away from NFL stadiums. Who knows why, but there have been a low number of people doing this for 30+ years and then 3 in 4 weeks. Who knows why, but there is nothin ganybody but the jumpers can do about it.

    “I wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend..”

  9. Per the report, Jim Clark returned from a trip to the men’s room to find his brother, Dan, surrounded by stadium workers “in a pool of blood” at the bottom of the stairs in Section 521, the location of their seats.

    Falling FROM the upper deck is much different than falling down the stairs.
    I totally agree with pickensclause… the steps in the upper levels are pretty steep and narrow, when you’re trying to get around someone else coming up the steps or one of many vendors that are selling stuff, it’s not hard to see how this happened.

  10. Seeing that stadiums in general have been pretty safe over the past who-knows-how-long, I am betting that fans are getting drunker and have their faces glued to their cell phones more often.

    Given the ways they construct stadiums these days is pretty different from the past, there isn’t anything the people constructing and working on the stadiums can do to remediate the alcohol problem that is prevalent among football fans, outside of putting up trapeze nets on the concourse edges to catch the drunks that fall.

    You can’t stop the pre-game tailgating, but you can stop selling beer at the games. At the very least it would rid the stadium staff and operators of accountability for the problem.

  11. Typical lawyer speak…Its always how fast can I file the first lawsuit. Never any personal responsibility.

    I hate it for the injured people, I really do, but man, handrails, reflective tape on the stairs, self-preservation. Geez, at some point the business can’t be held liable for a patrons lack of responsibility

  12. Do what the Navy does on aircraft carriers: Lay out nets around the edges that project out from the rails and walls by approx. 10-15 ft.

    True, it might not save everyone, but will save 90% of the drunk/clumsy/idiotic fans who fall….

  13. Despite being a season ticket holder, I once bought extra tickets in row A of the 300 level of CenturyLink stadium for a playoff game.

    I will never sit there again. I have no fear of heights, but I have a keen sense of safety; the guard rail that stood between me and a 60 foot drop was below knee level (I’m 5′ 10″). It’s more of a tripping hazard than a guard rail.

  14. The upper deck in Shea Stadium was always an accident waiting to happen.

    Put cages up.

    It has always been about protecting people from themselves.

  15. How many millions of people attend sporting events in this country on a weekly basis, and because 3 people fall, one of which was an intoxicated simpleton who tried to slide down a railing during high winds, stadiums now have to take special measures to prevent this?!

    The continued pussification of America ladies and gentleman!

  16. The Buffalo fall was a drunk, the one in Oakland was an attempted suicide, and the third one we don’t have enough information to determine a cause yet.

    So, no, it’s not a trend, nor is it time to investigate preventive measures.

  17. Lets see – 16 games every week (just about) x 60,000 people/game (at least) = approx. 1 million fans/week x 17 weeks…so you have a few falls out of tens of millions of fan visits. That means nothing needs to change except that us fans need to be more careful.

    I am a plaintiffs’ lawyer by the way – for all you who like to dump on us – and can plainly see this is not the stadium’s fault. Stuff happens…particularly when dealing with these many people crammed into one place with lots of alcohol served & consumed (me included).

    Went to Ravens game in Buffalo this year, and one incredibly inebriated Bills fan was so happy with their win that he went over the railing and started doing snow angels on an overhang that sloped down. I thought for sure he was headed to the lower deck, but thankfully he was able to get himself back on the right side of the rail…but how could that be the stadium’s fault if he fell???

  18. nagaswan says:
    Nov 25, 2013 12:19 PM
    Stop selling alcohol, otherwise it will happen.
    Cop out garbage. It isn’t the alcohol; it’s the person consuming it. I’ve consumed as much alcohol as the average guy and I’ve been drunk many times. I have never driven a car while drunk, never got into a drunken brawl, never done something so stupid like sliding down the handrails of a stadium or wandering around on ledges, never beat my wife etc. Alcohol isn’t the problem. The problem is the close proximity of several irresponsible morons. One of them is bound to do something stupid, alcohol or not.

  19. It’s easy to blame incidents like these on the victim, since in many cases it truly is the victim’s fault. But it’s happening too often to not compel every team to consider whether specific measures should be or could be taken to minimize the possibility of fans falling.

    It is easy to blame the ‘victim’ because it is likely the ‘victim’s’ fault. I’ll ignore the fact that sporting stadiums have been around since before the Roman era and ask “How many folks fill these stadiums every Sunday?”

    If you add them up, it seems likely it breaks the one million mark. So out of a million, three have fallen in the last two weeks. It seems to me that if it were the fault of the stadiums or how they are run then we would be confronted with a better than one or two or even 3 in a million occurrence.

    Investigate if you wish. Maybe we will find out they were pushed or something. That would actually make them victims. A million or so to one odds of it happening? That sounds like the fault likely sits with the (unproven) ‘victim’.

  20. Get rid of beer sales and ban tailgating period.

    The Toys have to be taken away. The NFL will become fun again, fans from opposing teams can also enjoy the game.

  21. Well they don’t design these stadiums for safety or for fan experience. Comerica Park has a part of their stadium where there is a low hanging steel beem and people must walk into it all day long. I ran into it myself once and hit my head pretty hard. These stadiums have all kinds of little things and major things that are injury and potential death traps. You just have to be under 6 feet tall to walk freely around Comerica Park without hitting your head on low hanging objects. I’m sure the Tigers though have no clue that this steel beem is injuring people.

    That’s the problem, is these teams design these stadiums without thinking hardly at all. They don’t know how to think about the little things such as what will the fans enjoy, and how can we keep our customers safe? It’s important stuff to think intelligently about.

  22. See I hit my head so hard I spelled “beam” wrong. I should sue them for a free foam hat so I don’t get hurt again. Or they could just strap the foam to the beam so nobody else gets bonked!

  23. This happened one section over from me and would like to clear up any confusion. He fell down the stairs, not over a railing. Alcohol may have been involved but honestly it could have happened without alcohol involved. The most disgusting part of it all surprisingly was not all the blood (although that was pretty nasty!), but rather many fans’ reaction to the situation. They obviously had to block off the stairs where he was laying on the ground for about 25 minutes before they were able to get him on a stretcher and move him. When people were inconvenienced by their route being blocked I heard some of the most selfish statements that just mad me feel sorry for the society we have become. “Just because one guy busted his head open you’re going to make all these people go all the way to the other side!?” “Get out of my way!” “I don’t care I’ll step over him”. That last comment was followed up with an attempt to push through the paramedics, which was met by a police escort out of the stadium. This happened about halfway through the second quarter, these people were at the game and obviously had no where else to be, I just can’t comprehend what must have been going through some of their selfish little minds.

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