Jay Cutler will miss at least one more game

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler will miss Sunday’s game against the Vikings, his third straight missed game as he continues to recover from a high ankle sprain.

Coach Marc Trestman confirmed at his press conference today that Cutler is expected to miss at least another week. Trestman added, however, that he is “totally confident” that Cutler will play again at some point this season.

The good news for the Bears is that backup Josh McCown has played well in Cutler’s absence. In fact, McCown has a higher completion percentage and higher passer rating and is averaging more yards per pass than Cutler, and McCown has thrown just one interception.

So the Bears’ offense is in good hands while McCown fills in against the Vikings. The real problem for the Bears on Sunday will be their shaky run defense matching up with Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson. Trestman said linebacker Lance Briggs will also miss the game against the Vikings.

32 responses to “Jay Cutler will miss at least one more game

  1. He and Derek Rose should become room mates. They can stay up late all night drinking hot chocolate and talk about their injuries.

    Seriously though… D.Rose is another Grant Hill.

    I have a feeling MT will draft his own QB this offseason. Sorry Jay, it’s over.

  2. Bears need to move on from Cutler. He obviously doesn’t have the heart/desire to play for that team anymore. Let Jax or some other team overpay him next year.

  3. Sheesh, the team that wins the NFCN may be 8-8 — who would’ve figured that at the start of the season?

  4. Anyone else still find it funny when Bears fans all think they will win the SB each and every year during the off-season of a season where the team choked and spun out of control at the end?

    it’s like clockwork.

  5. Josh is a good backup, and I see no difference between him, and Kyle Orton. Josh cannot throw a pass for more than 15 yards. Proof yesterday was he completed 35 passes for 350 yards, and that includes yardage after the catch. All who wish Cutler to leave, be prepared to be 8/8 for the next ten years.

  6. jazsrt, you read my mind…Bears will not win squat until they figure out how to stop the run, period. Doesn’t matter who the QB is.

  7. larryboodry says:
    Nov 25, 2013 5:15 PM
    jazsrt, you read my mind…Bears will not win squat until they figure out how to stop the run, period. Doesn’t matter who the QB is.


    It won’t be fixed this year, either (no matter what Mel and Co. say).

    Either the offense is going to have to score 50+ points every week, or I am going to need a hell of a lot more beer to watch the games.

  8. I love the future of the Bears with Cutler and McCown. The media can try and create controversy but I like McCown where he is as one of the league’s top backup.

  9. “McCown is one of the league’s best back ups”
    Thank god so all we have to do now is hope that all first string quarterbacks get hurt then we stand a chance

  10. iangas33 says: Nov 25, 2013 6:05 PM

    “McCown is one of the league’s best back ups”
    Thank god so all we have to do now is hope that all first string quarterbacks get hurt then we stand a chance.

    Didn’t help us yesterday.

  11. As a Viking fan, I remember Josh McCown with scorn and angst. McCown is the guy who, back in 2003, threw a desperation pass into the end zone that knocked the Vikings out of the division title and out of the playoffs on the final play of the regular season. I can still remember Paul Allen’s radio call of that play like it was yesterday.

    Let’s hope Kevin Williams (the only Viking left from that game) delivers some payback on Sunday.

  12. Rest up Jay, this year is over. The defense and its inability to even slow down (let alone and occasional stop) opposing offences has tanked the team for the year.
    Get healthy and come back for the last couple games.

    On a side note. I was hoping the Bears would pull a USC and fire the ENTIRE defensive coaching staff as soon as they walked into the airport. I like what Tres has done with the offence but what the hell was he thinking when he hired Mel Tucker? Even the Jaguar’s fired him for F’s sake.

    The have been HORRIBLE all year so its not just the injuries.

  13. Packers are on their 4th qb and sucking what is the bears excuse? Either way I dont see a leaky defence from the nfc north doing anything in the playoffs. Lets let the lions have the embarrassment of being 1 and done this year.

  14. douglasgreenbriar says:
    Nov 25, 2013 3:18 PM

    The bears run defense made zac stacy look like adrian peterson, Im afraid of what adrian peterson will do to them this week.


    He should be good for about 950 yards…then he will still be on pace for the 2200 he said he get this year.

  15. Good luck to the Bears fans. You are 1000% better fans then those fans who’s team hasn’t beat a team with a winning record for 3 weeks in a row and they still think they are going to the superbowl.

    2 years in a row the Packers couldn’t sweep a regular season series against a Vikings team all of their fans say they are 100 times better than.

  16. Then the Vikings might be able to split the series with the Bears for the 4th season in a row!!! Or something, pretty sure the Bears swept us 3 years ago but I wanted to show how stupid that filthy freak looks.

    Anyway, that is the same Josh McCown from the infamous ‘Noooo!!!’ in ’03 at Arizona. If we could pound him into metrodome turf for the last Viking-Bear game at the Dome that’d be awesome. Nate Poole did not come score a TD, but whatever.

    Mike Ditka said it best in the 80’s that the only good the dome could be used for is a cow and bull auction, or something.

    2 favorite memories though are Cris Carter catching a 50+ yrd Td in OT in ’95 or ’96 and Bernard Berrian going 99 yards in ’08 after a goal line stand, Adrian had some hall of fame runs in that game too.

  17. filthy says:

    “I feel so dirty, and my IQ has dropped 50 points.”

    So now it’s a negative number?

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